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B.O.M.+bo#na = Butterflies Of Malaysia+bo#na &8&8& The Love Quadrant = T.L.Q. = 49 = G*7 :::: DaveLievense&PaulHamill A.R.E. Belfast's Duo Psy+ca.tron :::: ~S.~is~M.~=She~is~Music~ ::::

'The BedTime Book' 1907
by Helen Hay Whitney/Author 
& Jessie Willcox Smith/Art+Illustration

I still have the HFactor CD since 1997,
but not the new one above.

"Reminds me of the good ol' days when I was 7 & my imagination could dive into a 
 story book without any stress of responsibilities the next day." 
~ Erin Janus 13.3.2016 ~
DigitalAudioBro a.d.c. w' yo.ur
Vulfgang von JAJAisM&the international 
exopolitics of mmmm & mmmm's new geostrategic approach ::::
#TheRedAndPurpleSun = T.R.A.P.S. = 74

20 Marijuana Statistics 

That Chronicle 

Its Expansion 


The Past 20 Years

The marijuana industry is budding. Here's a rundown of some of the most jaw-dropping marijuana statistics, both good and bad, over the past 20 years.


by Sean Williams

A Fool since 2010, and a graduate from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Economics, Sean specializes in the healthcare sector and investment planning. You'll often find him writing about Obamacare, marijuana, drug and device development, Social Security, taxes, retirement issues and general macroeconomic topics of interest. :::: Obama Blocks Sale Of Apache L.a.n.d.

To Fo+r.ei+gn Fi.r.m.

timothy clark hickcox GerManIkaNer 
& G+irish sky of the heart 
& Saswati Chaudhuri ÄTät@@ "tt del bia" 
& p+aki+stan+P.C.B.ser.bia 
+ich kai+ser.l
+ich Austria&Hungaria 
transparency+H.und K. GOOg+leit 
g.el en bi.tte 
"Erzengel Angela Merkel Fans Sind Völlig Empört" 
0111+1000 ÄTät@@ digital tv gg 
::::Dobrodošli Grebo Gray by san dr at aba ko va 
:::: Flash Mob = F.M. = Frequenc.y 
:::: Nas. Har. of RA = N.H. of RA. = V. of S. = Victory of Science 
:::: Texas Yoda = T.Y. = VW = WV = ZEN ::::

 "Früher habe ich das für ein blödes Vorurteil gehalten, 
aber die Hannoveraner hatten recht. 
U.S. Amerikaner sind dumm. 
Naja ok nicht alle ... 
Alles wird gut ... ja ja schon klar. 
Egal das wird schon ... ja ja mal sehen.
Also jetzt nochmal für alle 
blinden & tauben & stummen:
 Ich bin ein Erdnazi & das bedeutet, 
dass ich zu allen Völkern 
des Planeten Erde stehe. 
Schönen Sonntag noch."
~ Vladimir Gvozden~
Mo.Ma.Na.Is.The Queen of
will/would kill me if I would
show here/a photo of h.e.r.
without her bur.ka&    
yes yes mmmm is english
ja ja mmmm  is german
da da mmmm is serbian

 :::: Painting by Saswati Chaudhuri ::::
 “Hard times build determination & inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger. Instead of getting angry nurture a deep caring & respect for troublemakers because by creating such trying circumstances they provide us with invaluable opportunities to practice tolerance & patience.” 
~ Dalai Lama ~
this is the hottest model/goddess from vojvodina+serbia
& she's a
:::: ::::
a.r.e. t+oo many  
 Klo p.p. is+IS WC poo pee
H.und K. = Heil und
:::: th is is san dr at aba ko va f rom b el g rad es er bia ::::

Ph.oto of an estonian goddess who is training daily for Jihad.
::::: Jihad simply means Holy War ::::
Ph.oto of a goddess who has a Jihad break in paradise.
:::: Dobrodošli Grebo Gray by san dr at aba ko va ::::
Islamic States + Underground Resistance = I.S.+U.R. = 28+39 
28+39 = G.U.+39 = G.U.+E.E.+29 
G.U.+E.E.+29 ... = G.U.E.E.H.U. ... = Göttin Und Erzengel Elsa Hosk Und ... 
What could be more con.vinci+n
 thanthegesture of 
laying one's cards face up on the table?
 Friday, March 11, 2016
EELA anchor conversion complete
~ Cobra Resistance ~ 

Nas. Har. of RA = N.H. of RA. = V. of S. = Victory of Science

Nassim Haramein 

Interview From The 

Conscious Life Expo

Schwarz Rot Goldelse
& The ball magazine present ::::
Emerald Earth Elders Today = E.E.E.T. = #EEET = #35 :::: 
Orio N Code X = O.N C. X = 56 = I.S.I.S. = International S.I.S. ::::

Deutsche Revolution 1848/1849

:::: T+h.e. se+co+n.d. sephirah chokmah 
IS+is my personal 
talisman ::::
#83 of the ColorsMagazine @Egyptian PP sun day
:::: I.T. May Help U 2 Build A L.L.L. = LongLastingLove ::::

Is there a massive underwater UFO base in Guantanamo Bay? Conspiracy theorists claim Marine saw secret craft 'virtually every night'

  • Testimony filed as Case 74794 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network
  • UFOs were dull and about 50 to 100 ft across, with a red light behind it
  • One specific occasion he witnessed a 'big beautiful cloud with a blue and white pulsating light' quietly hovering over his and a fellow soldiers head

Before Her Assassination, 

Berta Cáceres 

Singled Out Hillary Clinton 

for Backing Honduran Coup

:::: Friday March 11, 2016 :::: 
 Do not mistake the perfection of every moment for the prejudices others have placed within your perfect form.

 Joy, beautiful sparkle of the gods,
Daughter of Elysium!

We enter, fire-drunk,
Heavenly one, your shrine.

Your magic again binds
What custom has firmly parted.

All men become brothers
Where your tender wing lingers.

Whoever has had the great fortune
To be a friend's friend,

Whoever has won a devoted wife,
Join in our jubilation!

Indeed, whoever can call even one soul,
His own on this earth!

And whoever was never able to, must creep
Tearfully away from this band!

Indeed, whoever can call even one soul,
His own on this earth!

And whoever was never able to, must creep
Tearfully away from this band!

Joy, beautiful sparkle of the gods,
Daughter of Elysium!

We enter, fire-drunk,
Heavenly one, your shrine.

Your magic again binds
What custom has firmly parted.

All men become brothers
Where your tender wing lingers.

Your magic again binds
What custom has firmly parted.

All men become brothers
Where your tender wing lingers.

"... we worship science & mmmm
+good sex of course 
& much more
later ..."
~ Egyptian PP sun 
day sect member ~
the official
Anthem of the E.U.
I'm a DemonHunter & I neither like
physical Archons&Demons nor Lucifer.~ Vladimir Gvozden 13.3.2016 ~
:::: The science of love Be Mine Forever :::: 
:::: Oxytocin May Help Build Long-Lasting Love :::: 
"Falling in lust is easy. You see someone you like and dopamine immediately starts pumping through your brain, making you want to look at them again, which releases even more. That dopamine build-up soon converts into norepinephrine, focusing your desires into passionate obsession. But lust becomes less rewarding as it’s satisfied, so true, long-term love needs lots of oxytocin too, the neurotransmitter that triggers feelings of altruism, empathy, and kindness. Simple skin contact with another person will prompt a small release of oxytocin into your emotional brain centre, the hypothalamus. Marriage triggers a flood."

Resistance Movement = R.M. = Read More
Chokmah IS+is the
second sephirah upon the 
artificial metatronic 10-Tree of Life. 

It is given the quality of Wisdom, and the rulership of the zodiac. 
The zodiac is 12 signs -- 4 elemental triplicities, a Tudor Cross. 
Placing this cross upon the zodiacal wheel we have the 8 spoked wheel, 
the Noble eightfold path of the Buddha, the dharmic wheel. 

The religious practice of dharma leads the aspirant to the wisdom that can free one from the wheel of life and death. The alchemist extracts the quintessence from the elemental wheel then creates the philosopher's stone that brings the miracles of transcendence. Christ was crucified upon a cross -- the blood of 5 wounds was gathered in a grail. This Holy grail has miraculous powers and brings forth enlightenment. When the 4 elements of our nature are ruled by the spirit of our nature we are wise. Live by the spirit of the law not its letter.

The holy name Jeshuah or Jesus is spelt in Hebrew with 5 letters -- kabalisticly it has a numerical value of 326 3+2+6=11 1+1=2. There is a hidden sephirah upon the Tree Known as Daath meaning knowledge, it is hidden because knowledge only exists in us, everything else just is.

3+2=5 we may view it with the rest of our equation (6) as 56.

The God name of Malkuth - the kingdom is Adonai having the value of 65.

56 (5+6=11), 65 (6+5=11), 11 . 11 - the twin currents of the revealing, 
22 chapters of revelations, the 
22 tarot trumps, the 
22 paths of the Tree of Life.

Gen. 3:4-5; 
 "And the serpent said unto the woman, 
Ye shall not surely die.
For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, 
then your eyes shall be opened,
and ye shall be as Gods knowing good and evil"

11 Daath knowledge of the (Chokmah 2) wisdom. 
Chokmah rules the zodiac, the 
12 - (4x3) the elements, 
12 disciples, 
12 hours upon the clockface - time revolving around the now. 
11=2 11=2 2+2=4, 
Chesed is the fourth sephirah having the 
God name AL. Love is the law.

It is indeed wise to place the idea of 
love before all things 
we act upon and 
what is it that the hours 
of the clock sit as disiples around?

THE NOW, be here NOW,
be not haunted by the past or 
seduced by the future, 
be here now, 
be in love now, 
for it is a most wise law.


Monday, March 7, 2016

The Ascension Plan
Time has come to release a great portion of the Ascension Plan for this planet.

The Ascension window has opened on this planet on May 25th, 1975, had its turning point on August 11th, 1999 and will close on July 7th, 2025. It was always the plan of the Light forces to clear the primary anomaly of darkness and to trigger the Event within this time window, and that plan did not change.

This time window has its basis in the scientific fact that solstice Sun is completely aligned with the Galactic equator within the 1975-2021 timeframe, and this alignment is perfect within the 1980-2016 timeframe:

Solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment occurs twice in the precessional cycle of 26,000 years. Actually, the precessional cycle is perfectly entrained with the pulse of the Galactic heart, which sends a Galactic superwave into the spiral arms of the Galaxy every 26,000 years. So each solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment occurs right at the time of the Galactic superwave, either a large one which occurs every 26,000 years, or a mid-cycle one, which occurs 13,000 years after each large one:

Luckily for us, the Galactic superwave we are awaiting is the mid-cycle one, and will be significantly milder that the previous one that has caused the Gothenburg geomagnetic reversal, the terminal Pleistocene mass species extinction 13,000 years ago and consequently the deluge of Atlantis.

Yet it will be strong enough to dust off all darkness from our Solar System, peel it off from the surface of the planet and trigger the Event.

The central point of this cosmic transformation was already determined 26,000 years ago and was set around the date of the fixed cross total Solar eclipse on August 11th, 1999.

That central point is remarkably close to the exact date of the solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment. Astronomer Jean Meeus has calculated that this alignment occurred in May 1998. Smelyakov has refined that date to May 7th, 1998:

The Pleiadians have communicated to me that the exact date was May 17th, 1998. This is the day when the destiny of this planet was decided and when the Light forces knew for sure that the Ascension plan will be successful.

After the opening of the Ascension window in 1975, a lot of Light from higher dimensions began streaming in towards the surface population and that triggered the mass awakening of the genuine New Age movement in 1980s. Alas, the Ascended beings were not aware of the full extent of the power of primary anomaly and could not stop the dark forces operating in the shadows. The dark ones have infiltrated the New Age movement, infiltrated the Solar Warden space program and finally took over the planet and the Solar System in early 1996.

Between 1996 and 1998, the Light forces were overshocked and had to regroup, and the Ascension plan had to be upgraded. The Pleiadian fleet began to re-enter the Solar System in 1998 and on May 17th, 1998 received parts of the new Ascension plan from „higher sources“. The Ashtar Command began to re-enter the Solar System in early 1999 and has evacuated the majority of Earth humanity to Pleiades in August 1999.

Before 1999, Earth humanity consisted of about 70 billion souls on etheric and astral plane and about 6 billion incarnated humans.

The majority of 70 billion non-incarnated human souls were mass evacuated on August 14th, 1999 to the motherships of the Ashtar Commnad and then transported to a certain planet on the outskirts of the Pleiades star cluster where they started receiving much needed healing.

The only souls remaining on etheric and astral plane were those who were direct hostages of the non-physical Archons, those with strong attachment to the physical plane and those who decided to stay to help the physical humans as spiritual guides.

Between 1998 and 2016, the Light forces have kept the Ascension plan strictly confidential to prevent the dark ones from interfering with it. Many channels and intuitives tried to access the Ascension plan but did not receive any signal.

I have now received the green light to reveal one part of the Ascension plan to the surface population.

The real Ascension process will begin at the moment of the Event. The incoming energies from the Galactic pulse will start to flow through the energy field of all human beings on the planet. They will be loving energies straight from the Galactic heart and will start bringing much needed healing to humanity.

Ascension is both an individual and a group process. Each individual will go through his own inner experience, going through healing, release of the past and inner transformation. With many people going through the same process at the same time, this will reinforce the Light field around the planet and open the door for many that otherwise could not make it. The length of the complete Ascension process is expected to be a few years for the most advanced individuals, and more for others.

The actual Ascension happens when we release all blockages to the energy flow and reach superconductivity of our mental, emotional, etheric, plasma and physical bodies. 

There is much more to this and I will release more when I receive the clearance to do so.

At the moment of the Event, the Light forces will contact humanity only indirectly with intel releases through the mass media. After the completion of the Cabal arrest process and after the majority of humanity overcomes the initial shock, the Light forces will begin to contact certain individuals directly. This will most likely start a few weeks to a few months after the Event.

At that time, contact zones will be created. Contact zones are areas on private property where the owners will dedicate part of their land for the contact experience. These owners will then experience a physical contact with the Pleiadians that will land on their land in a small beamship. Those individuals will go to the mass media and report their experience, therefore preparing humanity for the reality of the Contact. These contact zones will become more and more numerous until a certain critical mass will be reached for the First Contact. First Contact is the beginning of official diplomatic relations between Earth humanity and positive ET races. This is planned to occur roughly a year after the Event at the United Nations and will be broadcast through the mass media worldwide.

After the First Contact, the positive ET races will begin to distribute their advanced technologies that will quickly bring the Earth humanity into the fifthdimensional golden age.

At the same time, many awakened individuals will start to relocate to create intentional communities, so called areas of Light. With non-physical Archon influence removed, they will learn in those communities to finally live together in harmony, with each individual following his higher purpose and together creating a beautiful mandala of Light. Areas of Light will grow and evolve, their vibrational frequency will lift and in a few years they will connect with the motherships of the Ashtar Command with columns of Light. These columns will accelerate the group Ascension process.

Ascension chambers are a very advanced positive organic technology that lifts our vibrational frequency and is a great tool to help in our Ascension process. They will be used after the First Contact to speed up the Ascension process for those that are ready.

After the First Contact, the ships of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Confederation will be more and more visible as they will decloak at their positions throughout the Solar System.

This is the best description of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Confederation that I could find on the surface of the planet:

And a quite reliable, visually beautiful description here which will help you visualize our life after the Event:

Until then, you can ask the positive ET beings for help in your daily life and here is an example:

The Light forces of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Confederation are sending signs that victory is near.

Like this V (victory) sign that appeared exactly at the midpoint between my two past conferences in Laguna Beach and Irvine:

And this enclouded Pleiaidan lightship which appeared near San Jose, Costa Rica, a major Pleiadian energy vortex:

Victory of the Light! 


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