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Serbian Christmas 2016 :::: B.O.B.O. NEWS = Black Orange Baybee Owl NEWS :::: Fresh Revised Edition :::::::: PAHANA = 41 = V.S. = Vitalic's Secret :::: OkCowboy = O.C. = G.A.I.A. = F.F.F. = 18 :::: O.K.C+owB+oy = yo+Bwo+C.K.O ::::

:::: Tech :::: 
Apple Buys
Startup Emotient
Emotient technology
is used to assess emotions
by reading facial expressions

Updated Jan. 7, 2016 1:13 p.m. ET

The Most Beautiful Angel = T.M.B.A. = M.C.E.O. 

M.C.E.O. = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order

Stella Maxwell
Cheerleader Attacked
for shooting leopards
C.G.+Jung = C.G.+J. = T. = Templar
2Angels = 2A. = BA. = 3. =  C. = Christos
Happy Birthday Nadine Leopold = HBNL = MCEO 
Jay Z. = J.Z. = Z.J. = L.N.B.H. = H.B.N.L. = M.C.E.O. 
 Love Noe Bi.H. = MCEO = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
Happy Birthday Nadine Leopold = H.B.N.L. = M.C.E.O. = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
IRAN has accused Saudi Arabia
 of using warplanes to attack the 
Iranian Embass
in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. 
Some guards were reportedly wounded 
in the attack,
 according to state news channel IRIB.a i pol
January 7 2016
100.D.inarS.erbia = 100.D.S.= AZURITE.W.

FreshMona Lisa=F.M.L. L.M.F.=Lovely Mind FUÇK
isi.S. = isi.Serbia
Analysis Of Evidence In Case I.S.i.s. Finished!!!!
Black Orange Baybee Owl NEWS = B.O.B.O. NEWS

:::: Michael Persinger = M.P. = I.T. = G.V. = Goddess Vortex ::::
Michael Persinger has done some very interesting 
work on consciousness ...

 .O.LE! = EL.O.! = !Q.O. = !QueenOmmmm
“When you work for the light side 
there is a tremendous responsibility 
that you have for the planet to bring peace …
to hold peace …
to be the place
that holds peace.” 

:::: Yoda Says = Y.S. ::::
 ra.N.I.D. =
wor.K <<<<::::>>>> ra.D
f.i.v.E. :::: p.e.T.
:::: Vulnerable Blonde Little Girl = V.B.L.G. :::: Maybe 6 Years Young = M.6.Y.Y. ::::
Sunshine Hearts = SH = Schwarze Hand

Journey of the Priestess

There is beauty

and the love of God/dess

behind all the painful experiences that we go through.

Our greatness comes forth through the fire of challenging

and often soul wrenching experiences, not through our comfort box.
In the end when we emerge from Persephone's journey

into the darkness and depths of Hades,
If we have been willing to claim and honestly face our shadow

and if we consciously refuse to succumb to being "the victim,"

we become strong, independently adverse to bullshit,

Street wise,
Soul wise
Heart wise,

In touch with our purpose

and invariably an inspiration for others.
We become teachers for humanity

and midwives of the Goddess source.
A true Priestess has to go through this initiation

in order to find her true self and to lead others to the threshold of their own power,
you can't shine a light in a direction that you haven't traversed

regardless of how many ceremonies that you have conducted

or knowledge that you have acquired on the subject.

© Caroline de Lisser

D.O.G.s = s.G.O.D.

This Sunshine Of Dogs = T.S.O.D. = 58 = EMERALD = SCIENCE = INDIGO = AL.WAHID
Image Muslim Heritage = I.M.H. = V.H. = V8 = 30 = J.J.J. = Jesus Jay Jeshua

The Colour Purple = T.C.P. = U.R. = Underground Resistance

Laurentian University professor 

removed for asking students

 to agree to profane language


January 2016

by Marina von Stackelberg

 CBC News



"A Queen will not play games;
she knows those that play are not worth her time.

A Queen will not jump up and down trying to get the attention
of those that choose not to see her;
she has too much self respect and dignity.

A Queen will not compete based on lies and half-truths;
she is too clever for this. ...

A Queen does not talk ill of other Queens;
for her heart loves all her sisters.

A Queen does not settle for a Joker,
for she knows that her heart deserves a true King."

The Secret Of Life By Pablo Picasso = T.S.O.L.2.P.P. = BEOGRAD 2 SOL

International Academy Of Consciousness = I.A.O.C. = I.A.F.F.F. = I.A.G.A.I.A. = GAIA.AI

Signs Of A :::: = SOA  :::: = 35  ::::

Psychic Child
Children who are more psychically inclined may exhibit some or all of the following characteristics.

Empathy: They may appear more empathic and show more care and concern for those around them. This occurs because the child is more tuned in with the thoughts, feelings, and energies of others around.

Seeing Loved Ones (no longer living): The child may report perceiving or communicating with loved ones who have already passed away.

Perception of Energy: Children who are more psychic are frequently more susceptible to influences from the energies of their environment. Therefore, the child may be more likely to experience ups and downs based on their surroundings. For example, the child may seem energetic and lively in one setting and then “out of commission” with fatigue or pain (from unknown sources) in another.

Flying Dreams/Out-of-Body Experiences: The child may report having flying dreams and/or leaving their physical body. The child may wake up at night and notify you of perceiving nonphysical places or perceiving nonphysical people in their room.

Past Life Memory: The child may report having a past life memory where they had another body, a different name, and a different family.

Imaginary Friend: The child may engage in conversations alone with an imaginary friend for prolonged periods of time.

Does My Child Have Psychic Abilities?

Kids and Psychic Powers 

Lord Of Light :) = L.O.L. :) = U.R. :) = URisis  :) = siRiUs

Satan Worship = S.W. = Saturn Worship

:::: Black Cube Sybolism ::::

You might not know it, 

but the entire world 

has been worshiping Saturn for
thousands of years. 

The cult has never stopped 

and its rites are still present
to this day. 

Saturn, dubbed the “Lord of the Rings”, 

is the reason why we
exchange rings 

at weddings 

or put halos 

on the heads of godly people. 

article exposes 

the attributes of the god Saturn 

and the perpetuation 

of his
cult through

 in pop culture. 

See more at ::::

Healing Hearts = H.H. = 16. = P. 
The only way
from here was up
 & she had no intention
of taking the stairs .... .... .... ....
:::: 22.16. = V.P. = Vladimir Putin ::::
Insight Timer = I.T. = Information Technology
“The longing for Paradise 
is man's longing 
not to be man.”
Milan Kundera

White Winter Worlds  = W.W.W. = 69 = DAO.DE.JING
Dr. Mike Murdock = D.M.M. = J.J.J. = J.T. = Jeshua Templar


Watch :::: Homeless war veteran

 shares emotional plea

& The Secret Of Life By Pablo Picasso = & T.S.O.L.B.P.P. = T.P.P. 2. S.O.L. & = BEOGRAD 2 SOL & 

A.C.C.C.C.A. = A.L.A. = 14 = N. = Neosarmy
M = 13 = 3+3+7 = C+C+G = C+C+C+C+A
:::: C.C.G. = Clinton Crime Gang ::::
Bill Clinton rape accuser
Hillary 'tried to silence' me
by Mark Hensch & Jonathan Easley
January 2016

America.Clinton Aliens = A.CA = A.4 = A.D


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