Sunday, February 21, 2016

Multi+Dime+n+sion+al C+lea+n+s+ing Opera+t+ion :::: Lithuanian > Man patinka demokratinės diskusijos.< Alte & Neue Bums CD Empfehlungen von g.i.PH.y &ErinJ.&V.Gvozden :::: J+ana E+mir = J.E. = 5+5+5 = E.J. = Erin Janus :::::

Would return to US 
with guarantee of fair trial


Deutsche Welle = D.W. = Deutliche Worte 

Star-Investor Soros warnt::::

:::: Ein Mann

ist noch gefährlicher

für Europa 

als der IS

Es ist ein schwerer Vorwurf, 
den George Soros in einem Artikel erhebt: 
Der Ansicht des Star-Investors nach,
 ist der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin
 eine noch größere Gefahr f
ür die Existienz Europas als die Terrormiliz IS. 




Wespen Vespa pa r = WV = VW = ZEN

Orange roverAngelic+kit+a.mmmmVes+paRoll+ing
Prinz EisenHertz FreeSura 114plus2

:::: P+ain't I.T. B+la+cK ::::
T+he Roll+ing Ston+es 
 of the 
Vietnam War
Ich hör' wohl nicht recht+s
Sorry >>>> Rollstuhl.gang.fahrer

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi ~

bring back 
the story 
of former Southern Baptist minister 
J.Kill. who found Gnosis hidden in plain sig.h.+t
& reveal the price he had to pay for I.T..

I only have the 2 1994+1999
Albums/CDs of the Beatnuts
+The South Carolina Primary 
in 8 Charts ::::|4

The Eyes
Of The
 à vous de choisir
moi perso je préfére 
la voie de droite

"She is over the
power of positivity,
the law of attraction
& the abundance factor.
All are based on half truths
that cut off the other half of vital,
primal & instinctual transformation,
creating a new age of delusionists
running from their shadows
into the arms of the blind

leading the blind..."

~ o. e. e. === ~ one emerald elder 

& both Love I.T. 2 be single :) mmmm
"In fact, 
My soul & yours
Are the same, 
You appear in me,
I in you, 
We hide in each other."

Chris Porter Comedy

ho.w+u = w.u.w. = 76 = soul
:::: wake up world ::::
 ◐ ⓀⒺⓇⓀ ◐
Album ~ A Forest
• Artist ~ Christian Loeffler


"According to Heimskringla Sagas, in the year 967 the Norwegian Queen Astrid escaped with her son, later King of Norway Olaf Tryggvason from her homeland to Novgorod, where her brother Sigurd held an honoured position at the court of Prince Vladimir. On their journey, Oeselian Vikings raided the ship, killing some of the crew and taking others into slavery. Six years later, when Sigurd Eirikson traveled to Estonia to collect taxes on behalf of Valdemar, he spotted Olaf in a market on Saaremaa and paid for his freedom. A battle between Oeselian and Icelandic Vikings off Saaremaa is described in Njál's saga as occurring in 972 AD. About 1008, Olav Hermandsson Prince of Iceland landed on Saaremaa. The Oeselians, taken by surprise, had at first tried to negotiate the demands made by the icelanders, but then gathered an army and confronted them. The Estonian Ruler Mûlvas won the BATtle."
 ~ Estonian Goddess ~


David Icke Live in Australia > July 2016
Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, NZ.
Tickets Selling Fast, Click Here to secure yours today.
Clinton projected 
to defeat Sanders 
in Nevada caucus vote
btw: Ich liebe Blondienwitze :D
The Washington Post 

Scientists create device 

that tears a hole in time, 

enabling undetectable secret messages 

to be sent 

han :::: so long

as you do it

in 0.00012 of a second ::::

  • A 'time cloak' which bends light to tear holes in time has been created
  • It could allow secret messages to be sent via fibre optic cables
  • It can hide a continuous stream of events at telecommunications data rates
  • The holes are made by bending light using equipment known as modulators
  • Technique can cloak 46 per cent of the entire time axis and conceal pseudorandom digital data at a rate of 12.7 gigabits per second

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Nuke an Alien Base 

on the Moon While Everyone 

Was Watching?

Could the Government hide something as crucial as the existence of alien structures on the surface of the Moon? And, more importantly, did NASA blow up some of those structures back in 2009?

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