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Planet Earth's Surface Population Base #IRA808 :::: Political Instinct (P.I.)(D. #o. ofthe2 C.) Department #osamabinladen of the 2 Crows :::: The Genetics of Higher Vibrations Unveiled ~respectively~ 2016 & The :::: Anthropomorphic Divine Feminine Science Fiction Music & Movies 4 Independent Goddesses

Planet Earth's Surface Population Base #IRA808 
for Exopolitical Demonology+Archontology 
& Geopolitical+Aeonosophical Angelic Defense Forces
of the Goddess Vortex Fields on planet Earth
>>>> outdoor+indoor activities  <<<<
The Goldelse Statue in Berlin
IS+is The Queen Of Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany &
The Swedish Royalty Decided Today 9.3.2016
That Angelic Goddess Linda Raya IS+is The
Queen Of Sweden 4

Who STOPPED Bill & Hillary 

Clinton from revealing truth 

about aliens & UFOs to globe?

HILLARY Clinton was involved in drafting a letter UFO campaigners planned to send to her President husband to spook him into declassifying hundreds of top-secret government files on aliens, it has emerged.

Horus' Reincarnation Sarah Rachel Adams IS+is The New
Queen of Vojvodina Since 
Today 9.3.2016
Edgar Cayce was born here in Rotterdam U.S.A.
Yesterday :D no not yesteday, but on
8th March 1973 :)

I decided to support Mister Santos Bonacci
& his new flat earth theory 
otherwise I will be a victim of modern 
vortex based mathematical witchhunt. 
OK ok :) this flat earth theory 
has not much to do with reality or facts, 
but I like him & a lot of his older stuff 
about syncretism is fantasic. 
I want to be very honest now:
I only listened to a new Santos Bonacci radio interview 
about his "flat earth topic" this year for 4 or 5 minutes 
& I was like WTF!!! Complete BULLSHIT :) LOL

I have a very open mind & I love new ideas.

People like Santos Bonacci, who are very critical towards authorities 
& their own goverments & prefer to think independently
 are a huge motivation for the followers 
of alternative media & I respect him for that, 
but some scientific facts are simply the nature of this reality
& some "new ager stuff" is 
utter nonsense!!!

It's often a tragic comedy when so called 
"public figure new agers" talk about physics related topics.
I grew up in northern Germany & that's why my humour 
is sometimes very dark & british :) hihi don't worry not always :)
& btw: Even if Edgar Cayce's Reincarnation >>>> David Wilcock
did not graduate in physics or something technology/engineering related ((((@university)))), I have to admitt that he's the "new ager" with the
most scientific approach regarding cosmology
compared to all the
other "ne+w".

Sorry :)
but that's only my humble opinion & nobody has to agree. 
 I love his work & I have the German Edition of 
one of his books.
I'm an "EVIL DARK GNOSTIC" jordan maxwell worshiper :)
... but honestly now,
Jordan Maxwell is SPOT ON regarding many things he
says about the dark side & unfortunately many people
can not comprehend that the situation for planet Earth is
not as easy & sunny & shiny & as they would
like it to be. But everyone plays another role in
this "cosmic theatre" & it's ok that way... & now 
I will stop to send out "dark negtive vibes" LMFAO :)

Ursula von der Leyen
ÄTät@@ Spiegel Redaktion
 L.L. = L.F.F. = F.F.F.F. = X
 Porto Kasse Komedians Operation Foot Ball = PKK OFB = P.V. W = NEW+RA
Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen

Personal details
Born Ursula Gertrud Albrecht
8 October 1958 (age 57)
Ixelles, Belgium
Nationality German
Political party  German: Christian Democratic Union  EU: European People's Party
Spouse(s) Heiko von der Leyen
Children 7
Alma mater University of Göttingen University of Münster London School of Economics Hanover Medical School
Profession Doctor
Religion Lutheran
+AL+Bre.chtBo+u+rn+e 8+Oct.1958
 is a German politician who has been the Minister of Defence since 2013, and is the first woman in German history to hold that office. A doctor by profession, she previously also served as the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs from 2009 to 2013 and as the Minister of Senior Citizens, Women and Youth from 2005 to 2009. She has sometimes been suggested as a possible future successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel 
due to personal loyalty to the Chancellor
and her 'political instinct'.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


"Heute gibt's lecker
Sulasch Suppe
für alle artigen
Rinder der 
St. Ursula Schule
in Hannover
lecker &
morgen gibt's 
noch besser :)
& übermorgen ..."

~ L.L. ~ 
Lykke Li
~ P.V. = V.P. = Vladimir Putin ~ 

 The Photo Above 
Shows >>>> Foto von Hugo Egon Balder's Boss <<<<
"Yes :) That's her real name." ~ alder

Leine+Fluß+Foto = LFF = X = H.+8+H. 
Die erste Ausgabe 
des Blattes erschien am 4. Januar 1947, 
einem Samstag, in Hannover.
Leine+Hannover~D.C. = Dot Com

"There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take yo
Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled 
YOu cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you
work their magick. "
~ Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenthe Tale ~
Secret Police Wolf = S.P.W. = 58 = EMERALD

White Dragon ty NEWS :::: Evidence trail leads to Turkey as Khazarian mafia world network continues to fall apart

The Queen of all Tigers isIS+is The Swedish Goddess Elsa Hosk 

"...gng 2 the stars..."
~ guru of jazzmatazz
1998 I saw Guru live in concert in Bremen, Germany.
It was a fantastic concert.
"Every positive change — every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness — involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception."
~ Dan Millman ~

++++ NEWS ++++
The Photo Above
Shows The New Nordic NATO H Bomb &
The Galactic Confederation Has Allowed To Use
This New H Bomb To Destroy The Dark Side On Planet Earth.

"A Matrix is a mathematical calculation model to describe systematically determined dynamic and/or static Vectors. Vectors are SpaceTime PointDescribers/Pointers of MatterWaveRealities and/or other Theoretical Systems. Multidimensional VectorSystems respectively Matrices help Engineers & Physicists & Mathematicians & other Scientists to describe the Nature of
(E.F.) ElectromagneticFields & 
(Q.E.D.) QuantumElectroDynamics & 
(T.G.F.P.) TheoreticalGavitationFieldPhysics of our
(H.M.) HolographicMultiverse &...&...&...
... -
Matrices are also very often used by
SoftwareEngineers &
ComputerScientists &
InformationTechnologyExperts &
in many areas of Science+Engineering in general."

:::: Vladimir Gvozden :::: Hanover, Germany :::: Summer 2015 ::::
U.S. of A. in English
V.S. von A. in German
S.A.D. in Serbian

Anthropomorphic Divine Feminine Science
Fiction Music & Movies 4
Independent Goddesses
:::: preface ::::
In 1991 I already had many CDs
but the very first Vinyl LP that I bought
was an old Album by The Doors
because the price was only 7,- DM 
& the price of the CD
was more than 20,- DM.

I sold this Vinyl LP later (also in the 90s) to Laetitia, because I needed money. She was my classmate @ the RHS in the early 90s & I like her very much, because she has such an interesting family. She speaks fluently Italian & French, because her Italian father & her French mother decided very early that their 4 kids should learn boths languages. I still remember that Laetitia & me &  7 (or 8) other classmates watched the movie "The Doors" (by Oliver Stone) that year. I was so happy when I saw Laetitia & her mother at the public demonstrations in 1999 in Hannover when the NATO was bombing Serbia. She was screaming with me & her mother & thousands of other people:
In the late 90s Laetitia, 
 became an actress ...
Thoughts are a certain form of Consciousness Energy. They are as real the screen you see right now in front of you, but they are more powerful than any form of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). The truth is that the strongest power on our planet is the Consciousness Energy form of Love in a Human Heart combined with a Soul on Fire. Yes, that holds the biggest possible form of Energy on planet Earth. You can call it Passion. Be careful what you wish for & think & imagine. 
... & now ...
the weather :)
At the highest levels it
was all & is & always will only be
about exopolitics & genetics
& metaphysical/spiritual warfare. 
The highest levels 
of the German SS
 in the 1930s & 1940s 
only cared about that.
Ok, not only that. Another aspect was that they wanted kick the Jews out of Europe, because of the Rothschild family & their financial empire.
It's still the same nowadays,
but many people are dumb or are manipulated with lies & do not get this at all. Yes it is true, that the MOSSAD & the German Intelligence work together nowadays, because the Germans learned from their mistakes in WW2. They realized later that they killed many Jews who had "Human-ET Hybrid Genetics".

War is war 
& peace is peace.
Sad, but true.
 Geopolitical definitions like
"socialism/communism/zionism or any -ism"
are only mind-games.
Round about 15% 
of all human beings 
on planet Earth
have "Royal E.T. DNA".
The Human ETs from the
Orion Empire have contact to
Human looking ETs  from the 
M31 Andromeda Galaxy & The 
Pleiadians have an ancient internal
conflict. One faction are the so called
"Luciferian Pleiadians" & the oposite pole
of this natural duality are the so called
"Ra Ptaal Pleiadians"... & btw: The Rothschilds
are Luciferians. Everything is dual 
& everthing has poles.
That's the nature of the multiverse.
Real Oneness only exists in the
so called "Yunasai"
which is simply another
word for the central source of
creation >>>> what religions call God 
or the "most high" or "allah" or whatever. 
I only want to reveal today that 
some of these ancient
Royal Bloodlines are
Pleiadian-Draconian-Human Hybrids

some are ancient
Pleiadian-Reptilian Human Hybrids
some are more pure ancient
Pleiadian-Human Hybrids

other Human-ET-Hybrid forms
exist too ...
yes, I'm "sorry", but
I'm one of them
The problem that negative ET factions
 have with people like me is that this
so called "Royal E.T. DNA"
makes it easier to sense lies
& it's easier to open the
Pineal Gland a.k.a. Third Eye,
which makes it possible to perceive the
metaphysical/spiritual world.
The perception of this spirit world makes it possible to remote view & to
communicate telepathically or to 
meditate & remember past lifes 
& much more...  
I'm not sayin' that these 15% 
are "better humans",
my point is the planet Earth
& humanity need these 15%
in the long run, because
there is unfortunately
an eternal spiritual warfare 
& many of these
so called "new agers"
don't give a shit about that
or they don't know it yet.
Only round about 2% of human beings on
planet Earth have green eyes 
or a green+orange mix
like me.
...& btw: African Royal Bloodlines
also still exist in the war-zone of Sudan for example many black-skinned kids 
with green eyes could be saved.
 Thank God/Goddess :) 
& btw: I have dark brown hair 
& 91-93 kg & 195 cm.
 The truth is that all "races" 
of humans on planet Earth  
have people with these 
"higher vibrational" genetics.

The book
'Defending Sacred Ground',
The Andromedan Compendium,
& lectures by  Alex Collier
reveal that people
with blue eyes in combination
with blonde hair are genetically
the weakest.
This relates to external metaphysical
mind-control & other things too.
That's why I could vomit all day long
when I listen to WhiteNaziBullshit.
Alex Collier is a physical contactee of
Human looking ETs from the Andromeda constellation in our Milky Way Galaxy & their expolitical staff (2 guys from the Zenetean culture) only contacted him, because a Pleiadian faction (they look like you & me, just a little bit different) realized that they need their help to solve the mess that they have co-created on planet Earth. Our planet holds the key to solve the problems that they have in their own world 
a.k.a. M45  Pleiadian Star Cluster.
The Sirian Star System is more immune
regarding influences from the
Luciferian Dark Side than M45. 
The Zeneteans consider ALL human beings 
genetic royalty & do not relate the term "royal"
only to these 15% of humanity, but the sad news is that the other 85% 
will need much longer 
in their biologic evolution to tranform & transmute their genetics in order to reach higher states of conciousness-energy-realms. 
It is scientifically proven no
that feelings are more powerful 
than thoughts, but if you combine both 
in a useful way, then the results 
& fruits of work & life 
are much better :)  

 "This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: - As below so above; and as above so below. - With this knowledge alone you can work miracles. And since all things exist in and emanate from the ONE Who is the the ultimate Cause, so all things are born after ther kind from this ONE." 
-- The Emerald Tablet Version of Hermes Trismegistus
a.k.a. Thoth (as translated by the alchemist Fulcanelli)

Thoth was entrusted with the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (M.C.E.O.) to bring oral translations of parts of one CDT-Plate into specific segments of the Atlantian culture. During this time Thoth defected from the Emerald Covenant in favor of the Fallen Angelic Luciferian Anunnaki dominion agenda, translating portions of the CDT-Plate into written form, in a text that became known as the "Emerald Tablets of Thoth". Thoth presented the Emerald Tablets to the corrupt Priesthood of Atlantis which culminated in the final destruction of Atlantis.

"Everything is dual.
Everything has poles.
Everything has its pair of opposites.
Like and unlike are the same.
Opposites are identical in nature,
But different in degree.
Extremes meet.
All truths are but half-truths.
All paradoxes may be reconciled."
-- The Kybalion Chapter X

There are really evil bullies 
out there in the cosmos 
& it's not comfortable 
to digest that, but it's true
The "New Age" delusion+dogma
" we are all one :) " 
or " love & light :) " 
is utter nonsense,
because duality DOES exist 
in our region of the cosmos.
Ok, it's nice to realize the humanity
on planet Earth should unite against
these dark forces, but that wont
happen over night like these
nice Hollywood movies
(for example)
"Independence Day"
want to sell to people.

::::Duality Simplified::::
Male & Female
Darkness & Light
Demons & Angels
Archons & Aeons
The List goes on :)

It's a complex problem, but there
is a solution & hope that many things here
on planet Earth will change for the better.
And that means for all human beings &
not only the wannabe "elite". 
That's all for now.

In Ancient Egypt Isis brought
the Goddess mysteries to the
Al Kemet culture & was
known as: Astarte, Ashteroth,
Ashera, Ast, Aphrodite & Venus.
The Luciferian Cabal tried to erase
& distort her teachings,
but the Goddess will be victorious!!!
"God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created, and yet he is within each one of these, without exception. He is therefore within each man and women, he is also within each spider, shadow and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit. God can only be experienced, and you experience him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence. He is not human in your tems at all, nor in your terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the facets of his multidimensional existence."
-- Seth Speaks 
The Eternal Validity of the Soul 
Channeled Book by Jane Roberts
From Tannhäuser &

AS IT  Appears In The Rite of Venus

  From The Rites of Eleusis
"Isis am I, and from my life are fed
All showers and suns, all moons that wax and wane;
All stars and streams, the living and the dead,
The mystery of pleasure and of pain.
I am the mother! — I the speaking sea!
I am the earth and its fertility!
Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me —
To me!

Hathoor am I, and to my beauty drawn
All glories of the Universe bow down,
The blossom and the mountain and the dawn,
Fruit’s blush, and woman, our creation’s crown.
I am the priest, the sacrifice, the shrine,
I am the love and life of the divine!
Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness are surely mine —
Are mine!

Venus am I, the love and light of earth,
The wealth of kisses, the delight of tears,
The barren pleasure never come to birth,
The endless infinite desire of years.
I am the shrine at which thy long desire
Devoured thee with intolerable fire.
I was song, music, passion, death, upon thy lyre —
Thy lyre!

I am the Grail and I the Glory now:
I am the flame and fuel of thy breast;
I am the star of God upon thy brow;
I am thy queen, enraptured and possessed.
Hide thee, sweet river; welcome to the sea,
Ocean of love that shall encompass thee!
Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me —
To me!" 

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