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R.C. = C.R. :::: One of Ahenny's High Crosses :::: Flag of Nova Emeraldska Luka :::: ROro MAma Nn IAia ::::

70 years young, today...
“If your actions create a legacy
that inspires others
to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, then,
you are an excellent leader.”
“Figure out who you are.
Then do it on purpose.”...
“My weaknesses have always been
food and men - in that order.” 
Dolly Parton
Black Goddess Isis = BGI = 2 GI = 2 Q = 2 Queen
"Les Saintes Maries de la Mer is a small fishing village located on the Mediterranean coast near Marseilles that was once an ancient pilgrimage site for the Celts who came to receive healing from the Goddess. They believed She was present in the holy spring. Worship to the triple water deity Matres co-existed with and was later superseded by Roman temples dedicated to Artemis, Cybele, Isis and Mithras. The Greeks also venerated the Goddess here; they once had a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. Some local legends also say it’s the place where Mary Magdalene arrived by boat from the Holy Land with a small party of people including two other Marys, Joseph of Arimathea, perhaps Lazarus and Sara, also thought by some researchers to be the daughter of Magdalene and Jesus. They were greeted by the local Romany clan.Other local legends give Black Sara's saint story as this: She had a dream that the apostles of Christ were in a boat with no oars. She awoke from her dream, went to the beach & saw the boat. She swam out & took off her dress, so that Mary Salome & Mary Jacobi could hold on to her dress, while she swam to shore with them. So Sara was alive as an adult, when the first apostles of Christ arrived at Maries. Still another legend claims that the gypsies believe that Sarah was a powerful local queen who welcomed the tired travelers from the Holy Land, while other sources suggest she may have been an ancient pagan goddess – a Black Madonna? – or a black Egyptian woman that was the servant of Christ’s mother Mary. Christians preferred to see her as an unexpected passenger on the boat. The adapted legend goes that while the Romans set the boat adrift in the Holy Land, Sarah apparently begged to be taken with them. A miracle enabled her to reach the boat by walking on the water, using Mary Salome’s cloak as a type of magical carpet to cover the distance. What is so special about Sara that thousands of gypsies from all over Europe come to this area? Perhaps there's a clue in “The Legend of the Saintes-Maries” written in 1521 by Vincent Philippon. He writes that Sara traveled through the Camargue to provide for the needs of a small Christian community. Thus, the practice of begging for alms performed by Sara gave early writers a reason to make Her into a patron goddess of the gypsies.Visit this Black Madonna in the local 6th century church. Known as Sara-la-Kali, She incorporates aspects of Kali, the Hindu Goddess who serves to assist in destroying the Ego, thus taking the seeker to the goal of self-realization. Several thousand years of prayers and healings have taken place here in Her presence, not only by many thousands of pilgrims who have come for Her blessings, but especially during the Romany festivals held twice yearly, in May and October, to honor Saint Sara."

Ouch! It's 🔫🔫 Whi🔫🔫plash🔫🔫
:::: One of Ahenny's High Crosses, Co. Tipperary ::::

:::: Ahenny ::::
Irish: Áth Eine, meaning "ford of Eine"
is a small village and civil parish in County Tipperary
long celebrated for its ancient Irish High crosses.
Close to the village is the early Christian foundation of Kilclispeen monastery.
In the adjoining graveyard stand the two Irish High Crosses.

apocalypse.now = 113.now = mmmmcccmmmm.nwo
Red Serbian Cyrillic G. = RSCG. = 47 = SIS = ISSenterprise
Russian Serbian Carl G. Jung = RSCGJ = 57 = SION
Flag of NovaEmeraldskaLuka=FNEL=RS=SME=SMEshnozarnije
ohhh myyy goddesses
so many

"The difference between a ordinary man
& a warrior is that a warrior takes everything
as a challenge while an
ordinary man takes everything
as a blessing or a curse."
Linda Love Light = LLL = MCEO = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, Jeremy Narby, Jan Kounen & others 
       2016 in Romania, 23 through 26 June, for the first conference     
on the mysteries of consciousness to be held in Eastern Europe




ra and ra = ra ra ra = 57 = sion

"There is a systematic effort underway to remove all fraud from the world’s financial system. This campaign is now getting to the point where some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government, are about to go bankrupt. This is all part of a hybrid war involving finance, super-computers, special forces operations, news, propaganda, pin-point assassinations and more. Perhaps the most dramatic, and under-reported, new aspect of this ongoing struggle has been the freeze on global shipping. To confirm reports on the internet of a shipping freeze, this writer called NYK lines, a major international shipping firm, and was told “we cannot speak for the whole world but, as far as our company is concerned, with current shipping prices we will lose money every time we send a ship so we have stopped.” Chinese government sources told this newsletter shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan and not dollars and that is a major reason for the freeze in shipping worldwide. If this continues, it will lead to empty super-market shelves and social unrest, especially in the US. The announcement last week by Walmart that it is closing 269 stores is just the beginning. Another major dimension to this hybrid war has been the attack on the oil cartel and control of the petro-dollar. It is this attack, and not oversupply, that is the real reason for oil prices plunging to the $20 per barrel level, and in the case of bitumen, the lowest grade Canadian oil, $8 a barrel level. What is happening is that China is insisting on paying with Yuan for its oil. Furthermore, now that sanctions against Iran have ended, Iran, which has some of the lowest production costs in the world, will be flooding the market with an extra million barrels of oil per day. China is helping both Iran and Russia deal with low oil prices by sending them Chinese goods at cheap prices in exchange for their oil. India is also avoiding the petrodollar when it buys Iranian and Russian oil. This campaign will continue until Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Countries and the big Khazarian banks go under, according to Pentagon white hats. ..."
 ~ Benjamin Fulford ~ 19.01.2016 ~  




RedHot C.P. = RH C.P. = P.C. HRvatska

Milla Jovovich AS Michelle
Shawn Andrews AS
1993 IN

ISis = siSI = MOmo = omOM

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V.ol.vo = ov.lo.V

John O'Donohue  

The Inner Landscape of Beauty

The Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue was beloved for his book Anam Ċara, Gaelic for "soul friend," and for his insistence on beauty as a human calling. In one of his last interviews before his death in 2008, he articulated a Celtic imagination about how the material and the spiritual — the visible and the invisible — intertwine in human experience. His voice and writings continue to bring ancient mystical wisdom to modern confusions and longings.
Mmmmcccmmmm = 113 = Apocalyspe
Solar Flares = S.F. = Y. = Yunasai
 Sibirischer Husky = S.H. = Schwarze Hand
Jump Of Joy Because I Love My Job = J.O.J.B.I.L.M.J. = JOJ SOL
Keep Calm = K.C. = C.K. = Calvin Klein
joj Majko Moja Mila Mmmmm
Fuck Everything = F.E. = E.F. = 5.6.
M.M.M. = Moscow Moskau Moskva
Alternative Romanian Flag = A.R.F. = Y. = Yunasai

Lady In Red = L.I.R. = U.R. = Underground Resistance
The Eye Of The Gemini Tigress

pl.us #TBT = pl.us #TwohundredbillionBlackTemplars
A.D.O.L.F. H.I.T.L.E.R.=S.S.HITLER=Scientific Spirituality+Hamburg+InfoTech+SchwarzeHand+8
V.og.ue = eu.go.V

The Astral
Twin Flame
Union Experience
Mind Control And
Spiritual Warfare

Police Department = P.D. = T. = Templars
Video Japan = V.J. = Vogue Jockey
Flag of the Japanese Empire

emp = electro magnetic pulse


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Vladimir Gvozden
PhotoTaken+Uploaded 31.5.2015
So+ph+ia = 68 = Arv+en+8

Underground Resistance Movement
#W = #CT = #ChinaToday
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