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"Lion Name Honey" by Unslaved Sun Times Andromeda = USTA = 61 = NEW+RA >>>> T.U. Of R.A.W. = The Union Of Red And White + N.T. = News Today >>>> Beyonce Will Receive Protection From The Nation Of Islam ::::

:::: Unslaved Sun Times Andromeda = USTA = 61 = NEW RA ::::
:::: & btw: USTA means MOUTH in Serbian/SerboCroatian ::::
lav means lion
med means honey
ime means name
is+nd = bnd+iq

"The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

Black And White News = BAWN = 40 = XP



Explore The 
Ancient Mysteries
& Symbolism of Self Initiation
Sacred texts have revealed the path of the initiate to be one that is not easily followed, but can be rewarding beyond measure.  The greatest figures in history have achieved enlightenment through the self imposed path toward higher consciousness. What can we gleam from the riddles left for us by the ancient ones?  What long forgotten mysteries remain hidden in the misunderstood symbols of our planet's greatest civilizations?

The Origins of Alchemy in Ancient Egypt
The roots of alchemy are 
buried in the fertile black dirt 
of the Nile delta. In fact, 
the very word "Alchemy" 
comes from the 
Arabic al-kīmīā (الكيمياء)
which means
Black Soil/Black Ground.
The Ancient Egyptian 
name for Egypt is  
km.t  / kemet / chemet /
:::: Al Kemet ::::

  Arabic مِصرMiṣr 
 Egyptian Arabic مَصر Maṣr
Coptic Ⲭⲏⲙⲓ Khemi

From Alexandria, 
the teachings of alchemy 
spread throughout the 
Mediterranean region, 
Arabia, Europe, 
& on to India & China. 
These teachings are 
summarized in the 
Emerald Tablets, 
which is the core text 
of alchemy. 
In simplest terms, 
alchemy is the art 
of Transformation. 
It attempts to unveil 
the universal principles 
behind growth & change. 
The focus of the work, 
known as 
"The Great Work", 
is not limited 
to the physical world.
It encompasses 
all levels of reality, 
including the psychological 
& spiritual realms. The ancient poetic name for Ireland is
Emerald Isle.

The Emerald Tablet 
is made of green glass 
& its Phoenician language 
reads right to left 
& it was said that the
 au/thor w/as 
He/rm/es Tri/sm/eg/is/t/us,
who is also know as the
'God of Science',
Thoth's origin goes back 
to the times of the  
'Global Atlantian Empire
before the great flood.

WITh The

The final operation or step in transformation - be it physical or spiritual, is called 'coagulation', which is a process of materialization in which substances congeal, consolidate, agglomerate, or precipitate into solid mass. 

The alchemists saw this operation as working with a higher kind of salt, a new type of spiritized matter that could not be perfected any further.  

"Thus you will obtain the glory 
of the whole universe," 
The Emerald Tablets 
of this step.
The new salt would be found 
in the unburnable ashes from fire 
or in the indissoluble crystals in water.
It would come from the union of 
Red & White
from the forces of spirit & soul. 
They called this magical salt the 
"Philospher's Stone".

"Beyonce Will Receive Protection 

From The Nation Of Islam"

6 Things You Lose 

As A Result 

Of A Spiritual Awakening

February 24, 2016 

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