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UFO's Over Poland & Hawai'i &...

HTC=8W=31=JAT=Jeshua's Angelic
E. is N.
E   =   5
  N   =   14
1+4 = 5
v.s. = very simple

Visual Angles And Virtual Angels = V.A.A.V.A. = V 2 W = ISS

BH&E Croatian Cruise 2016
with Daniel Pinchbeck
July 31, 2016 – August 7, 2016

Daniel Pinchbeck = D.P. = P.D. = Police Department

The views from the top of a pyramid


A tourist has captured

spectacular views from the top

of a pyramid he illegally scaled in Egypt.

+30+1+2+0+1+6 = 2+40 = 2+XP
2+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 2+12 = 2+12
:::: XP+12 = BEOGRAD ::::
ISS 1701 = ISS (56+50+64)*10+1

:::: 50 = LION ::::
:::: 64 = ZION ::::

2+2+2+XP = ISIS

TR-3A Black Manta This real aircraft 
was built by McDonnell Douglas
 in Long Beach California 
and began flight test in the late 1980's
with deployment right before the Persian Gulf War
in the early 1990's. It's mission was target designation
for the F-117A Stealth Fighter using lasers from high-altitude.

:::: Goddess Hathor ::::
"Hathor is one of the most beloved of Egypt’s goddesses, a benevolent, understanding and stunningly beautiful figure responsible for all artistic endeavor and happiness in the world. The goddess of joy, celebration, music and art, she presides over festivals whose sole purpose is to bring joy to the participants; she is also a goddess of the family, and is known to protect children, provide their mothers with new siblings and to heal their small ills with infinite care." ~ They Say So
"The diagram of the Ain Soph Aur concentrating Kether depicts the Tree of Atziluth in the colours of the King Scale. The veils of Negative Existence are depicted as three triangles, reflecting the nine letters of Ain Soph Aur. Kether appears spontaneusly in the pupil, void or eye of the infinite as Malkuth of the Ain Soph Aur. The Malkuth of the Tree of Kether or Atziluth is here shown in the place usually alloted to Daath, the cosmic child of Infinite and never-ending Wisdom and Understanding." 
:::: Parliament in Austria ::::
Stephansdom in Vienna
Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest
Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

Virgin Holidays have built
a South African inspired treehouse
on London's Southbank
Mind Reading

New Technology

That Processes Human Thoughts

R.M. = Read More:
Dr. David Jacobs

Walking Among Us

The Alien Plan to Control Humanity

January 28, 2016

S y n o p s i s

This topic was heavily discussed during the first episode of the revamped X-Files.

In his 1998 book, The Threat, Jacobs uncovered disconcerting reports about aliens' plans for the future of Earth. He reported that a "change" is coming; a future when very human-like hybrids would intermingle with humans in everyday life. "Soon we will all be together," the aliens said. "Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place."

Jacobs examines a disturbing phenomenon that he began noticing in 2003. The alien integration action plan has kicked into high gear. The incidents of alien abductions have accelerated as have occurrences of alien involvement in everyday human life. A silent and insidious invasion has begun. Alien hybrids have moved into your neighborhood and into your workplace. They have been trained by human abductees to "pass," to blend in to society, to appear as normal as your next door neighbor.

Jacobs details the process of alien integration into society and the strategy and support structure that has been developed to make this happen seamlessly. While he is not certain why they are doing it, the final chapter of the book will provide some chilling possible answers as to why they are here and what they want to accomplish.
Jacobs is a careful researcher who has investigated more than 1150 abduction events experienced by more than 150 abductees.          

B i o

David Jacobs, Ph.D. is a retired Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. He began researching the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America in the mid 1960s, and has amassed over 35 years of primary research data and analytical hypotheses on the subject. Dr. Jacobs has written and delivered many articles, papers, and addresses on the subject of UFO abduction, and has been a consultant to the major UFO organizations. In recent years he has concentrated on ascertaining the proper methodological techniques for the hypnosis and therapy of abductees. 

Veröffentlicht am 29.01.2016

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UFO Sightings for January /

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Equality ::::

The conversation ::::

Was there ever a time
when so few people controlled so much wealth????
Eoin Flaherty

Two things are clear:

radical new ways of getting rich have been invented,
and things have probably never been this unequal
since before the second world war.

Top 10 Giant Discoveries In North America

on January 30, 2016 

My absolute favourite 1996
HIT Single Release
Blackberry Molasses
Organized Noize (1996)
In 1996 I only went to
Electronic Music/House/Techno/D&B &
Soul/R&B/Black Music Events
on Weekends in Hannover.
We're all are individualized expressions
of an infinite & intelligent consciousness,
known as the Prime-Creator/Source/God-Source/God.
Knowing who and what we are is our greatest power.
Stand in your own sovereignty.

B.B. = Blessed Be
I love this Souls Of Mischief Album.
I bought the CD/Album
in late 1993
& I still have IT :)
Official Video 2016

Milica Pavlović
La Fiesta

:::: SPAIN ::::
The Lizards are very hungry.
S.S.Some food for the

Reptilians & Archons & Demons THX!!!


Luciferian Satanism Exposed!!!

Víctor Damián Rozo Villarreal, gestor de la iglesia. El 12 de Enero de 2016, el equipo periodístico y técnico de PSC Televisión fue el primer medio en tener acceso a esta iglesia, igualmente la primera de su género en el mundo, ubicada en zona rural de Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia. Estas son las fotos de su arquitectura y estructura.

Wer auf die Regierung vertraut,
dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen
29. Januar 2016

Werner Reichel,
Jahrgang 1966,
Publizistik- und Ethnologiestudium
an der Universität Wien,
Radiojournalist und Autor, Lektor
an der Journalismus-FH in Wien.

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