Monday, August 31, 2015

Lust 4 Life And 6 Ancient Greek Names 4 Love

What is Subtle Activism?

The practice of subtle activism is growing,

but is it effective for creating real change?

The Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love 

And Why Knowing Them Can Change Your Life


Looking for an antidote 

to modern culture's emphasis 

on romantic love?


 Perhaps we can learn from the diverse forms of emotional attachment prized 
by the ancient Greeks.

"Archaic philosophies that underlie the ancient creation traditions I study state that our material universe is paired with a non-material universe, and that a flow of energy exists between the two that is as essential to life as the natural water cycle (oceans evaporate to create clouds, the clouds create rain, and rain forms rivers and streams that carry it back to the oceans). We can demonstrate the potential existence of an unseen cosmic realm through the concept of spin, by which fundamental particles are organized into four groups. Spin tells us what the particles look like from different perspectives. The first type looks the same from all sides, the next must be turned half-way around to look the same, the next must be turned all the way around to look the same, and the last group (called half-spin particles) must actually be turned around twice to look the same. As it turns out, the geometry that describes a half-spin particle is the very same geometry that forms the foundation of the ancient cosmological tradition. It's actually the geometry by which a Buddhist stupa or a Dogon granary shrine is aligned. In other words, the archaic claim for the existence of an unseen realm is supported by the archaic geometry."

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