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Pedophile Politicians Are Total Psychpaths :/ +++ ISIS Gallery Hip HopHepHapHup


Solar Love Queen Goddess Erin Janus

SOL (in Latin) = Sun (in English) = Sonne (in German) = Sunce (in SerboCroatian)

Hello Police = HP = Higher Perspective

Remote Viewing Experiment = R.W.E. = 46 = SOL

#90#maxwell = #yunasai

White Tiger = W.T. = 43 = X+RA

ell's Angels = H.'s A. = 8.'s 1.



G.I.8.1.= G.I.H.A.= Gauleiterin Isis Han. A.

F.F.F.+N. = FooFighterFashion+Newsticker

Victoria's = V.'s = K.'s K. = Kommando's K.

I.S.S. = Instagrammmmmhh Secret Shows

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Heart Centered Rebalancing

H.C.R. = HR+A.A.A. = CH+F.F.F.

H.C.R. = Homegirls Crna Ruka

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A+R+V+E+N = 60 = BERLIN

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121 = 60+61 = 11*11= ARC+T+UR+US

100+IT = 129 = 60+61+H = ARK+T+UR+US

"Occult simply means hidden."

-- Jordan Maxwell

That's True = TT = 40 = XP

Bruce+Lee = B+L = 2+12 = 14

"We admire the wisdom of the ancients,

yet they had no Bibles nor books called "revelation."

They cultivated the reason that God gave them,

studied Him in His works, and arose to eminence."

--Thomas Paine

Pedophile Ring Now In Full Control Of The Vatican

“Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves. This difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people live only for their image”

-- Bruce Lee

"To be yourself

In a world that is constantly 

Trying to make you something else

Is the greatest accomplishment.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Many People = M.P. = I.T. = G.V. 

Don't Like The = D.L.T. = M.C.E.O.

The Truth = T.T. = 40 = XP

But That's Not My Problem.

I Wish You A Nice Life.

I Am Off To Wonderland Now."

~ Ali+c.e. = ~ A.+collective evolution


Roll IT B.B. ay BaBy Yeah mmmm

S.M.S. = Salsa Merengue Samba

ATat@@ Hai Tech Soul Diskkko Haus

Salsoul Rainbow


 feat. Ian Whitelaw

Our Time Our Chance

The Stars Shine

So Bright in Paris is mmmm oh my goddess

Hot Ass J.J.

I Love Frankreich

“The mystical techniques for achieving immortality

are revealed only to those 

who have dissolved all ties 

to the gross worldly realm 

of duality, conflict, and dogma.

 As long as your shallow worldly ambitions exist,

 the door will not open.”

-- Lao Tzu

"Dr. Carmen Boulter is back with us and we discuss her breaking news on the Hawara Labrynth in Egypt. She details everything about the size, rooms, levels and what the recent scans show that she had with Klaus Dona late last year. This is potentially the biggest discovery of our lifetime..."

-- J.I.M.+M.Y+CH+U.R.+CH

yt f2b 260Ep. 260

Fade To Black = F.T.B. = 28 = I.S.

With Jim = W.J. = 33 = T.M.

My Church = M.C. = 16 = P.

w/Dr. Carmen Boulter 

Egypt Live = E.L. = 17 = Q. = Queen

O.N. Air = I.T. Air = G.V. Air = G.Vortex Air

Veröffentlicht am 20.06.2015


"They are so funny

with all their stupid Labels

here on Planet Earth."

P.T.S.D. = Ptaal Templar Sent Down


"Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that may occur following a traumatic event either in terms of witnessing the event or being in the event itself. Usually these events are seen as life-threatening. Typical events that lead to PTSD are military combats, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, serious accidents and personal assaults such as rape and child abuse. Adoption too can lead to PTSD. Although some people can deal with such incidents and return to normal, others develop stress symptoms that persist, constantly intrude consciousness, generalise and simply will not go away. To be classified as PTSD symptoms must have been experienced for at least one month.

There are three primary symptoms of PTSD: intrusive memories, avoidance of situations associated with the trauma, and hyper-arousal.

Intrusive memories. These can involve reliving the trauma or parts of it with persistent ‘snap shot’ images. Typically sufferers have:

- Recurring and disturbing memories of the traumatic event

- Disturbed dreams

- Flashbacks

- Feelings of fear, anxiety and panic with situations that resemble aspects of the traumatic event

Avoidance. There are two types of avoidance. First avoidance of situations that trigger memories of the even. Second, amnesia with respect to certain aspects of the even.

- The individual recognises triggers that bring on anxiety and feelings of panic and so avoid these. Such avoidance can, however lead to dysfunctional behaviour.

- Amnesia for certain parts of the traumatic event, especially the period just following it. This form of amnesia is unconscious. The memory is often still encoded and so can be recalled; but others in extreme cases are not encoded and memories are more permanent.

Hyper-arousal. The intrusive memories constantly activate the fear response and lead to activation of the amygdala, especially the unconscious ‘low road’ (see amygdala). Sufferers tend to have an exaggerated startle response and feel constantly on ‘red alert’. This in turn leads to:

- Sleep difficulties

- Irritability and angry outbursts

- Difficulty in concentrating

- Hyper vigilance

- Signs of panic

Other symptoms can also be experienced to different degrees. These include:

Inability to concentrate

Amnesia and forgetfulness

Anxiety and feer


Shame, embarrassment or guilt

Emotional numbness and detachment from reality

Lack of motivation"



Post Scriptum = PS = Photo Source

Gwyneth Paltrow 

and Blythe Danner 

head to Capitol Hill 

to talk food labels, 


::::As Above So Below::::

::::As Below So Above::::

W.A.R. = We Are Renegades

A.S.S. = And Sometimes Something

L. = Like

S.G. = Spiritual Gangsters

Lord Of Light = L.O.L.

"An unhealthy mind,

even in a healthy body,

 will ultimately destroy health."

-- Manly P. Hall

Insane Pedophile Politicians+Psychpaths Are "Sane" &

All Good People Are "Insane"???

Hello World ... = H.W. ...

Wake Up Please = WUP = 60 = BERLIN


Every Higher Self is a God, (EHSG = UR)

But many people don't get IT.(BIT)

It's just Scientific Spirituality. (ISS)

-- Sincerely TGM (STGM = RAXP)

The God Mother a.k.a. Queen Isis

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