Saturday, February 20, 2016

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"Ho ho ho lol, Greek Marie Claire 1995, 
Naughty & Nice.. oh well ;)))"
~ Moriah Smith ~
btw: Moriah is a good-hearted & intelligent goddess.
She is from Hawai'i &  invited me on facebook 
in late 2011 & is the only woman 
among my facebook friends 
who read Ervin Lazslo's books.
The Eastern Alliance thinks that she deserves the title 
 The Pope of Hawai'i
because she is responsible for the
Babes Against Biotech

Greetings from Temerin dearest Moriah.
Your baby & your husband are so beautiful.
Much Love to you & your Loved Ones :)

Clinton goes on ‘tearful kid stunt’, 
strikingly similar t
US Airstrikes Kill at Least 
43 in Attack on Libya 
Hello Mr. David Icke,
this group is called 
Ignorant People
only abuse the name of the 
Ancient Egyptian Goddess 

Hügelkultur Raised
Garden Beds
in a nutshell

... in the drawings at right, 
the artist is trying to show 
 that while the wood decomposes 
and shrinks, the leaves, duff 
and accumulating organic matter 
from above will take it's place. 
The artist is showing 
the new organic matter 
as a dark green.


Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls
And Their Connection To Enigmatic Essenes February 20, 2016 Ancient Civilizations

 is a book 
by the Andromedan ET contactee Alex Collier 
& they told him that blonde people 
with white skin & blue eyes 
are genetically the weakest.
 :::: Feel free to read it :)

~ Medicine and the Dao ~

The Macrocosmic+Microcosmic Forces 

Driving the Rise of the Feminine

Monday, February 15th 2016 at 6:45 pm


Sneezing, and with a sore throat, on the verge of another cold, I woke up this morning with my sleeping room bathed in bright sunlight.It's my third cold this winter, and while I usually get away with none or one, this year it hit me hard. Too much stress, too much inner stress? Or am I just at a point of crossroads in my life, where things are being decided and I need to get rid of a lot of stuff?

The bright light outside reminds me of approaching springtime, and my mind is already into how to arrange my yard this year and whether to do work on the facade of the house or not. And then the thought - what will become of Europe? Wouldn't it be better to save all the money and leave, get away from a situation where once again in Germany a freaked out politician is pushing the entire continent into chaos? How long will it take until the billions of euros needed for the migration crisis will weigh so heavily on the European/German economy that the governments will have to squeeze the last cent out of their own people who're already working for the strangers? How long will it take for the social system to break down? How long still until Germany will completely lose control and marauding groups of migrants will turn the streets into a daily nightmare? 

My mother, for example, who is living in the house, in the reality she has created for herself with hard work all her life together with her (now dead) husband - my father - feels already threatened and insecure in the current situation and with a lot of pain thinks about leaving it all before, again, migrants steal her handbag, maybe the next time in a more violent way (it has happened two times already).
German police is already unable to cope with the aggressive behavior of many migrants. Their well-educated mind of a world of peace and love is just not prepared for the aggressiveness that comes out of no-hope-situations, war, the raw necessity of survival or just envy and greed. Because, while jealousy, envy and greed are at the core of all human suffering and can be found in every human, we have been led to be so naive to believe that these attributes exist only in the bad wealthy Western human and that the poor, exploited by us, are all pure and benevolent souls seeking help. And so, this confrontation with millions of opportunistic migrants who constitute a huge part among the migrants of which many need real help, finds the Europeans unprepared, stupid, dull and helpless.
I've been screaming since Merkel the Crazy opened the doors for just everyone, that was in the beginning of September. And since September, I've continuously had these colds.

Is it my preoccupation for what's happening?
Is it the warm winter that favorites the spread of infectious disease which transmits by air?
Is it my personal stress?
Or all together?

But in front of the light outside, I don't want to be negative. I want to see the good things in the world, to go for love instead of confrontation, and to think that there will be a solution for all of us. I feel like I want to open my wings and fly to see things from a higher perspective, to recognize the forest by seeing it's shape and dimensions from above instead of erring around among the trees.
Aren't we here to love?

And while business wise things are going just great, I'm rethinking a path I've not pursued, the path of spiritual work, of meditation and energy work, for which I was educated (and certified) a long time ago. It's something I've been enabled to give and that I haven't given yet. Maybe it's time to think about this possibility, too.

And so I guess I'm looking forward to a Saturday and Sunday full of moments of meditation between many sneezes.

Have a wonderful weekend!"
~ Lara Lamberti Sagliano~ + ra 

Estonia Rules = E.R. = E+R = E+GAIA = 23 = W :::: 2016

Hubble Directly Measures

 Rotation of Cloudy 'Super-Jupiter'

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have measured the rotation rate of an extreme exoplanet by observing the varied brightness in its atmosphere. This is the first measurement of the rotation of a massive exoplanet using direct imaging."The result is very exciting," said Daniel Apai of the University of Arizona in Tucson, leader of the Hubble investigation. "It gives us a unique technique to explore the atmospheres of exoplanets and to measure their rotation rates." The planet, called 2M1207b, is about four times more massive than Jupiter and is dubbed a "super-Jupiter." It is a companion to a failed star known as a brown dwarf, orbiting the object at a distance of 5 billion miles. By contrast, Jupiter is approximately 500 million miles from the sun. The brown dwarf is known as 2M1207. The system resides 170 light-years away from Earth.



This Scholar Says 

She's Unlocked The Secrets 

Of The Pyramid Texts

Susan Brind Morrow 

has developed a new translation

of the world's oldest sacred texts.

02/18/2016 06:01 pm ET

:::: T+h.e. U+n+veil+ing ::::


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