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"Goddess Justitia" ~ FoxyFox feat. AnamCara

"Goddess Justitia" ~ Foxy Fox feat. Anam Cara
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Lady Justice

blindfolded lady with sword in right hand held vertically down to floor, and a set of balance scales in her left hand held neck high
 Iustitia, Justitia or Lady Justice 
(Latin: Iustitia, the Roman goddess of Justice, who is equivalent to the Greek goddess Themis) is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems.


I Love the band Justice from Paris, France & their music since late 2003 & I've see them live in Berlin in the Summer of 2004. Justice was the Opening-Act & I still remember that I was the first person to start to dance on the dancefloor :) hihi. It was a fun night with a friend from Hanover, who lives in Berlin since early 2004. He studied Life-Science/Bio-Chemistry  at the Leibniz-University in Hanover & moved to Berlin in 2004 to make his PhD at the Max-Planck-Institut in Berlin. His mother is from Finland & his father is from Germany & he was also on the Ricarda-Huch-Schule in the early 1990s just like me. He has a family now with a muslim woman from Serbia & as far as I know they still live in Berlin. She also lived in Hanover & I know her since 1997 & she is very lovely. There is a small region in Serbia (near Kosovo & Montenegro & Bosnia) where many muslims live. I'm not sure if they still live in Berlin since it was in 2010 or 2011 that I talked to him on the phone the last time. I remember that when I visited him at home here in Hanover round about 10 years ago, I was joking with his father, that I will do it the same way he did it with his wife from Finland, who is 10 years younger than him. I said to him back then: "You did it right & I'll do it the same way. I'll also marry a woman, who is 10 years younger :) hehehe"  & b.t.w.: David Carretta from France also had a Live-Gig that Summer-Night in 2004 at the Location WATERGATE  & his Live-Act was even much better than the DJ-Set of the Band Justice back then.
I love the Moscow Reise release
& I still have IT ...
just like many other David Carretta
& Justice releases. Both CD & Vinyl.

Benjamin Fulford, Tokyo, Japan: September 15/14, 2015
Acts of God, mutual accusations,
fear and hope as Zionist
nightmare collapses

Der Richter und sein Henker
IS::::is A Fantastic Book!!!
I read IT in the 1990s :)

15+9+2+0+1+5 = X8 = 24+8 = 32 = PP
1+5+9+2+0+1+5 = 23 = W
"All the happiness there is in this world
arises from wishing others to be happy,

and all the suffering there is in this world
arises from wishing ourself to be happy."

-- Bodhisattva Shantideva

Kwak wha Lolmani
In Lak'ech Ala K'in
:::: Ptah TA-UM ::::

Leichte Änderung des Plans:

Ich werde zwar wie geplant nach Berlin ziehen, nicht jedoch im September 2015, sondern erst im Frühling oder Sommer 2016, da ich im Oktober 2015 zunächst nach Serbien & Bosnien ziehen werde - unter anderem, um meine Verwandten zu besuchen, die ich seit September 1999 nicht gesehen habe. Ich freue mich sehr Sie endlich besuchen zu können & besser noch - eine ganze Weile in Serbien & Bosnien leben zu können. Heute werde ich einen Brief verfassen, den ich morgen im Amtsgericht Hannover für die Richterin Frau Dr. Taterka abgeben werden. 

Der Sozialarbeiter & Leiter des Diakonischen Betreuungsvereins e.V., Herr Frank Fischer, hat sich in juristischen Fragen bezüglich meiner Situation beraten lassen & mich darüber aufgeklärt, dass ich die Verwaltung meines Girokontos bei der Sparkasse in Hannover wieder selbstständig übernehmen kann, sobald ich im Ausland wohne, da die gesetzliche Betreuung durch einen Sozialarbeiter vom Amtsgericht dann automatisch aufgehoben wird.

Dies ist einer der Gründe die mich dazu bewegen zunächst nach Serbien zu ziehen. Es ist wahrhaftig ein Trauerspiel & mehr noch - ein großer Skandal & eine absolute Zumutung für Leib & Seele - was mir & vielen anderen Menschen in ähnlichen Situationen, von diesem an Ignoranz & Arroganz Inkompetenz leidendem Rechtsverdrehersystem hier in Hannover (& nicht nur in Hannover, sondern weltweit) angetan wird - & das über mehere Jahre - aber zum Glück gibt es ja immer verschiedene Lösungen für solche Probleme & jedem ist es selbst überlassen ob er b.z.w. sie sich zum Opfer dieses menschverachtenden Systems machen lässt oder nicht. Ich habe beschlossen die Inkompetenz der Verantwortlichen für verschiedene Fehlentscheidungen der Letzten Jahre mit der Wahrheit zu bekämpfen & das hat mir geholfen diese schreckliche Situation beenden zu können, um endlich ein menschenwürdiges Leben beginnen zu können.  Der Kampf war zwar sehr lang, aber am Ende hat es sich geloht, denn es ist ein gutes Gefühl zu wissen, dass die Wahrheit siegt.  

Vielen Dank
Vladimir Gvozden
Hannover, den 15.9.2015

post scriptum:

International Court Judge:
Dick Cheney Will Face Trial
for War Crimes

A former judge at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said
 former US Vice President Dick Cheney should 
– and eventually will 
– stand trial for war crimes for his role in the Iraq War.

International Court Judge: Dick Cheney Will Face Trial for War Crimes

© Flickr/ Tony Swartz
Dick Cheney

"Some of us have long thought that Cheney and a number of CIA agents who did what they did in those so-called black holes should appear before the" International Criminal Court (ICC), Thomas Buergenthal said in an interview with Newsweek.

Former International Court of Justice judge Thomas Buergenthal
Former International Court of Justice judge Thomas Buergenthal
Buergenthal, 81, served as a judge at the ICJ – the main judicial arm of the United Nations – for 10 years before retiring in 2010.
The ICJ, unlike the ICC, has no jurisdiction to try individuals accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity. As the ICJ is not a criminal court, it does not have a prosecutor able to initiate such proceedings.
Buergenthal was born in the former Czechoslovakia and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp as a boy. He is now a US citizen and a professor of law at George Washington University in Washington, DC.
"We (in the United States) could have tried them ourselves," Buergenthal said of Cheney and others. "I voted for Obama, but I think he made a great mistake when he decided not to instigate legal proceedings against some of these people. I think – yes – that it will happen."
As for Cheney's superior for eight years, Buergenthal dismissed former president George W. Bush as "an ignorant person who wanted to show his mother he could do things his father couldn't."
Buergenthal said Richard Nixon, whose administration Cheney served in during the 1970s, was "more intelligent. I don't think Nixon would have got involved in Iraq."



++++++ "Štrand fest" u Novom Sadu


:::: Solar System Situation Update ::::

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and representatives of other Light star races held as hostages deep inside their strongholds at implant stations throughout the Solar System. This hostage mechanism is a very effective tool to hold back the aforementioned star races in their progress towards the liberation of this planet.

Many of those hostages have been liberated during the operations of the Light forces in the last few weeks and the remainder is expected to be liberated very soon.

The process of disclosure is speeding up. Some intel that was previously limited to alternative media is hitting mainstream:

Scientists are finally beginning to understand the importance of torsion fields which are actually the translations of primary anomaly into spacetime continuum. This enables them to begin to propose more accurate cosmological models which will drastically improve our understanding of the universe:

Whistleblower Corey Goode has released a quite good description of the LOC (Lunar Operations Command) as it was before 2012:

And of the life within secret space programs as it was before 2012:

Here I would like to say that there is a lot of activity of the Light forces on the Moon recently, especially on the Earth facing side. Many lunar stations are being built that will assist in the final Earth liberation operations. The Resistance has built a small but strategically important base in the area near Mersenius crater. I have made this photo of Mersenius crater area a few weeks ago and you can feel the energy:

The Light forces have communicated that we are entering the next phase of the disclosure process and that it is very important for insiders with intel to come forward and release it through alternative media. Although some of those insiders might be afraid of the consequences of coming out, they need to understand that releasing the intel gives them a lot of additional protection by the Light forces as telling the truth increases the Light flow through their energy system.

Release of reliable intel is one of crucial steps in the process of planetary liberation.

Archons are still attempting to suppress the Samarra goddess vortex in Syria/Iraq area by using Islamic State mercenaries to destroy Palmyra, a beautiful Roman city in Syria:

Many of those mercenaries are now being infiltrated into Europe hidden inside waves of refugees and are actually reptilians in cloned humanoid bodies who came on Earth during Archon invasion in 1996. The plan of the Archons is to repeat what was happening with Roman empire in the 4th century with waves of invaders destroying Roman civilization:


Their plan will NOT be successful this time.

Energies in the second half of September are expected to be quite intense, although the Light forces are not expecting any drastic changes within that timeframe. Stay alert, but grounded and calm.

Victory of the Light!

SHIT = 56 = THIS = 56 = ISIS

Audi RS3 :)

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