Monday, December 21, 2015

Talkin Bout Hey Love & R.R.Ring (H.H.Hey) & Trinity G & E.T. & I.T. & Magic T.H.R.E.E. = Magic I.S.I.S. &...

The trinity came forward and spoke of her mortal affairs on the earth plane. They guided her on cleansing the emotional, and then the physical in order to focus on the empirical. There was much more to calibrate, integrate and liberate. The time for more sleep was now ...
"... you better find out
before your time is out
What The Fuck!!!"
Missy Elliott
WTF (Where They From)
feat. Pharrell Williams [Official Video]  
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby  @ [live] Moscow [13.03.2010] SuperDiscoteka 90 [HD]
eis eis = sie sie

G.W. ??? = Global Warming ???
Snow In Egypt = S.I.E.
P   h   oto = P.
P. Taken :::: December 2015
Talkin Bout Hey Love
De La Soul
Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
The Hey Monk. = The H. Monkey
Pixies Hey

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