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Göbekli Tepe’s Circular Temples & Interdimensional Transmissions

Death Valley National Park,
California. Photo by
©Ghenadie Shatov

L.A.California = 13.California = M.California

"Some people in the New Age (M.), particularly those who have dabbled in Eastern practice, have swung with the pendulum of enatiadromia to a new extreme or one-sideness. They will monotonously insist on the oneness of everything no matter what is being discussed, and use this obvious reality as a way of leveling all difference, distinction and discernment. This point of view can be even more limiting than the tunnel vision of the reductive thinker, since at least the reductive thinker is still thinking about and investigating something, no matter how much they miss the infinite, interelated context of the something. This type of New Ager, however, takes oneness as a truism that relieves them of the need for thinking, discrimination and discernment and pulls oneness out of a hat, like the most tired of magician’s rabbits, whenever any issue requiring discernment appears. Recognizing that individuals or groups that are in conflict are part of the same oneness is crucial, but it is also crucial to recognize their individual differences and what sets them apart. The great American pioneer psychologist William James wrote more than a century ago that besides the oneness of things, anyone who glances at the phenomenal world should also be struck by the eachness of things. We see a world of unique individual trees and people, for example, and not an homogenous mass of treeness or undifferentiated pool of humanity. The dynamic paradoxicalist recognizes that there is both oneness and eachness, these are the two poles of the paradox that must be held in mind to understand both interrelation and individuality."

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Jeff interviews Australian freedom fighter Max Igan, topics include: Max's recent politically motivated assault in Australia, Israel's open war crimes in Palestine, Max was deliberately targeted for speaking out, paid pro Israeli propaganda agents, the anti-semitic smoke screen, the geopolitics of the region, planned destabilization in the middle east, false Jews are in charge of Israel, mandatory vaccination in Australia, government itself is a threat to national security, the labeling of protesters as anti-government extremists, this year 2016 people need to stand up and speak to power, The Full Circle Project and support groups, the logical fallacies of the statist, using the system against itself, debt slavery, Kilary Clinton, Ayahuasca and Anarchapulco!

Anarchast Ep. #266

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Egypt's Quest for Eternity

"When others fail to see your reality,
it is only because they are
completely immersed in their own.
Focus on creating your life 
& have dominion over all that matter."
S.S. = 38 = Z.L.

Übergriffe in Köln
Migrationspolitik auf dem Holzweg

Viele der Täter von Köln stammten aus Nordafrika. Seit langem können Maghrebstaaten ihre schwierigsten jungen Männer «exportieren», während Migranten, die den legalen Weg suchen, kaum Chancen haben.
  • von Beat Stauffer, Tunis
Göbekli Tepe’s Circular Temples
 have changed the way
 archaeologists look at the
 beginnings of civilization.


World's Oldest Temple 

To Be Restored

The ancient site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey 
has rewritten the early history of civilization.
 The world’s oldest monuments may soon get an image makeover. A new project will promote and preserve Göbekli Tepe, home to the most ancient temple structures ever discovered. Turkey hopes to eventually boost tourism at the site,  which is in a region where tourism has declined  because of the nearby Syrian conflict and refugee crisis. Since excavations began in 1995, the site in southeastern Turkey has changed the way archaeologists think about the origins of civilization.  Its circular structures,  ith their elaborately carved stones and distinctive,  T-shaped pillars, are more than 12,000 years old — older than the invention of agriculture or even pottery.The early dates have upended the idea that agriculture led to civilization.  Scholars long thought that when hunter-gatherers settled down and started growing crops,  the resulting food surplus made it possible for people  to organize complex societies.

Göbekli Tepe calls that
conventional wisdom into question. 

Klaus Schmidt, a German archaeologist who led excavations at the site, argued before he died in 2014 that it might have worked the other way around: The vast labor force needed to build the enclosures pushed people to develop agriculture as a way of providing predictable food — and perhaps drink — for workers.
At the World Economic Forum
in Davos, Switzerland, 
Turkey’s Doğuş Group will announce Wednesday that they plan to spend $15 million over the next 20 years on the project, in partnership with the National Geographic Society. “Göbekli Tepe is our zero point in time,” Doğuş Group chairman Ferit F. Şahenk said in a press release.

Earliest Religious Site?

Newly gathered evidence from excavations at the site backs up Schmidt’s argument that the beginnings of civilization spurred the invention of farming. In the middle of each monumental enclosure are two tall T-shaped pillars, carved with stylized arms, hands and loincloths. The largest weigh more than 16 tons. Carving and moving them from a nearby quarry must have been a tremendous challenge, requiring hundreds of people and enough food to feed them all ...
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"Friendship and love 
are not asked for like water,
but are offered like tea."

Zen Wisdom = Z.W. = 49 = G*G
"Do you have the patience to wait
Till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?"

Lao Tzu 

 "I despair 

at the invincible stupidity 

of the British political class."

Graham Hancock


You’re not hallucinating, 

MPs really did pass 

crazy bad drug law

A new ban on psychoactive substances in the UK 
is a catch-all backward step 
that ranks as one of the most unhelpful laws 
ever passed, says Clare Wilson.

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