Friday, January 8, 2016

Modus Operandi S.S. + E.T. + A.K. + M.C.E.O. :::: Holly Fridaywood = H.F. = Highest Frequencies :::: LION = P.+N.S.A. = Prodigy+Najnovija Srpska Analitika :::: +Stella+Maxwell+E.T.+A.l.i.+c.i.a.+K.e.y.+s.+ :::: s.s.o.m.E.T.A.K. = K.A.T.E.m.o.s.s. :::: E.S.O.M. = E.T.S.H. = B.E.O.G.R.A.D. :::: Schwarze Hand :::: :::: Paris Fashion W. :::: ::::

Prodigy = P. = M.C. = Marvel Comics

I had such a wonderful day 

with Mona Lisa, 

i will never forgot those eyes ...

Yo Mona Lisa, 

could I get a date on Friday?
And if you're busy, 

I wouldn't mind taking
Saturday ay ay???

Oh Mona, 

why did you say no?


"Everything emerges from
and returns
 to a fundamental field of information 
that connects us all."
– Nassim Haramein
Gaia Federation = G.F. = Gunowner Friends

Horch Horch Audi Audi = H.H.A.A. = GAIA = F.F.F.
"We are not here to save the world. to s.ave,
but in doing so,
wes.ave t.he wor.ld.”
— Joseph Campbell

Empire State Of Mind = E.S.O.M. = E.T.S.H. = B.E.O.G.R.A.D.
the ancients
described creatively,
religions  and
other institutions
condemn as 'pagan',
and worse .....
E.T.+S.H. = E.T.+Schwarze Hand

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