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A B. Ja.8 Ball Lotus W. ++++8++++ The Serpent = T.S. = U.R. = Underground Resistance :::: G1 = GA = G.A. = Guradian Alliance :::: Resistance Movement = R.M. = G.V. = Goddess Vortex ::::

:::: The Angelic Queen Goddess Of Russia Today  ::::
V+Wladimironovina Putinana
Russia Today = R.T. = T.R. = The Returnofthedivinefeminine
:::: NEWS = NEW+S = NEW+RA = AR+WEN ::::
Today she bought the White City
White+City in English = Beo+Grad in Serbian
ARWEN's Real Name is Gaia Sophia
Multi Matrices Consciousness Energy Power Struggle
Some creator gods of space-time reality system matrices (& master geneticists) have specialized on exploiting living systems like planet Earth on a metaphysical level for their own energy supply & on indirectly controlling the planetary population by manipulating the so called "leadership" of the planet by their physical minions and also on a metaphysical level. There is a collective of negative creator gods that wishes to completely control the Higher Self Collective (SoulCoreCollective) of humanity on planet Earth to lead us in a direction where we would be completely owned by them on a metaphysical etheric energetic 8D Level (8th Density Level). They know that our Higher Selves are very valuable coCreator Gods & they would like to use us for their own dark agenda & would like to keep humanity on planet Earth ignorant & in amnesia regarding this fact. They thought that if the collective on planet Earth was not aware of what happened in the ancient past, it would be much easier to control the entire planet. The so called 'Ashtar Command' is a diversified lot & Ashtar's function has not been an easy one, since he was put in charge of a command made up of a diversity of Anunnaki races who entered the rehabilitation program of the Emerald Covenant. The Ashtar Command is a section of the Galactic Confederation. The Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy & its headquarters is not even in our Galaxy. Our Solar System has been under control of the Orion+Andromedan(M31 Galaxy) Anunnaki Chimera Empire & their Draconian+Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under a quarantine status, thus isolating it from positive E.T. races.
"Aether Is Both Mathematically And Concretely Engineerable By Understanding The Work Of J.J. Thomson, Which Shows That There Is An Aether And Matter Equivelancy. It Is A Mathematical Reality That Has Remained Hidden In Plain Sight For Over A Century."
 All matter is an accretion of the aether and this presentation presents the foundation for understanding how to directly engineer the aether! 

14.On.Fire = N.On.Fire = Neoblueshield On Fire = N.O.F. = N.G.G.G.
 La Prag de Timp si Vesnicie, 
 totodata, trimit din inima un La Multi Ani cu implinire launtrica, sanatate in Suflet, Minte si in Trup, armonie in gandire si in simtire si fie ca Timpul ce sta acum grabit sa vina, sa poarte cu el atingerea binecuvantarilor sacre!

La multi ani tuturor, 
La multi ani, 
Suflete dragi si Oameni frumosi ! Si cateva cuvinte de Duh, 
spuse cu ani in urma, dar mai Vii ca oricand, ale Parintelui Arsenie Boca:

imic nu poate înlocui lipsa iubirii, 

dar iubirea înlocuieşte toate neajunsurile.
Nu suntem născuți de Timp, ci de Veșnicie.
Toate diamantele lumii sunt un gunoi,

 față de o clipă petrecută în lumina dumnezeiască.
Nu uita că ești o cărămidă din marea clădire a lui Dumnezeu. 

Rămâi cuminte în acest zid socotindu-te legat d
e celelalte cărămizi cu mortarul Iubirii. (Parintele Arsenie Boca)

"A Matrix is a mathematical calculation model to describe systematically determined dynamic and/or static Vectors. Vectors are SpaceTime PointDescribers/Pointers of MatterWaveRealities and/or other Theoretical Systems. Multidimensional VectorSystems respectively Matrices help Engineers & Physicists & Mathematicians & other Scientists to describe the Nature of
(E.F.) ElectromagneticFields & 
(Q.E.D.) QuantumElectroDynamics & 
(T.G.F.P.) TheoreticalGavitationFieldPhysics of our 
(H.M.) HolographicMultiverse &...&...&... 
... - 
Matrices are also very often used by 
SoftwareEngineers & 
ComputerScientists & 
InformationTechnologyExperts & 
in many areas of Science+Engineering in general."

-- Vladimir Gvozden :::: Hanover+Germany ::::
V.S. = Vojvodina Serbia

Queen Goddess
#8H8 = #QG


S.S. = SoulShaping

Roald Dahl = RD = 22 = V. = Victoriassecret

N+O+P+E = Y+Y = L+I+O+N
“Is," "is," "is" — the idiocy

of the word haunts me.

If it were abolished,

human thought might begin

to make sense.

I don't know what anything "is";

I only know how it seems to me

at this moment.”

Read more quotes from Robert Anton Wilson

The Tau Cetians and the Slavic people
have much in common. The nature of the
mind-set of the Tau Cetians
and the Slavic people is to be,
linear-active (Germanic style),
multi-active (loquacious Mediterranean style)
and re-active (Asiatic style) 
:::: eastern alliance ::::
"Cobra in progress, Pandora in progress, STRANGE EGG complete, MOSS / EXMOSS EELA in progress. Several Isidic security breaches, all deflected, HVBN unstable towards stable. PB removal attempts in progress, PPN intrusion deflected. Midas in progress with M from 3 to 29, Midas packages."
-- Cobra
ÄTät @@ 2012portal
The GGRA (Guardian Guerilla Resistance Alliance) 
is a task force within a greater Guardian Organization 
called the IAFW (Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds).
The GGRA is working towards a liberation of mankind's consciousness energy collective regarding Demonic, Archontic, Metatronic & Luciferian influences. The GGRA operates on planet Earth & should not be confused with the GA (Guardian
The Guardian Alliance represents a specialized group within the IAFW & is a cooperative organization through which an enormous variety of different interstellar, multidimensional & intertime species and races work together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multiverse.
 The Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations within our Milky Way Galaxy, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians & others. Its leaders live in an enlightened state of consciousness.

The Resistance Movement is a group of freedom fighters who live in subterranean dwellings in the upper part of Earth’s crust. They have a constant physical contact with underground Pleiadian bases in the Himalaya mountains and under BoraBora island. 
Their official public contact is Cobra @


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