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The Enigmatic Pyramids of the Amazon:

An ancient civilization lost in time

In the tangled and dense jungles of the Amazon there are numerous mysteries that could probably help us understand how ancient civilizations live in the distant past. We know so little about our planet, and researchers are unaware of the possible finding that can be discovered in the Amazon. As technology moves forward and tools as Google Earth become more popular, many people try their luck hoping to make a discovery that no one else has made in the past. Google Earth has become the one of the boldest tools numerous archaeologists are using, consistently delivering huge results that help researchers in many ways. We are talking about the pyramids of paratoari, usually referred to as “the dots”, seen in one of the satellite images from NASA.
Even thought that several researchers believe that the Pyramids of Paratoari are truncated ridge spurs, which can take the form of natural pyramids, there are many other researchers who firmly believe that these structures were built in the distant past by a civilization that has never before been seen. Excursions to the region found plenty of evidence of Incan inhabitance in the area, such as petroglyphs, paved roads, and platforms. The mysterious pyramidal structures were first identified via NASA satellite photograph number C-S11-32W071-03, released in 1976. The images caused numerous researchers to venture to the Manu area of dense tropical rainforest in southeast Peru in hopes to find out whether these structures were actually built by an ancient civilization, lost in time.While renewed archaeologists have refused to take into consideration the pyramids and their artificial origin, other researchers suggest that the symmetrically space between them and uniform shape of the structures points to the fact that these are not natural sandstone formations as some have suggested. The same debate can be seen in the “recently” discovered Pyramids in Bosnia. While numerous researchers suggest that the structures in Visoko are mere natural formations, other researchers point to the fact that the structures in Bosnia are of artificial origin, just like the pyramids of Paratoari.
Looking at things from a historical point of view, we know that the area of Madre de Dios has been defined by many researchers in the past as the place where the Incas hid after the advance of the Spanish conquistadores towards Cusco in 1533. Wouldn’t it be logical that the Inca created monuments and structures in that region? It certainly is possible if you keep an open mind and understand that there are many hidden secrets buried beneath sands, jungles and oceans around the world. The mystery of the Pyramids of Paratoari certainly continues and maybe one day, we will know for sure what these mysterious structures truly are.
Author: Ivan Petricevic
Ivan is a freelance writer, editor-in-chief of ancient-code.com, he also writes for EWAO, Share Knowledge, Svemir Online and Ancient Origins. History, Archaeology, Space and world’s mysteries are some of the topics he writes about.
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V means 'Freedom' in Russian Symbology
And W means 'Crown' in Russian Symbology

I will fly to Chicago in May 2016 &
This will be my first "expedition" to the U.S.A. :)

In 45 Years, We've Lost

Nearly Half The Ocean's Animals

Lost Frequencies


Janieck Devy


1 Hour Loop

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Benjamin Fulford: September 22(21)2015

Will big UN love-fest just turn into attempt by cabal to
 look nice and keep in power

:::: Profile ::::
Benjamin Fulford
20-years experience as a professional writer and journalist. Sold over 500,000 non-fiction books written in Japanese. Produced a comprehensive catalogue of scoops in field ranging from business to yakuza gangsters to high-finance to government corruption. Focused on exposing U.S. manipulation of Japanese politics, media and education through a combination of bribes, murder, brainwashing etc. His goal is to counter U.S. propaganda and expose the Japanese people to the truth so that they may free themselves from the colonial yoke and use their $5 trillion in overseas holdings to end world poverty and save the environment. 
Native or near native, spoken and written:
Japanese, French, Spanish and English. Conversational, reading ability in Mandarin, Portuguese and Italian. 

Published 15 books written in Japanese with cumulative sales running at over 500,000 copies. Weekly 2-hour TV show and appears frequently on numerous other nationally broadcast shows. Regular columns in a variety of best-selling Japanese magazines.  


Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine. Quit in profound disgust over extensive corporate censorship and mingling of advertising and editorial at the magazine. 
"If they dispute this, 
I invite them to sue me, 
any place, any time." 
-- Benjamin Fulford


Tokyo correspondent for the South China Morning Post. 


Staff writer for the Nikkei Weekly and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Newspaper.  


Took a sabbatical in Canada.  Researched on the link between evolutionary forces and modern world society. 


Senior Tokyo correspondent for the International Financing Revue. Created and managed Japan Watch, a news and analysis service available on the Reuters and Telerate news-wires. Created Katana, a Japanese language news service available on the Nikkei Quick news-wire. Triggered several Finance Ministry investigations with articles that uncovered financial industry irregularities. 


Correspondent for Knight-Ridder Financial News; covered a broad range of market related news. One particularly market moving story was used by Knight-Ridder in an advertising campaign. 


Part time jobs during student years included: work as an editor of Hitachi Review, a science and technology magazine; translation in the fields of business and finance and assorted television, radio and movie appearances. 


"Sowed my wild oats. Spent the time traveling and avoiding civilization. Spent 1-year studying with a witch doctor along the upper reaches of the Uquyali river in the Peruvian Amazon. Lived with former cannibals. Total time spent sleeping outdoors was 1 year. Lived as wild animal in the Canadian wilderness, catching food with my own hands, etc. "
-- Benjamin Fulford
Sophia University, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

The University of British Columbia, 
Vancouver, Canada.


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LOVE,Light&a Manifesting of a

New Greater World to EveryONE ★"

~ Kim Marcussen

:::: Elvis Presley  ::::

"Love Me, Love the Life I Lead"

:::: Recorded :::::::: May 21, 1971 ::::

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M.C.E.O. = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order 
ove+ove+ove = ov+ov+ov+eee = 111+15 = eve+eve+eve+vw = 101+25
e+v+e = 5+22+5 = s+m = p+p
:::: "Heim ins Reich!!! = H. ins R.!!!"  ::::
:::: My Latest Love Letter To Germany &+8+& ... ::::
:::: Vladimir Gvozden, Tu+es+day, September 22, 2015  :::: 

Tu es! (German) = Do it! (English)


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