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:::: Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion :::: Knights Of Cydonia :::: R2D2 & C3PO :::: I.S.I.S. :::: C.R. :::: MAma+DONdon+NAna ÄTät @@ Landesmuseum Hannover Deutschland

Chr.Löffler &

Die Löffelchenstellung

Joris Voorn +So LongC.hristian

Lützenkirchen ‎ Drei Tage Wach

Stil Vor Talent ‎– SVT 019
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM 

row+Eagle = 
C.+E. = C.E. Collective Evolution

Style: Electro, XSynthPop, Tech House


(contracted from 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) is a psychoactive drug of the substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamine and substituted amphetamine classes of drugs that is consumed primarily for its euphoric and empathogenic effects. Pharmacologically, MDMA acts as a serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine releasing agent and reuptake inhibitorMDMA has become widely known as ecstasy (shortened to "E", "X", or "XTC").




Lützenkirchen "3 Tage wach"

Landesmuseum Hannover De = L.H.D. = 24 = 8+H+8

Luciano's Vagabun.dos


Tresor Berlin = T.B. = 22 = V

BPitch Control 

is a German techno record label 

founded in 1999 in Berlin by DJ and producer Ellen Allien
In 1992 she became resident DJ at the legendary Tresor club in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz
At around the same time, she started her own show on the Berlin radio station Kiss-FM and created her own record label, calling them both Braincandy,
 before setting Bpitch Control up in 1999.
The label has since launched the careers of popular artists, such as ModeselektorPaul Kalkbrenner and Apparat.

Def Jam Recordings
is an American record label, focused predominantly on hip hop and urban music, owned by Universal Music Group. In the UK, the label takes on the name Def Jam UK and is operated through Virgin EMI, while in Japan, it is Def Jam Japan operating through Universal Sigma Music. The label distributes various record labels, including Roc-A-Fella RecordsKanye West's GOOD MusicLudacrisDisturbing Tha Peace, and ARTium Recordings, headed by Def Jam's current executive vice president, No I.D.. Current artists include Justin BieberLogic,Iggy AzaleaBig SeanKanye WestLeona Lewis2 ChainzAxwell Λ IngrossoMother MotherRick RossAfrojackJeezyFrank OceanJeremihLudacrisAlessoJhene Aiko, among others.

Elle.n All.ie.n 


Joris Voorn feat. Kid A 

A House 

Landesmuseum Hannover Deutschland


Stephan Bodzin

Hochgeladen am 21.06.2007
She spun the wheel of the archetypes
time and time again.
It was neccesary to balance
the light and the dark aspects 
that lived within and without. 
The work of the self 
was the best balancing act 
leading to total enlightenment. 
She was almost complete ...
commonly Mr. Spock 
sometimes popularly referred to as: Spock, son of Sarek,
 is a fictional character
 in the
Mr. Spock = M.S. = S.M. = Stella Maxwell

The new 'Star Trek' trailer 

will take you right back to the old days

Mobile Banana Police Phone+C. = M.B.P.P.+C. = 47+C. = AGENT+C.
N.M.M.P. = New Miley Mouse Police
N.M.M.P.  = 56
I.S.I.S. = 56 
Police Department = P.D. = Panache Desai
"You see these people behind me? They are rushing to work and not paying attention to anything. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life. It's like we're zombies. Look up and take your head phones out. Say Hi to someone you see and maybe give a hug to someone who looks like they're hurting. Help out someone. You have to live every day like it's your last. What people don't know about me is that I had depression a couple of years back. I never told anyone about it. I had to fight my way out of depression. The person who was holding me back from my happiness was ME. Every day is precious so let's treat it like that. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed, so live today! I hope you share this post to spread love this holiday."
~ Keanu Reeves 
December 15, 2015

Long Forgotten

Mystical Rituals And Magical Practices

In Ancient History

December 15, 2015 Awareness
C.G. Jung = Chicago Gang J. 
Butterfly Gang = B.G. = G.B.
"The Nag Hammadi library is a collection of codices buried in an earthen jar in the 4th century (presumably to prevent immolation by Catholic enforcers) and rediscovered 1600 years later. The Gospel of Truth was authored by 2nd century Christian leader Valentinius or one of his proteges. In the Gospel of Truth we find a so-called Gnostic text which is in fact closer to the New Testament than the writings of the "Church Fathers." Irenaeus, Hippolytus and Tertullian portrayed God as a distant monarch who was mainly concerned with church dogmatics and church authority. The Gospel of Truth teaches not religion but experience -- the experience of living, conscious union with a Living God."
~ Wayne Kraus
:::: Catwalk News ::::
How KGB Training
Shaped Putin's Highly Unusual Walk
The Russian president had to be ready
to draw his weapon at a moment's notice ...
December 15, 2015 12:09 pm ET

 ~ Gospel of Truth ~ Nag Hammadi ~
 ~ &8& ~
 ~ Carl Gustav Jung ~
~ A Gnostic Mystic Beacon Of Light ~
 ~ God's Messenger ~


Alexander the Great said:
“... fortune favours the bold ...” 
"Start, shine and sing their ancient song,
reminding us of where we all belong..."
~ song: Soul of Black / artist: Aux 88 / album: Black Tokyo
"In the darkness of this black is hidden the light of lights."
~ Ancient Alchemical Text

"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"Leg 'ne Flagge drüber & tu's für's Mutterland!"

C.R. = Casino Royale

Official Trailer (2006)

James Bond Movie HD

Old European culture


  So Long

Joris Voorn feat. Kid A

Xavier Naidoo

Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) Official Video

mit RZA

aus dem Album

"Zwischenspiel / Alles für den Herrn"

Kathleen Kennedy's emotional speech at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere




E.L. = Evie Lorgen



Official Trailer

20th Century FOX



Nikola Tesla Drawings

Reveal Map To 


CBSnews December 2015


A.R.M. = S.M.

Canadian government contemplates

sending troops to Washington DC

to arrest Fed gangsters

December 15, 2015

Benjamin Fulford


:::: Science ::::

Graham Hancock Says 

A Comet Destroyed Civilization 12,800 Years Ago.

Graham Hancock, author of 'Magicians of the Gods,' explains how a comet struck the earth some 12,800 years ago, wreaking devastation and all but wiping out human civilization. A select few, with knowledge of advanced technology, survived.

A.I.  = Audio Interview


Medusa Smile (Don't Look Back)
Konrad Black & Ghostman


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