Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dogon Nommo Archetype ::&:: YunaSai ::&:: River Jordan ::&:: 44+35 @AmanZoe +++ Mysterious Wooden Shigir Idol With Encrypted Message Is 11,000 Years Old

Mysterious Wooden Shigir Idol 

With 'Encrypted Message' 

Is 11,000 Years Old, 

New Tests Reveal

The statue is "an utter mystery to modern man."

Headshot of Ed Mazza

Overnight Editor, The Huffington Post

yunaSAI = yunaGV = yunaGoddessVortex
DogonNommoArchetype & YunaSai
44+35 ÄTät@@ AmanZoe

:::: Mediterranean Eating Habits

Prove Good for the Brain ::::

:::: A Mediterranean-style diet may slow memory loss,
even if adopted late in life ::::

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