Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Lockheed Could Soon 

Be Making a Plane 

That Can Reach Mach 6

Updated Map. No superdelegates.
Hillary has a lead, 
but now we move to states 
where Bernie leads in the polls.

If you like this map, please share it 
and then take four actions:

1. Sign this petition, to the media:

2. Sign this petition, to the Democratic Party:

3. Sign this petition, to google:

4. Go to the ridiculous Google chart (google search: ‘democratic primary’) and under “Feedback” add a comment. Here’s mine, but you can write your own:

“It is utterly inaccurate to report superdelegates along with pledged delegates in this chart. Pledged delegates are actual earned delegates for the nomination. They are the real count. Superdelegates are more like "likely voters," people who have said they're leaning one way but haven't voted yet. They don't vote until the convention in July! And historically they have often changed their minds.
There are numerous UI implementations you could choose. Perhaps a checkbox to show superdelegates that adds them on the graph for those who want to see them. You have intelligent UI/UX developers. Have them look at it. The important thing is that convention delegates (aka ‘superdelegates’) should never be shown by default.

15 City Runabouts That Aren’t Microcars 

In IL Dem primary, 7/10 voters under 45 chose :

Bernie Sanders Had a Phenomenal Night — Here’s Why 
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