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Swedish Goddesses+Love Rebellion = S.G.+L.R. = ISIS & Teutonic Indigo Goddesses Enter Rebellious Souls & Metaphysical Gnostic Multi Media Warrior Networks & All The Houses Of The Rising Suns & Much More ...


The Most Significant Sight in History?

"Amateur historian claims to have proof a mysterious rock formation 
 hidden in the Australian bush holds clues to the origins of language."

Dutch Lion = D.L. = 16. = P. = Prodigy
Netherlands Lion = N.L. = 26. = Z. = Zion

Swedish Goddess Linda Raya = S.G.L.R. = 56. = I.S.I.S.
Swedish Goddess Linda Raya = S.G.L.R. = 56. = I.S.I.S.
Swedish Goddess Linda Raya = S.G.L.R. = 56. = I.S.I.S.

700 Jordan Maxwell = 700 JM = MJ 007
Swedish Flag = S.F. = 25. = Y. = Yunasai
David W.007
Gnostic+Warrior = G+W = W+G = Wohn+Gemeinschaft

"On the way to town today I passed by the Greek embassy. I looked at the sign on the wall and saw that the Greek word for embassy was "πρεσβεία" pronounced "presvia". The Greek word for the consulate was "προξενείο" pronounced "proksenio". When I came home I looked these words up in the etymological dictionaries. Then I started looking into the history of diplomacy. What I discovered was very interesting and surprising. But it also opened huge number of questions about what we think we know about the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age Balkan history."
Goran Pavlović, Sunday, 14 June 2015
A Serb who lives in Ireland
You can read more here::::


Computer Simulations
HeatUp Hunt For Planet Nine 
Evidence accumulates 
 for presence of orb
on outskirts of 
 solar system

200 Swedes Storm Occupied Stockholm Train Station, 
& Are Going After "Refugees"
Watch Here:

Underground Resistance  = UR = LOL = Lords Of Love

:::: A West Slavic "horse" house ::::

from Mecklenburg-Schwerin :::: Veligrad :::: Zverin ::::
“Origin of the AngloSaxon race
was a book published in 1906
by Thomas William Shore 

Modus Operandi Prodigy = M.O.P. = 44

Things are changing in Sweden
"Sweden is losing its patience with 'refugees' 
(i.e. rapefugees),  beggars, rapists, thiefs, 
thugs & Moroccan street gangs 
that are occupying the central station 
& plaguing other parts of our country.
Some 200 Swedes decided to take action 
& storm the train station, with accompanying flyers - 
so there was no confusion as to what this was about"
 Henrik Palmgren

Z.O.E.U. = 65 = S.O.U.L. 
She tasted of the sun, 
the stars & the 

She was the perfume, the essence, the nectar of life. 
He would drown his pain & sorrows for her, 
knowing full well she wouldn't let him. 
The time of sacrificing the self for another was over. 

The liberations had begun 
& you were either ready 
or you weren't...
An Indian Elder Speaks 
The Point of No Return
Hochgeladen am 14.07.2010

Indian Elder Oren Lyons
Speaks of The Path we are on & The Upcoming 
Point of no return we are collectively approaching

The universe is in all things."
Giordano Bruno

:::: The New Sugar Club = T.N.S.C. = 56 = ISIS ::::
Happy Birthday Mr. U.S.
President Jasmine 
Immortal Technique
Point of No Return

How 2 Raise 

A Creative Child

:::: Step One :::: Back Off ::::

:::: BU+MP+S+hip+S+hop ::::
Techno Bass Movement
 :::: D.I.E. ::::
BurnIt Down Jones index

::::Shadow People::::

:::: post scriptum ::::

:::: Natural & Non-Toxic Products ::::

Thrive   Market                         

is on a mission 

to make healthy living

 easy & affordable 4 everyone 

Modus Operandi Nova Srpska Analitika
 Modus Operandi Old Jeshua Indians = MOOJI
Where there is matter, 
there is geometry.” 
Johannes Kepler
Once again
it's time 4 m
2 go & do what I love 
& hang out with Mama Nature
with no technology
See you as soon as possible :)
:::: N.L.Oo :::: Serbian ::::
U.F.Oo :::: German & English

Magic, Art & Alchemy 
:::: with pik Amanda Sage ::::
Sexy Artist Amanda Sage = SAAS = PX = XP
Eastern Alliance = E.A. = A.E. = Albert Einstein

Geisha (芸者) 

Geiko (芸子

Geigi (芸妓)

are traditional Japanese female entertainers 
who act as hostesses and whose skills include 
performing various arts such as classical music, 
dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain 
male customers. 



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