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Spider Murphy Gang & O.Z. = Old Zealand :::: Das Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde (RGA) & Wanderzüge der Kimbern & Teutonen

Onomastics is a fascinating area of linguistics concerned with the study of the history and origin of proper names. Today’s map is of onomastic character: We are going to take a look at the most common surnames in European countries and their meanings.

The colouring of the map below is based on the following scheme:
  • red – names based on properties, such as being big or new
  • brown – names based on a profession (usually of the father)
  • blue – names originally based on the father’s first name
  • cyan – names based on the place of origin
  • green – names based on a natural object
"There are several things to note: Family names are uncommon in Iceland; instead, its citizens still use an ancient Nordic system, in which a child inherits the first name of its father as its last name (the last name of a son of an Icelandic man called Jón would be Jónsson, literally Jón’s son). We can still see remnants of this system in other Nordic countries, where names ending with -son are common but are now proper family names, inherited by the children no matter what the first names of their parents are. Note also that when there are two vastly different linguistic communities within a country, I included the top names for both whenever I was able to find the necessary data. This was the case of Belgium (the two names are for the Dutch- and French-speaking parts), Estonia (with Russian and Estonian names), and Switzerland, where I was only able to find data for the German- and Italian-speaking parts, not for the French-speaking part. I wasn’t able to find any statistics at all for Kosovo and Cyprus." ~  Jakub Marian

 Isis Art by Caroline Maniere
Danish Lazaretflag 
used by the army medical corps
 in both Schleswig Wars [1848-50&1864]
March 24, 1848 – May 8, 1852
Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg 1.2 bis 30. 10 1864
 Dynamic Duo >>>> wolfish Owl+owlish Wolf

Ramses II the Egyptian Pharoah 

during the time of the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him).

Let's do the math:
His body is estimated to be over 3000 years old.

His body was discovered BY the Red Sea in 1898.

But the Quran is over 1400 years old.


No other text tells the story of the Pharaoh drowning.

The Quran narrates the story of Pharaoh's drowning and ensures the safety of his body after his death as to be a Sign to mankind.

Professor Maurice Bucaille couldn't believe his own ears and started to wonder: How can a book existed 1400 years ago speak about the mummy that was only found 111 years ago, in 1898? How can that be possible while the ancient Egyptian heritage was discovered only a few decades ago and no one knew about it before?

Professor Maurice Bucaille sat down pondering on what he was told about the book of Muslims, Holy Quran while his Holy Book (The Bible) narrates only the drowning of Pharaoh without saying anything about his body.

"Is it possible that this mummy in front of me is the one who was chasing Prophet Moses?" "Is it possible that Prophet Muhammad knew this 1400 years ago?"

Professor Maurice Bucaille couldn't sleep that night till they brought him the Old Testament where he read: "And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them. (Exodus 14:28) But overthrew Pharaoh and his host in the Red sea: for his mercy endureth for ever. (Psalm 136:15) For the horse of Pharaoh went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the LORD brought again the waters of the sea upon them; but the Children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea. (Exodus 15:19)"

Professor Maurice Bucaille was surprised that the Holy Book (The Bible) didn't mention about the destiny of the body and that it will be saved.

When the scientists were done with the mummy, France retuned it to Egypt, but Professor Maurice Bucaille couldn't rest for a moment since he was told that Muslims know about the safety of the body from Holy Quran. So, he decided to travel and meet anatomy Muslim scientists and there he spoke about his discovery of the safety of the mummy after its death in the sea and so on.

One of the Muslim scientists stood up and simply opened Holy Quran and pointed to the Professor at one verse: "We brought the Children of Israel across the sea and Pharaoh and his troops pursued them out of tyranny and enmity. Then, when he was on the point of drowning, he (Pharaoh) said, I believe that there is no god but Him in whom the Children of Israel believe. I am of those who submit (to Allah in Islam). What! Now! And indeed you disobeyed before and you were of the mischief-makers. This day shall We save you in your body, that you may be a Sign to those who come after you! But verily, many among mankind are neglectful of Our Signs." (Holy Quran 10:90-92)

Professor Maurice Bucaille was struck when he read that and immediately stood in front of the crowd and said loudly: "I believe in Islam, I believe in Holy Quran."

 A group of Samurai in front of the Sphinx+Egypt 1863

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I'm the Priest of 広島市 & 長崎市 & "Sleep Now in the Fire" by Rage Against The Machine :::: Mission San Luis Rey de Fran+cia Lenny Letter #A26E ba+by w.e.rata.


I'm A Spiritual Warrior of the Emerald Covenant 
& A Holistic Gnostic Mystic Scientific Alchemist
By chance, this  30 year young angelic goddess was born exactly
7 years before my Grandma 
Deva (born Ribic) Buric died.
I Love this photo with 
GiGiHaDid :D
:::: Snowbird Movie = S.M. & V.S. = Vojska Srbije ::::
:::: Scythian Griffin
holding a stag head in its beak ::::
From Pazyryk, Russian Altai mountains, 4th century B.C. 
:::: Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum ::::

Cara's Tricker @carastricker
& Abbey Lee Kershaw

& KENZO present
a new film by the acclaimed writer/director, Sean Baker,  entitled
:::: Snowbird ::::
feat. the KENZO SpringSummer 2016 collection
 from Creative Directors Humberto Leon & Carol Lim.  

& Health benefits of drinking wine @evineyardapp 
+ Red Red Wine by UB40 
+ Vojska Srbije (Serbische Streitkräfte)
@CIA's World Factbook #RI.html Library & Publications :::: 
Shadow Tech: Cracking the Codes of Personal & Collective Darkness :::: 
Serbia improves quality of wine production, Aleksandrovac, 30 March 2016 :::: 
Serbian Armed Forces = S.A.F. :::: Serbische Streitkräfte = S.S. :::: Vojska Srbije = V.S. ::::

Health benefits of drinking wine

by  July 8th, 2015
uploaded 30.03.2012 exactly 4 years ago
at the YouTube channel of  Jay Weinstein

Shadow Tech:

Cracking the Codes
of Personal and Collective Darkness 
 with Colin Davis & Melissa Mari
Manticore Media
by Mel Fabregas

S y n o p s i s

"What is the relationship between our increasing cultural dysfunction and the uncharted depths of the shadow within us all? What are the mechanisms behind our cyclical, self and world destroying behavior? What can we learn about our own darkness by studying the way destructive agency works in biology, cosmology or information systems? How can we engage in our own personal shadow work to balance ourselves, therefore balancing the entire culture? The authors of Shadow Tech are engaged in an alchemical quest to understand the nature of their own darkness, and to develop new maps for navigating the invisible domain of the psyche. They are also implementing spiritual practices for clearing repressed toxic energies which empower personal and collective darkness.Shadow Tech begins with an essay on destruction from a cosmological and metaphysical view, then moves into deeper waters. The mind is modeled as an organic operating system, itself a microcosm within a living structure we call culture. Through the lens of holarchy, known to Hermetic alchemists as the maxim As Above, So Below, they draw relations between viruses and parasites in biology and information systems, to the active destructive mechanisms in the human psyche and culture. Amodel for understanding cyclical destructiveness in relationships that the authors call "The Victim-Victor Cycle" is presented. So-called "conspiracy theories" are explored as real world examples of "Cultural Parasitism". Our intergenerational and cross-cultural destructive behaviors are linked to an energetic ecosystem of "viral" operations living behind the veil of ego consciousness. Besides offering novel ways of seeing darkness and destructive cycles, Shadow Tech documents the authors' personal spiritual philosophy they call Living in the Movie and effective methods for balancing themselves and raising their own consciousness. Shadow Tech is a mixture of science, metaphysics and spiritual alchemy." ~ M.F.

B i o

"Colin E. Davis considers himself to be an artist above else. He has enjoyed a 25-year career as a touring musician and audio engineer. He also has a background in real estate related law and legal strategies. Since 2009 he has counseled hundreds of people in foreclosure, helping them to turn financial destruction into personal evolution. He has held an enduring interest in spiritual principles. Melissa Mari is a lifelong performance artist with a back-ground in theatre, jazz, classical, folk and heavy rock styles. She healed herself of cervical cancer in the mid nineties, when her investigations into the human shadow began. Now, she teaches effective methods for transmuting destructive shadow energies. Colin and Melissa are the founding directors of the musical multimedia project The 01 Experience." ~ M.F.

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