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International Woman's Day ~&8&~ Natural Duality = N.D. = GAIA = F.F.F. = 6+6+6 ~&8&~ Emerald Earth Elder Land & The Dark Side of the Internet by Bernhard Guenther :::: GO Green Pink = GO G.P. = GO 23 = GO W = VW = WV = ZEN :::: The Myth of Global Sisterhood & Futuristic Shivava Mode Astronomer Horizions presents ~ Die grüne Frau, Jahrgang 1958, sagt: "Schmeiß die Gläser an die Wand, Russland ist ein schönes Land, ho ho ho ho hey Moskau Moskau..." :::: & eine Pflichtlektüre bzw Empfehlung von Lara Lamberti Sagliano für Angela Merkel Fans zum heutigen Internationaler Frauentag 8.3.2016 ::::

Anthropomorphic Divine Feminine Science
Fiction Music & Movies 4
 Anthropomorphic sculpture 
with feminine attributes, 
Vinča culture, 
Neolithic period, 
around 5000 BC, 
excavated @ Vitkovačko polje, 
near Aleksandrovac,
central Serbia.
08. März 2016

Rede von Orbán zur neuen Völkerwanderung.

Haben Sie das gelesen?

Wenn nicht, dann tun Sie’s jetzt!
A Cannabis Farm = ACF = 10 = J = Jeshua
Polish Flag = P.F. = 22. = V. = Victory
Operation Polish Flag = O.P.F. = 37 
 ::::This IS+is a horny devil and death worshiper from Poland, 
because she has a skull of a dead horned animal in her room.
LMFAO :D hehehe :) just k+id+d+ing
8+appY 8th March :D
:::: Music 4 Independent Goddesess ::::

U.S. admitted 3 days ago

that cannabis DOES kill cancer cells

"5 micro meter = 5 m.m." 
says one of the 
Emerald Earth Elders Today
ok, yes, very often the written text above is true, but sometimes
it's a complete lie!!!
I hope that all people who live in a new age oneness delusion, 
will sooner or later learn and/or experience (like me) that it's not always true.
 This misleading "we are all one" and/or "love & light" dogma 
of these so called "new agers" is brainwashing for idiots
& utter nonsense. Sorry, but it's true :)
Audi Truth Teller = Audi TT = Audi XP = Audi 40

"The Trinity explosion, 
16 ms after detonation."
~ Scott Onstott ~

B.C. judge says minimum sentence for marijuana production cruel and unsual

B.C. court is second to reject mandatory minimum 

for growing pot for purpose of trafficking

Shivava Is A Goddess

Who Likes Marijuana — 

And So Do Many Of Her Followers

صوره من تليسكوب ارضي لمجره درب اللبانه ف السماء ، شكل مجره درب اللبانه هو شكل ربه السماء نوت عند الكيمتين (المصريين القدماء)
This Green Woman Says: 
"Ich bin Osam+1 bin L.A.de+14
& Baskischer NeoNazi.au+19 PortoSan to Portugi.es+is.ch B.ra Sili.en 
& Liebe Luft- 
& Raumfahrtakrobatinnen 
&vorAllem >>>> s. S. an S. = solare Strömungsmessungen an Sonntagen <<<<
Enjoy this Album if you want.
 I'm in Helmet Betty Mood now :) greetings earthlings.
I have 2 of their CDs.
This one (since 1994) & the
Meantime Album (since 1993).
The live concert in late 1994 in Hannover was fantastic!
Basques Betty Gang = BBG = CH
D.ie engelhafte
& göttliche Königin der
& des Baskenlandes ist seit heute
Stella Maxwell :) 8. März 2016
::::Achter 3.Zweitausendsechzehn



"Nochmal Pflichtlektüre - 
vor Allem für Merkelfans."
~ Lara Lamberti Sagliano ~

Angela Merkel 

hinterlässt Europa

als Scherbenhaufen

Einen Rücktritt schließt Bundeskanzlerin Merkel aus. Sie will weitermachen. Aber womit? Die Zwischenbilanz ist erschütternd: Deutschland ist gespalten, Europa ein Scherbenhaufen und die EU geschwächt wie noch nie. Die schöne Idee vom geeinten Kontinent droht zu platzen wie ein Versprechen am Tag nach der Wahl. 


uploaded on 5th March 2016
by Nora Cupcencu
on her fb account
A.rt ist fr.om Bu.ch a.r.e. st+Rom ~ania

 :::: Nora Cupencu ::::
“We are creatures of paradox, women and bears, two animals that are enormously unpredictable, hence our mystery. Perhaps the fear of bears and the fear of women lies in our refusal to be tamed, the impulses we arouse and the forces we represent… As women connected to the earth, we are nurturing and we are fierce, we are wicked and we are sublime. The full range is ours. We hold the moon in our bellies and fire in our hearts. We bleed. We give milk. We are the mothers of first words. These words grow. They are our children. They are our stories and our poems.”
~ Terry Tempest Williams ~

The Dark Side
of the
By Bernhard Guenther
Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Carl Gustav Jung suggested that everything we feel about (or see in) another person is comprised of about 75% of our own “stuff” – our infamous shadow (i.e., the unconscious aspects of ourselves) – which we project, in either positive or negative ways, onto others.
Read More Here :::: http://wakeup-world.com/2015/05/30/the-dark-side-of-the-internet/ 

World’s Poorest President 

Urges Public To Kick The

Wealthy Out Of Politics

Posted on March 4, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News, World 

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