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"Don’t take life personally.
The sun has no care
for what passes through the sky.”
~ Wu Hsin ~ Top 50 Singles :::: Jan/Feb 2016

1. Answer Code Request – Calm Down EP (MDR)
2. Etapp Kyle – Klockworks 16 EP (Klockworks)
3. I:Cube – VER105 EP (Versatile)
4. Anthony Parasole – Wild Life EP (Deconstruct)
5. Roman Flügel – Monday Brain EP (Hypercolour)
6. Special Reqest – Modern Warfare 1-3 (XL Recordings)
7. Vc-118a B76 Over Land (Radio Matrix)
8. Juxta Position – Vol. 2 (Mistress)
9. Jimmy Edgar – Shine EP (Ultramajic)
10. Randomer – Kids Play EP (L.I.E.S.)

11. Ben Vedren & Pit Spector – Prospector 3.1 (Prospector)
12. Emmanuel – Installations EP (ARTS)
13. Roger 23 – Future Jack Programs To Respond (3&4) (Bio Rhythm)
14. SW – Reminder Part 3 (Sued)
15. Heiko Laux – Fernweh Remixes Part TWO (Kanzleramt)
16. Charlton – Forgotten EP (Mord)
17. Alex Seidel – Money $ex 04 EP (Money $ex)
18. Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell Williams – Where They From (Warner)
19. Yotam Avni – This Is How EP (Ovum)
20. Zigg Gonzales – High Jackin (Power House)

21. Morgan Geist – Megaprojects One EP (Environ)
22. Voiski – Breath Written Outside Gloom EP (Delsin)
23. Dexter – Troubles EP (Klakson)
24. Dario Zenker – Dedication EP (Ilian Tape)
25. Eduardo De La Calle – Format Times (Hivern Disc)
26. Geology Feat. Mark De Clive-Low – Moon Circuitry / Escape From The Lodge Freeway EP (Sound Signature)
27. Africaine 808 – Rhythm Is All You Can Dance EP (Golf Channel)
28. DLSK – Subterraneans EP (Raum)
29. Headless Horseman – HDL007 EP (Headless Horseman)
30. Felix Kubin – Taucher (It’s)

31. Horror Inc. – Remembrance Remixes EP (Perlon)
32. Eddie C – Solaris (Endless Flight)
33. Till von Sein -The Manifest feat. Mr. V (Pablo Fierro Rmx) (Suol)
34. Shackleton – Deliverance Series No. 3 EP (Woe To The Septic Heart DS 3)
35. Yaleesa Hall x Malin – Lucas EP (Will & Ink)
36. 100Hz – Decade City EP (Imprints)
37. Andrés Zacco – Dinosphere EP (Ilian Tape)
38. Boytronic – Bryllyant (Dark Entries)
39. Claudio PRC & Reggy Van Oers – Field EP (Telemorph)
40. Diagenetic – Origin Golden Age EP (Sonic Groove)

41. Dimi Angélis – ANGLS 003 (ANGLS)
42. Gesloten Cirkel – M012 EP (Murder Capital)
43. The Persuader – The Persuader EP1 (Templar)
44. Kobosil – Avernian (Original Mix) (Ostgut Ton)
45. Attitudes In Error – Vplay EP (Acting Press)
46. Cosmin TRG – III (Fizic)
47. JEX – Good Timin‘ EP (Running Back)
48. Melchior Production Ltd – Tracking The Psyche EP (Lick My Deck)
49. Yalessa Hall – First Perrin (Will & Ink)
50. Shlømo – Avadon EP (Wolfskuil Limited)

Top 10 Alben & Compilations

1. Floating Points – Elaenia (Pluto)
2. Kangding Ray – Cory Arcane (Raster Noton)
3. Johannes Heil – The Black Light (Exile)
4. Anthony Child – Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol 1 (Editions Mego)
5. Dax J – Shades of Black (Monnom Black)
6. Benjamin Damage – Obsidian (50 Weapons)
7. Abdulla Rashim – A Shell Of Speed (Northern Electronics)
8. Diverse – Ostgut Ton | Zehn (Ostgut Ton)
9. Leif – Taraxacum (UntilMyHeartStops)
10. Beach House – Depression Cherry (Sub Pop) 

Horus Richards = HR = Holly Riley

"Zen is not a believer's world. 
It is for those daring souls 
who can drop all belief, 
unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, 
and simply enter 
into their pure existence 
without boundaries. 
But it brings 
a tremendous transformation." 
♡ Osho ♡

"Der hier ist aber auch 
ein echter Hitlerkäfer."

:::: URin+RUin ::::
Prava Oluja Bolan Ajoj = POBA = NSA = Nova Srpska Analitika
Floods Tornados Hurricanes = FTH = NSA =  Nova Srpska Analitika

Santería ist eine in Kuba entstandene Religion. Der Name ist abgeleitet aus dem Spanischen - „Santos“ heißt „Heilige“ - so könnte man Santería mit „Anbetung der Heiligen“ übersetzen. Es ist eine Vermischung der Yorùbá-Religion in Westafrika mit dem Spiritismus der westlichen Welt.  Die Ursprünge der Yorùbá liegen mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit im alten Ägypten, von wo ihre Vorfahren vor ca. 5000 Jahren nach Südwesten zogen und sich schließlich im heutigen Benin und Teilen von Nigeria niederließen. Dort entstand auch das sagenumwobene Königreich von Ilé Ife. 
:::: Wikipedia >>>> Die Santería ist eine synkretistische, afroamerikanische Hauptreligion in Kuba, die ihre Orishas (Götter der Santería) mit katholischen Heiligen (spanisch santos) vermischt.[1] Viele Katholiken in Kuba suchen Rat und Heil bei einer Santera, einem Santero oder einem Babalao und sind praktizierende Anhänger der Santería. Durch die vorgebliche Einheit von katholischen Heiligen mit Aspekten der Götter der Santería sehen sie in ihrem Handeln auch keinen Widerspruch. Die katholische Kirche lehnt die Santería und ihre Praktiken grundsätzlich ab,[2] toleriert aber die Volksfrömmigkeit.[3] In den USA hat sich aus der Santería ein Spiritismus entwickelt, der Santerismus, bei dem nach dem Vorbild Allan Kardecs die Geister von Verstorbenen, katholische Heilige und Götter der Santería in Sitzungen beschworen werden.[4]


::::: The Orishas :::: 


“Darkness and Light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness is disorder, Light is order; Darkness transmuted is Light of Light. This my children, is your purpose in being, transmutation of Darkness into Light. “
~ Hermes Trismegistus ~

I learned more from my grandparents, especially from my grandma Dragica Vranic (later Dragica Gvozden after she married my Grandpa Vladimir Gvozden), about spirituality than from my parents. Vranic comes from Vrana & means Crow in Serbian. My Grandma Dragica escaped the Croatian slaughterers in the Kozara Mountains with her family & they had to live in the woods for many months. The dad of my mom Petar Buric (Buric comes from Bura & means Wind of the Sea) was rescued by the German S.S. a few minutes before Croatian Ustasa wanted to hang him. He was in Tito's army & very tall & had blue eyes (like my mother & her mother) & the S.S. guys like/liked that. He had to work 4 years in a wood timber mill in Bavaria (1941-1945).  My mother's mom Deva Ribic (later Buric of course) waited 4 years & had no clue if she will ever see him again or where he is/was until he came back in 1945. Ribic comes from Riba & means Fish.

Here is a perspective from New Orleans::::

Growing up in New Orleans; 
Learning from Elders; 
Connecting with Spirit (Part 1/7)

:::: Black Knave a.k.a. White Swan ::::
Russian Aircraft Forces
KGB Stealth Bomber
Flying Saucers in East Germany
Me As A Flower
Live & Love, 
but question everything.
Laugh a lot, because Life goes on.

Did you know that Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian explorer, famous for the Kon Tiki voyage from Peru to Polynesia in 1947, (modern movie Kon Tiki nominated for Oscar), his team and Ecuadorians cut down the Balsa for his sailing vessel from a forest in Quevedo, Ecuador and floated them down all the way to the Guayas River in Guayaquil, our grand city. Here they put it on a ship and constructed the raft in the port of Callao, Peru. Vital Alsar another European explorer 23 years later (1970) did what Thor should have done, sailed on the balsawood sailing vessel from Guayaquil, Ecuador and in 161 days reached Australia, proving that the maritime cultures of Ecuador had the capacity of traveling long distances in the Pacific. It is proven by modern archaeologists that the Balsa from Ecuador that these cultures of the territories of our nation thousands of years ago, built their ships, were sailing and trading the famous Spondylus (Red spiny oyster) shell to the peoples of pre-Columbian Mexico and Chile. In our book, we have a beautiful chapter, with accounts for the first time translated into English on these ancient marine voyagers. I will attach a photo of the replica of the sailing vessel in our beloved city at the Bahia de Caraquez museum on the central coast of Ecuador. This Balsawood vessel was very detailed by the first Spanish conquistadors that had their first encounter with this ship off the Ecuadorian coast in 1526. Both Thor and Vital took their designs from this primary information from the Conquistadores. Enjoy!
:::: 2016 :::: 
— Philanthropist Alfred E. Mann, 
an entrepreneur & inventor 
whose wide-ranging business endeavors
included aerospace, pharmaceuticals, 
electronic circuitry & biomedical research,
has died. He was 90. 
In 2007, 
Forbes magazine estimated 
his fortune at $2.4 billion.

US-General Breedlove:

„Die USA sind bereit, 

gegen Russland in Europa zu kämpfen 

und es zu besiegen" 

The Thrill Is Gone 
~ B. B. King ~
Live at Montreux 1993
Omg Stella Thrills :) Me :D
Triangulation is the term given to the act of a political candidate presenting their ideology as being above or between the left and right sides (or "wings") of a traditional (e.g. American or British) democratic political spectrum. It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one's political opponent. The logic behind it is that it both takes credit for the opponent's ideas, and insulates the triangulator from attacks on that particular issue.


Sonnabend der 27. Februar 2016

"What have I sparked in you is to remember 
your soul's journey which is a beautiful light."
~ Quan Yin ~

The Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy

By John Black on Wednesday February 10th, 2016 

:::: CCN + UnSpun 016

 ~ Jim Morrison & The Doors ~

with Jan Irvin & Joe Atwill 

She Grows Up With Gorillas.

12 Years Later When They’re Reunited? 

This Left Me Speechless!

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