Monday, August 3, 2015

Wolf Moon Day 3.8.2015

Wolf Moon Day IS::::is English

Wolf Mond Tag IS::::is German

Vuk Mesec Dan IS::::is Serbian

My FaceBook ProfilePhoto Number 88

3+8+2+0+1+5 = CH+8 = 19 = RA

"Jugo Betrugo Soundtrack Edition 
Keine Zeit Zu Leben" 
vom Album "Jugo Betrugo".

One Astounding

 Tree Grows 40 

Kinds of Fruit!

 by .

Emerald::::E::::Every major city 

Isle::::I::::In the world should have a few




Make-Up Artist ATat @@ Douglas Germany IS::::is Marjanna Stella Omjerat

German King Of RAP
IS::::is Kool Savas "Sky is the Limit" 
feat. Moe Mitchell (Official HD Video) 2010

15. = G.H. = Goddess Homegirls

4. = D. = Debunk 

32. = M.S. = Mainstream Science

15+4+32 = 51 = MI+CH+A+EL = RAP+P

In Focus = I.F. = C.C.C.F. = G.H. = E.E.E.

C.C.C.F. = Chaos Computer Club France

G.H. = Graham Hancock

E.E.E. = English Emerald Elephant

In Focus:

 Turkey's airstrikes on "Isis" 

'just a cover to hit PKK' 

warns top Kurd activist

Goddess Vortex Bee Maja

Die Biene Maja IS::::is The Bee Maja

Die Biene Maja = D.B.M. = 19 = S.

LOVE = 54 = 19+35 = RA+35

The Bee Maja = T.B.M. = T.E.J. = 35

T.B.M. = C.S.M. = A.A.A.S.M.

B.M.W. = Bee Maja World

WILL = 56 = IS+IS = I.S.I.S.

CHINA = 35 = CH+X = K.8.H.8.

Bee Tea = B.T. = Become The

W.S.???? = World's Superpower????

I am I will I create I love 

IIII = R+R = GAIA+F.F.F. = M.+C.E.O.

Will China 

Become The 

World’s Superpower?

Join Just Label It and Gwyneth Paltrow in signing this petition now and help us get to 100,000 signatures against the DARK Act – before it’s too late. ‪#‎justlabelit‬

2 Days Left  smile emoticon

5 Days Right  smile emoticon

7 Days AWwwweek mmmm  grin emoticon
+ BY August 5


R.S. = Regarding Soulmates

That's True = T.T. = 40 = XP

...& btw: I also don't like this "New Age" Twin Flame Dogma Bullshit. This "New Age" Twin Flame Hype is complete nonsense in my opinion. The real Twin Flame is the balance of inner masculine & feminine consciousness energies, since we've all been here many times. OK most of us smile emoticon hihi

6QLU B.S. = ISIS B.S. = 77 = CH+RI+ST


Higher+Perspective = H.+P. = 8+16 = X
... In 1991 I Bought The Simple Minds CD Real Life.

I Love Their Song Belfast Child

"Happy Friendship Day" 

-- David Wolfe 10 hours ago 4:00 am HANNOVER TIME smile emoticon2

Happy Girl Friend Ship Day 
smile emoticon


Happy Boy Friend Ship Day 
smile emoticon

"You kept eyes on me

I kept eyes on you

I see ..." ~ Police Department = P.D.

P.D. = Plausible Deniability = P.D.

M::::M.y N.ew 

smile emoticon


smile emoticon

grin emoticon

S::::She's a like me 
smile emoticon

grin emoticon


B.B.T. = Blonde Bimbo Type
T.F. = Too Funny 
smile emoticon
B.B.T.+T.F. = 24+26 = X+Z = 50

"Just got referred to as a "blonde bimbo type" in a comment on a video of the protocols and prayers done before the TPP protest. I know many strong beautiful blonde women standing for what is right. So my response was, "If being "a blonde bimbo" means caring about the rights of the earth and people then so be it. Save my time and yours."

-- Hāwane Rios

ON FaceBook

13 hours ago 3.8.2015


    Another Holistic Doctor Dies

P2 = P.B. = B.P. = Big Pharma

Another Holistic Doctor Dies

This keeps happening. Unfortunately unsure emoticon
So... Kill all intellectuals & rebels &
& creative people & the stupid wannabe "elite" can survive... SMH assholes!!!! 
The western world is a disgusting technocratic lucifero-archontic disaster.
"MOM no bad vibes please... ok???"

IT's All ok??? yeah sure s.m.h. unsure emoticon
...& 4 all people who don't like rude vulgar nas+t.y. language: Fuck+ing Bitch+es & Eat+ing Pussy Cats & Tit+t.y. Suck+ing them mmmm I have much more of that if you want ... but I prefer to Be+e like a sweet little girl sometimes smile emoticon ... sometimes not ... depends on the amount of Bullshit I have to handle:

G.V. = I.T. = A.T.B.F. = And The B.F.

Goddess Vortex E.T. = G.V.E. Thailand

G & V = 7 & V = 7 & T.B. = 7 & The Beach

Gr8HollywoodMovie. I Love IT.

The Beach

with Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

This Is 


You Should Not Ride 

Elephants In Thailand

Conceptual Revolutions in Science:


A Collection of Scientific Explorations & Interviews

Volume 1

Paperback – July 1, 2015

58 = SCIENCE = 58 = EMERALD = 58


58+58 = 116 = ROTHSCHILD

The Satanic Luciferians Called


58 = INDIGO = 58

Lost Their "R.S. = Red Shield" 

F.& Former Dutch Queen Bea Tricksters

F.& O.R.

F.& A.

F.M.& Female Journalist

F.M.& From Argentina ? ? ?

French Mobile = F.M. = M.F. = Mind Fuck

Dutch King Willem-Alexander 

declares the end 

of the welfare state

smile emoticon
Mitsubishi Command English Ontario

MCEO = 36 = PSA

Melchbourne Club Emerald Orion

PSA = Paradigm Shift Assistants

MCEO Canada Ontario Hamilton

M.C.E.O. C.O.H. = M.C.E.O. R8


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