Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chapel of Isis Temple Sety I ÄTät @@ Abydos Egypt

Da Mask = D.M. = Deutsch Mark
of the Covenant

Graues Arsen = GA = Guardian Alliance
 This is inside the small Chapel of Isis Temple Sety I ÄTät@@ Abydos Egypt
"When a personality is in full balance, 
you cannot see where it ends and the soul begins. 
That is a whole human being."
Gary Zukav

26+12+2+0+1+5+SS = SS+8+SS = S.S. SOL
My Hotel IS in Tokyo = M HIS T = M ISIS = M ISS 9mm
:::: S.S. SOL :::: ISis :::: SION S.H. ::::
26+12+2+0+1+5 = 46 = SOL
2+6+1+2+H = 8+CH = RA 




A 'Secret State':  

America's Plutocrats 

and Oligarchs  

Killing Democracy

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