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“You can't say no to hope,
Can't say no to happiness!” 

― Björk

“Wise people, the ancients believed, were a separate race, and to be born into this race it was necessary to develop the mind to a state of enlightened intelligence. The old philosophers taught that physical birth is an accident, for we are born into various races and nationalities according to the laws of generation; but there is a second birth, which is not an accident; it is the consequence of a proper intent. By this second birth we are born by enlightened intelligence out of nation and out of race into an international nation and international race. It is this larger and coming race that will some day inherit the earth. But unless we are born again by enlightenment, we shall not be a part of that philosophic empire.”
-- Manly P Hall


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"Your body is your first home: 

'Breathing in,

 I arrive in my body. 

Breathing out, 

I am home.'"

-- Thich Nhat Hanh

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BIA Europe

To Know To Dare To Will To Love

“If you would be a real seeker after truth,

 it is necessary that 

at least once in your life 

you doubt, 

as far as possible,

all things." 

― Rene Descartes

Aliens tried to save America from nuclear war: 

UFOs shot at missiles in White Sands to

protect Earth, claims former astronaut

  • Comment made by Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon 

  • He says UFO stories from high-ranking military officials back up claim 
  • 'Test missiles were frequently shot down by alien spacecraft,' he said

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Benjamin Fulford - August 12, 2015:

More arrests needed as Western megabanks 

are now stealing depositors’ money

JP Morgan and other Western mega-banks have already begun stealing depositors’ money, according to sources at the Asian Development Bank and an American millionaire who reported his own funds were stolen. The development bank source said a man who had $4 million on deposit with JP Morgan contacted him to say the bank had refused to allow him to withdraw his money. Instead the man was offered a “365 day bank guarantee.”  In other words, the bank would not give him his money but offered to tell other banks that he had money. Many of the largest Western banks are now keeping themselves from going bankrupt by offering “guarantees” to each other, the source said. The American millionaire, based in Washington State, said more than $100 million of his money had also been stolen outright. 

A Japanese financier also told this writer that Citibank had stolen more than $10 million of his money he deposited at their branch in Tokyo. A Japanese female acquaintance said she had too had $50,000 stolen from her account at the branch of an American owned bank in Tokyo. The banks were not available for comment at the time of this writing but it is clear from this anecdotal and also from public evidence (like derivatives holdings and market manipulation) that most Western mega-banks are no longer functioning properly. 

The US military and agencies are on the case and criminal investigations are ongoing, according to Pentagon sources. However, the Pentagon sources say the Pentagon has been unable to bankrupt the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation and restore the Republic of the United States of America because of objections from the Chinese. The Chinese are saying that if the Federal Reserve Board Washington DC subsidiary declared bankruptcy, all of their over $3 trillion in hard earned US dollars would become worthless. 

If that was the case the Chinese would stop supporting the internationally traded US dollar and thus stop subsidizing all US military activities outside of the continental United States. 

What all this means is that some sort of transition will have to be, and is being, aranged. 

In the meantime, pressure from the military rank and files, especially from the Colonels, means that the leadership of US Joint Chiefs of Staff will be completely overhauled at the end of September. The incoming leadership group is ready to take serious action and start a major round up of Khazarian gangsters in Washington DC, New York and elsewhere. The Israeli Military and Intelligence community is preparing to take similar action in Israel, according to Mossad sources. 

Also, although the arrests promised for August 8th did not take place in the dramatic and sweeping manner demanded by the rank and file military, there has been a lot of progress made. The Pentagon promises “the guns of August” will produce results. 

That is why suddenly there is talk of Vice-President Joe Biden running for President, according to Pentagon sources. 

The US Military, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the FBI are also hunting for the fugitive Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” because they want to use his testimony to take down the Bush drug mob. It is now a sure bet that most of the Bush family is going to jail. 

The US government is expected to be shut down after September due to a lack of funding. This will be used as an opportunity to clean out more of the garbage in Washington DC, according to the Pentagon sources. For example, the Department of Homeland Security will probably be dismantled although its essential functions (like the Coast guard) will continue. 

Any government agencies or officials found to be obstructing the ongoing investigations of the Khazarian mob will also be removed from power, the sources continue. 

The revelations of baby parts being sold by Planned Parenthood is part of the offensive against the Eugenics supporting, Nazi faction of the Khazarian mob. That offensive will lead to new revelations in September and October, the sources promise. 

The Khazarian mob is also coming under heavy fire in the US and Israel for its big push inside the US to promote a war with Iran. US acting-President Barack Obama was told to read the riot act to the AIPAC lobby in the US. He did so in a meeting with two of their leaders and, the following day, he read a speech given to him by the Pentagon. 

There he said “As President of the United States, it would be an abrogation of my constitutional duty”, to obey Israel and attack Iran. He also said “Israel would bear the brunt of a US military strike on Iran”. What this meant, according to a Pentagon source, is that “Israel would be defenseless and friendless and without help from the Department of Defense.” 

This is one of the reasons why the Israeli intelligence and military community is finally waking up to the fact they, and many of their countrymen, have been brainwashed by religious Zealots bent on starting World War 3. Israel is going to have to cleanse itself of Armageddon plotting religious Zionist fanatics if it wants to remain a viable entity. 

Otherwise they will find themselves friendless and alone. Also, their so-called Samson option of threatening to take the world down with them has now been neutralized, according to White Dragon Society sources. 

Heavy pressure is now being put on Turkey as well as Israel to end their ISIS campaign in Syria and Iraq. Russia’s Putin has threatened both countries with military action if they continue their ISIS mass murder campaign. The US military has quietly informed the Turks and Israelis they will not act to stop Russia if it takes on ISIS. That is why negotiations involving Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US military etc. have taken on new urgency. 

There has also been a lot going on with China in recent days. The Chinese economy has begun to grind to a halt. The massive steel and concrete construction boom is starting to produce un-needed roads and empty cities. This means China will now have to change its business model and that will mean it will have to take at least a step backwards before moving forwards again. 

The Chinese are also starting to lose ground diplomatically. The Vietnamese are negotiating a free trade deal with the EU to offset excessive dependence on the Chinese economy. The Vietnamese are also considering buying the French Mistral ships whose sale to Russia has been cancelled. 

The defection of Ling Wangchen, the brother of Ling Jihua, aide to former Chinese President Hu Jintao, has been a coup for the US intelligence community, according to the Pentagon sources. The US now has deep inside knowledge of the highest levels of power in the Chinese regime. This defection is the result of current President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption and rivals. Xi has created many enemies and has, as a result, has experienced six assassination attempts, Chinese sources say. 

The Russians are also now aligning themselves more with the WDS Western alliance to avoid leaving China holding all the cards of world power. 

The Chinese regime, for its part, is now retrenching and trying to show a friendlier face. All construction in disputed areas of the South China Sea has been stopped. In addition, the Chinese are negotiating a visit by Pope Francis. Chinese secret society sources and Rothschild family sources are both saying there may be a Chinese move to adopt “Christianity with Chinese characteristics” as the official religion of China. 

This would be done in harmony with Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and other Chinese traditional belief systems. The Chinese are also aiming for harmonious relations with the rest of the world.


BILLdepopulation GATEScontroldevil

Bill Gates = BG = 9 = CCC = ChaosComputerClub

He doesn't Get Some Things At All.

He's Into Satanic+Materialistic Controlpower

And That's Lucifero-Archontic Mr. Bill Gates.

Are You A Rothschildcocksucker???

Bill Gates and others 

just invested $120 million in a "revolutionary medical startup"

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