Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sri Yantra & The Freedom of LaliTa's Garden

"Baphomet is a chief deity for modern Occultism,
a potent symbol of secret societies
from medieval and enlightenment times.
Yet new research reveals
that this god is much older and encompassing —
far beyond the scope
of the Knights Templar and Freemasons.
Baphomet in truth is a supreme existence
originally understood by an ancient heresy
known as Gnosticism and its mercurial sorcerers.
We mine deep into the true history of Baphomet
and his many incarnations across the world,
discovering a primal mystery
on the reality of creation
and divine actualization."
-- M.C.

Astral Guest — Tracy Twyman,
author of Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled.
Uploaded December 17, the year of our Demiurge 2015
Her watery wishy washy ways were leaking all over the place.
The moon was about to transit into her star sign and the tides would turn yet again.
Luckily for her she learned to breathe under water before birth ...
Anarchy Rules = A.R.= R.A. = RA
The Symbolism 
of the Sri Yantra

The most powerful of all Tantric yantras believed to be over five thousand years old. The five triangles pointing down are the feminine; the four triangles pointing up are the masculine. They intersect in the center at "bindu" (the seed of the entire universe). In bindu, Shiva and Shakti remain diagrammatically in eternal sacred union. The Sri Yantra is a magnificent representation in a complex and intricate geometric pattern of the cosmic magnetic fields. The word yantra in the Tantric tradition refers to the Goddess or Devi in her linear or geometrical form. A five thousand year old Tantric symbol of India, it is the most auspicious of all yantras, the most perfect and the most complete. It is the abode and form pattern of the Goddess Lalita and represents the union of Shiva-Shakti (male and female elements) in macrocosmic and microcosmic aspects, in the cosmos and in the individual. The very presence of the Sri Yantra creates positive vibrations in the space it is placed, bringing positive changes.
"LaliTa" is the shortened form of Lalitai-Ambrika, meaning the Playful One. Her play consists of creation, sustentation and dissolution of the universe and also the lifting of devotees from Samsara (cycles of birth and death). She is the Universal Spiritual Energy and at one with the "Supreme Being".

Lolita's Garden, tantric spiritual art by Nadean O'Brein
Alex Grey
British theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking,
launches a new award to honor those 
who make science more accessible 
and appealing throughout the world.

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