Monday, February 22, 2016

Ja+sm+i+n+e = J.T. = 30 = E.E.T. = Estonian Emerald Test >>>> 14.+6. = N.+F. = F.+N. = Flagge+Niederlande ~ i8D ~&~ 6.6.6. = F.F.F. = Fin.est Fran.joj. maj.ko+mo+ja+mi+la ::::

This image of

Mark Zuckerberg 

says so much about our 


Stephenie Meye

announces a new 

Teen-Paranormal-Romance series 

about a secret romance between Eve & Satan. 


April 1, 2012 

14.6.1977 = N.F.1977 = Nordic Flags 1977 
+&8&+ E.T. = Es.t.o.n.ia.n. ÄTät@@ I.S.I.S.
I.S.I.S. = 56 = B.L.M.P.M. = Benevolent Liberal Multipolar Progressive Meritocracy 
#CChaosComputerClub = #CCCC = #C9 = #CI = #CIslands = #ChristiacIslands 
&+A+n+d+& ÄTät@@ Avalon Magic = A.M.
A.M. = M.A. = M.1.
The Ma. o. A Libra. = T. Magic of A Library 
7/11 Weird Open Culture News 19/88 
& Music for Airports @daVIDaV.W. 
:::: Russia wants to fly over US with advanced digital camera :::: 
:::: Mo+o+n+day 22 2016 :::: 
:::: Tiger+Leopard = T.+L. = TL = PP ::::
6.6.6. = F.F.F. = Fin.est Fran.joj.maj.ko+mo+ja+mi+la





 Srpske Lezbeljke = SL = RM = Resistance Movenment srbija

 Clone Of Sara SmallS hehehehJusTKidDing :)
Victoria's joan small secret :) hehehe

 "Fuchs Du hast die Gans gestohlen,
Gib Sie w+ieder her,
Gib Sie w+ieder her,
Sonst wird Dich der Jäger holen,
M.I.T.ß ..."
Germany is No. 1. Hmmm...
HOW did they manage, in just 70, 
to transform from the biggest, 
meanest, militaristic bully of the World 
into one of the most pacifist 
and reasonable societies of the 21st century? 
Germans used to be driven by hate to other races, 
and once elected a narcissistic, egotistical maniac 
with a funny hairdo to lead them
 into getting the shit beaten out of them 
by the rest of the World... 
All they needed was just a good humility lesson. 
 se.X = H.8.H. = S.E. =
"I can tell you how. Germany has only 1500 Luciferians/Sat+an+is+ts
& The U.S.A. have more than 1 million.
Sad, but true!!!"
~ ttp = 56 = isis ~ 
Resistance Movement = R.M. = Read More
Frank.lin Del.a.n.o t.h.e. 2nd B.est US
 i.n. of po.ll.s 

Black Cat+Marvel Comics

Leopard Tiger = LT = Lost Tapes 

Reveal Apollo Astronauts 

Heard Unexplained ‘Music’ 

On Far Side Of The Moon

"If you’re behind the moon and hear some weird noise on your radio, and you know you’re blocked from the Earth, then what could you possibly think?"

02/20/2016 12:52 pm ET

It is possible that Parallel Universes 

& the Déjà Vu phenomenon

are mysteriously connected 

wants to fly over US 
with advanced digital camera


Russia wants to fly over US 
with advanced digital camera

Associated Press

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free cultural & educational
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from The


Museum of Art 

Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk 
*7 November 1988
 is a Swedish model 
& current Victoria's Secret Angel, 
who has worked for a number of leading brand
including Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Free People, Ungaro, H&M, Lilly Pulitzer and Guess.[1][2] She modeled for Victoria's Secret, appearing in the brand's annual fashion show in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.[3] She has also appeared in many of the brand's campaigns, especially for the sub-division PINK[4] In 2015, she was announced as one of 10 new Victoria's Secret Angels.[5] She has also played professional basketball in Sweden.[4][6][7]


:::: T+h.e. U+n+veil+ing ::::

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