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Sho.rt Mess.age :::: I+O+I+W = 56 = ISIS :::: Isis' Inferno 2007 & Inperno 2012 & Inverno 2016 :::: f+p=v :::: UYniEnrUob :::: Ir.Schwa. 20.16. cSe.i.nEri.kToi.en :::: Isis & T.G.C. :::: The Goddess Circle = T.G.C. :::: 44 = TWA = :::: :::: Real vs Artificial Synchronicities :::: The Metre & Sophia :::: #BEOGARD=#SETH=#ITW=#IntoTheWoods :::: M.I.B.3 :::: ::::

S.M.S. = Sho.rt Mess.age
The Queen Says = T.Q.S. = I.S.I.S.
HoskElsa+ART M.M.1976
Mmmmm Relaxing = MR = RM = Resistance Movement
Nix wie hin da :) alter Schwede :)
Q+G+A+E+H = 38 = S.S. = Spirit Science
 Queen Goddess Angel Elsa Hosk

:::: A ::::
:::: 87+1 ::::
:::: PROJECT ::::
HoskElsa+ART M.M.1976
 :::: 25+58+4 = am+.en+t.i. ::::

:::: l. = 12+9+12+Y ::::
d. = do+14+1+ld+S.o+14
:::: 58 = 20+8+4+1+25 ::::
:::: ::::
:::: S.+H.+25+58+4 = 100+14 ::::
:::: FoolishFighterGods=FFG = S = Serbia ::::

 :::: ::::
:::: THIRD EYE ::::
:::: IN THE ::::

Can you see “Two Eyes” 
flanking a circular “Third Eye” 
encoded here in the Louvre Palace´s architecture?

The Third Eye once formed a Universal Religion in Antiquity,
 evident in these parallel Third Eye motifs from Egypt and India.

But how did ancient Third Eye symbolism end up in 1700s France at the Louvre Palace?

An old occult myth holds that Antediluvian men and women lived during a Golden Age and had a “Third Eye” located in the center of their foreheads allowing them to “see” their divine and immortal nature beneath their human traits.

“But when the divine element in them became weakened…and their human traits became predominant, they ceased to be able to carry their prosperity with moderation.” – Plato

The Third Eye atrophied, becoming concealed by the flesh, degenerating into the obscure Pineal Gland, symbolized in art and architecture by the Pine Cone.

As the story goes, the Hindus and Egyptians dutifully remembered their ancestral Third Eye religion, carrying on the tradition for thousands of years. This explains why India and Egypt were two of the ancient world´s greatest spiritual centers.

But when ancient cultures became supplanted by modern cultures in the West, the Universal Religion of the Third Eye fell into ruin, and was even outlawed by emerging monotheistic religions, forcing it underground where it became inherited by the Freemasons who encoded its symbolism in buildings, statues, and important landmarks worldwide.
ART Magic 
:::: Man#1976 ::::
 :::: The Good Life ::::

Marijuana-Growing Nuns 

Are Protesting a City Ban 

on Cannabis


by Tasbeeh Herwees



Hochgeladen am 23.02.2011


12+12+12 = L.L.L.
Love+Love+Love = L.L.L.
M.C.E.O. = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
Mein Cousin Milan Lukač 
begann seine Profikarriere 2007 
bei FK Mladost Bački Jarak 
und spielte anschließend für diverse serbische Klubs. 
2009 wechselte er zum griechischen Verein AEK Athen
Bereits nach einer Saison kehrte er nach Serbien zurück 
und spielte nacheinander für 
die beiden Belgrader Vereine 
OFK und FK Partizan

 Milan Lukač 
debütierte im Juni 2014 
für die serbische Nationalmannschaft.

2003–2004 FK Mladost Bački Jarak
2004–2005 FK Žarkovo
2005–2007 FK Srem
2007–2009 FK Čukarički
2009–2011 AEK Athen
2011–2013 OFK Belgrad
2013–2015 FK Partizan Belgrad
2015– Akhisar Belediyespor

:::: Akhisar  ::::
:::: deutsch ::::
Weiße Burg 
oder Helle Burg
ist die Kreisstadt des gleichnamigen Landkreises 
in der Provinz Manisa in der Ägäisregion der Türkei
Die Stadt befindet sich auf einer Höhe von 94 m.
Der Landkreis liegt im Nordwesten der Provinz u
nd grenzt westlich an die Provinz Izmir 
und nördlich an die Provinz Balıkesir.
Der Landkreis mit einer 
Fläche von 1.754 km² 
hat 159.650 Einwohner,
 die Stadt 104.777 (2009).


M.C.  :) = My Cousin:)
My Cousin is a
Professional Soccer
Player In Turkey.
Greetings from Temerin :)
Angelic Pleiadian Goddess=AP+G=Q+G=8+8+8


Se spune ca suntem din neam de Pleiade,
Cu mirarea de stele în plexul solar,
Cu ochii de Mosi ce-au uitat ce e Timpul,
Asteptand în neant, Ceasul treaz si hilar.

Se spune c-avem drept artere- izvoare
De munte, sălbatice, caste si vii.
Ca Muntele-i frate si Cerul, părinte.
Ca Soarele e unica Esenta de-A FI.

Se spune ca la noi Cuvântul trăieste,
E Lumina, e Harpa si Nai. Si e Nota
Din al sferelor Cor si-al Tainei pocal ,
Ca pâna si din frunza, grăim magistral.

Se spune ca Aici, Pământul si Cerul
Au unit Legământ de eterna logodna,
Cu caverne de sfinti si corole în trepte,
Topite-n Simbol s-in răspunsuri inerte.

Se spune ca-n Salt, suntem Lup si Chemare,
Si ca-n sânge, purtam stigmatul de Miel.
Sacrificiul e Stare, iar Iertarea e Veghe.
Doina e Taina, natura e Cuib.

Iar noi suntem Oul ce amână Iesirea
Din coaja ce-asteapta doar atat: Primul Cioc.
Pentru ca apoi , Aici, Între Muntii lui Unul,
O noua Lume sa-si înfăptuie Loc.

Se spune… Multe se spun pe-aste plaiuri sacre,
Ca suntem neam de îngeri, ba regi de univers.
Artisti de alte vremuri, veniti din alte sfere
Si ca Aici trăim, amestecati alchimic
În vortexuri de ere, spirale si mistere.

Da, suntem Ou si Harpa si Doina si Mirare,
Suntem si miel si lupul ce-asteapta-n prag de Luna
Un strigat, o Chemare.
Suntem si Mos si Zâna
Si Soare si Copil.
Pocalul si Licoarea.
Si-n frunte-avem Semnalul
Ca Oul cere Ciob !
Fiintă vrea sa iasă si… Ceasul este Bun.
Duce în el Sigiliul ca totul e: 

Irina Stroe
Zi senina, 

suflete dragi,
Irina Stroe

:::: Berlin's Victory Column  ::::
 German: About this sound Siegessäule 
from Sieg ‘victory’ + Säule ‘column’
 is a monument in Berlin, Germany
Designed by Heinrich Strack
after 1864 to commemorate the Prussian victory 
in the Danish-Prussian War
by the time it was inaugurated on 2 September 1873, 
Prussia had also defeated Austria 
in the Austro-Prussian War (1866) 
and France in the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71), 
giving the statue a new purpose. 
Different from the original plans, 
these later victories in the so-called unification wars 
 inspired the addition of the bronze sculpture of Victoria
8.3 metres high and weighing 35 tonnes,
 designed by Friedrich Drake
Berliners have given the statue the nickname Goldelse
meaning something like "Golden Lizzy".
The Victory Column is a major tourist attraction in the city of Berlin. 
Its viewing platform offers a view over Berlin after buying a ticket.


goldelse a.k.a. hoskelsa and/or huskyelse
Siberian Husky = S.H. = Schwarze Hand
:::: May 6, 2015 ::::

सत्यमेव जयते 
Satyameva Jayate
 Allein die Wahrheit siegt
Underground Resistance = U.R.
U.+R. = G.G.G.+F.F.F.
7.7.7.+6.6.6. = U.+R.
Swedish Sweetheart = S.S. = Super Sexy
:::: Sweet  Music ::::
& btw: I still have this CD since the late 1990s
& I Love IT :)
Swiss Flag = S.F. = Y. = Yunasai
Emerald Emerald Emerald = E.E.E. = 5.5.5.
       :::: E+e ::::      
   :::: RI+ri ::::  
:::: N+n ::::
    :::: GO+go ::::   
        :::: BRA+bra ::::       
 :::: Goldene  Hochzeit ::::

:::: Foggy, quiet, 
~ icy morning  ~
in the mountains ::::
This Maya Skull,
found in Chiapas, Mexico,
is an example of this early practice
of inserting semiprecious stones into one’s mouth.
Emerald+Isle = E.+I.- = 14
7.7.7. = G.G.G. = U. = Underground

6.6.6. = F.F.F. = R. = Resistance 


R.T. AND = DNA T.R. 

:::: DNA Test Tesults :::: 

Paracas skulls are not human

The Ptaal = T.P.
The Police
The Ain Dara Temple,
located near the Village of Ain Dara
NorthWest of Aleppo, Syria,

"... is an Iron Age Syro-Hittite temple. 
According to the excavator Ali Abu Assaf, 
it was in existence from 1300 BC until 740BC 
and remained “basically the same” 
during the period of the Solomonic Temple’s construction (1000-900BC) 
as it had been before, so that it predates the Solomonic Temple.

The surviving sculptures depict lions and sphinxes…

Massive footprints are carved into the floor; 
whether of gods or humans or animals is debatable….
Also left to speculation is to whom the temple is dedicated. 
Ain Dara may have been devoted to Ishtar, goddess of fertility; 
or dedicated to the female goddess Astarte, or the deity Ba'al Hadad."
~ Bianca Leonhard ~

~ 14 = 2+12 = B.+L.  ~

5.5.5. = E.E.E. = Emerald Emerald Emerald
P. = Pahana

Albert Johnson

Albert Einstein  
(/ˈnstn/;[3] German: [ˈalbɛɐ̯t ˈaɪnʃtaɪn]
14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist
He developed the general theory of relativity
one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).[2][4]
Einstein's work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.[5][6] 
Einstein is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 
 (which has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation").[7] 
He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his "services to theoretical physics", 
in particular his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect
a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory.[8]
YOyoGANGsta.gangSTA+bBayAYbBeeEE.mmmm = A.S.U.

A.S.U. = U.S.A. = United = rt.L
U.S. = Schacht.el
Banater Schwaben 
sind eine deutsche Bevölkerungsgruppe im Banat. Sie werden mit anderen deutschsprachigen Minderheiten aus dieser Region Südosteuropas unter dem Sammelbegriff Donauschwaben zusammengefasst. Ihre Vorfahren wurden von der Österreichischen Hofkammer seit Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts aus verschiedenen Teilen Süddeutschlands und aus Lothringen in der nach den Türkenkriegen teilweise entvölkerten und verwüsteten Pannonischen Tiefebene angesiedelt. Sie waren vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg auch als die „Ungarländischen Deutschen“ bekannt. Das Banat gehörte bis 1918 zusammen mit den anderen Siedlungsgebieten der Donauschwaben wie die westlich gelegene Batschka, die Schwäbische Türkei (heutiges Süd-Ungarn), Slawonien sowie die Region Sathmar (heutiges Nordwest-Rumänien, Kreis Satu Mare) zum Kaisertum Österreich bzw. zur Monarchie Österreich-Ungarn. Seit Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs bezeichnet man die Donauschwaben im rumänischen Teil des Banats als Banater Schwaben.

oon L
& E
h L
UserbiaCardgermantv = U.C. = 8+8+8
:::: 31 means Offspring :::: in ::::
P = 16 = BN = Biblical Numerology
:) Fuck Yeah = :) FY = :) 31
do U.C. :) ?
:::: Oh sorry I meant ::::
do you see :) ?



Alo Alo Alo = A.A.A. = 1.1.1.

 The Forest Is My Throne=T+MI+F+T=SOPHIA


:::: The Metre ::::

The metre (spelled meter in United States) was introduced by the First French Republic in 1799. It was originally defined to be one ten millionth of the distance (10,000 km) between the North Pole and the Equator through Paris.
Since then the metre has been defined variously as the length of certain prototype objects, the wavelength of a specified light spectra, and since 1983 in terms of the speed of light, which is itself defined by the metre and the second.
Resistance Movement
:::: R.M. ::::
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Hochgeladen am2.10.2009

G.+O. = 7+15 = 22 = V
The Dawn = T.D. = 8+8+8
 Living Love Light = L.L.L. = M.C.E.O. = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
Isis' Inferno 2007 
Invited By = I.B. = B.I.
NSA = 34 = BOBO

4 Spirals = 4 S. = W. = Worlds
Vladimir Gvozden
nedzovG rimidalV
Novi Sad
Vojvodina Srbija
N.S. V.S. YU
11:15 AM
MA 51:11

 Real vs Artificial Synchronicities

Real synchronicities and artificial synchronicities 
both have meaning to the perceiver. 
Both manifest via highly improbable “coincidences.” 
Real synchronicities come from your 
and let you know that a quantum shift in perception is imminent – 
this can be an emotionally charged situation
 or a smoother leap in learning.
Artificial synchronicity is engineered 
by hyperdimensional negative beings 
in an attempt to suppress, sabotage, drain, distract, 
or mislead targets on the verge of awakening. 
This can happen in a variety of ways.
One way is by backing disinformation 
with synchronistic “confirmation” – for example,
 you can get multiple people at the same time 
who apparently don’t know each other 
to tell you about some idea, 
which in truth is bait to lead you down the wrong path. 
You may see this odd timing as confirmation 
that it’s the right path, even though it isn’t.
A common one happens to people 
who attend UFO or New Age conventions 
and “synchronistically” meet someone 
who happens to share odd things in common 
with their personal history. 
They believe it was “meant to be” 
and so often start relationships 
with these people only to find out too late 
that they were conned 
or hooked up with a matrix agent. 
One red flag is if the person shows no independent thinking 
and is just mirroring you in a shallow way 
and carries a glib 
salesman-like too-smooth-yet-hasty 
‘gotta make the sale’ undertone.
Another is experiencing electronic anomalies after doing something that’s on the wayward path. Say you are researching a questionable topic and the computer freezes or shuts down. Some people take that to mean they are on the right path and are being interfered with by “the dark side”, when in truth they are being reinforced in their error. The goal is to get you to ignore your intuition and reason in favor of this “sign.”
Now, all of the above can happen with real synchronicities as well. How to tell apart artificial from real synchronicities? Well, the artificial ones seem contrived, very forceful and rushed, and just a bit too weird. They try to press you into making a particular decision or sparkle up something that you know deep down is false, whereas real synchronicities merely reflect confirmation of decisions you have already made or else forecast an upcoming leap in progress.
Take into account the nature of the Higher Self and the Universe’s interface with your own subconscious mind, reflecting in experience the nature of your thoughts, feelings, and tendencies — there is much weirdness that can happen via this process. Likewise, consider that negative hyperdimensional forces have advanced technology bordering on time travel, can influence people around you into saying or doing pre-scripted things, have at their disposal cybergenetic humanoids posing as regular people who are completely remote-controllable, and can zap electronic equipment or cause paranormal effects. So basically you have to differentiate between “real magic” and “stage illusions” when it comes to synchronicity.
Only experience and intuition can tell you know which is which.

The Nag Hammadi scriptures describe two types 
of demonic alien beings  that invaded earth long ago 
which they call the Archons. 

The first type of Archon looks like a Reptile. 
The other type looks like a human embryo, 
which has the same shape 
and appearance 
as a "sky fish".
 ~ Archontic Parasites ~ 
~ Healing Purge And Prevention ~ 

An 'alien megastructure' 

1,500 light-years from Earth 

just got harder for scientists to disprove

Message from Benjamin Fulford ::::
Weekly geopolitical news
and analysis
Beijing envoy says 
all US dollars 
will have a 
Chinese signature on them by 2018 
The shift in the center of global power is accelerating with a strong push being made to ensure all oil and other international commodities are traded in Chinese dollars or Yuan and not Khazarian so-called US dollars, multiple sources agree. All “US dollars” will have a Chinese person’s signature on them by 2018, according to a special envoy sent to the White Dragon Society by Chinese royals based in Beijing. He promised to send a photograph of these dollars to this newsletter after he returns to China. As a part of this push, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran to promise a huge industrial and infrastructure development carrot if Middle Eastern oil was sold in Yuan, Pentagon sources said. The Chinese were too polite to mention the stick that was the alternative to this carrot. However, news reports coming out after Xi’s visit to Saudi Arabia indicated Xi was furious at being snubbed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef. Instead he was only able to see senile King Salman and his son, the “deputy crown prince.”

Nayef has long been close to the Americans and is deeply involved in ISIS and other such matters, CIA officials say. To see how much things have changed in the US for Saudi Arabia, watch the following 6 minute Congress hearing featuring Congressman Hank Johnson getting recently retired US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford to admit Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of radical Wahhabist Islam.

The Saudis are now in surrender mode and are just waiting for higher level fights to conclude before they kiss the feet of the winner, White Dragon Society sources say. Pentagon sources were more forthcoming, explaining that the problem had now been traced to Turkey, Germany and of course, the Bush/Clinton neo-con Nazi Khazarian faction in the US. For this reason the US military got Presidential Spokesperson Barack Obama to call Russia’s Vladimir Putin on January 13th. In that conference, the Pentagon and Russia agreed to increase military to military relations beyond the fight against ISIS in Syria and make it one against the Khazarian mafia worldwide. Defense Intelligence Agency Chief General Mike Flynn is now a back channel for communications between Russian Military Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov and General Joseph Dunford, the de-facto US Commander in Chief. With the backing of the Russian and Chinese military, as well as the Pentagon, the overwhelmingly strongest military force on the planet, Dunford then met last week with the heads of NATO in Brussels to tell them that Turkish President Recep Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have to go because of their involvement in creating the ongoing European refugee crisis, among other things. To underline this, Turkish Billionaire Mustafa Koc “met his maker in what appears to be a message to the oligarchs to dump Erdogan.” Mustafa, who was “heart attacked” on January 21st, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and top Rockefeller representative in Turkey. Pentagon sources also blame the Khazarian mafia, and their Turkish surrogates, on the death of 12 Marines in Hawaii on January 14th. The payback against Turkey will involve a “bloody coup as well as attacks on Turkish infrastructure and overseas bases in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Qatar and Somalia.” General Dunford further met with his French counterparts last week to coordinate an attack against Khazarian proxies in Libya. The French military are also being asked to join the battle against the Khazarian mafia, which they have agreed to do…
27+1+2+0+1+6 = 28+3+3+3 = ISCCC
Z.K. = Z+CH 
I.S. Chaos Computer Club
I.S.C.C.C. =V.O. = W.N. = X.M. = Y.L. = Z.K.

Until Next Time…. 

Growing Apart 

From Friends And Family

January 26, 2016 Spiritual Awakening
Tunnel Grinders = TG = SH = Schwarze Hand

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