Thursday, July 23, 2015

S.E.D.+O.N.A.& Sion & Klaus Dona & ISis=MOmo & B.B. = Black Birds

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena.”
 – Nikola Tesla : “Man’s Greatest Achievement” 1907
image: Cosmic Armour - Anna Kumashov

ErinJanusLove = EJL = 27 = MIB3



for e.j. the sweethoneymoonvegan

Juily 31 + 2015
The Blue Moon is an intense and penetrating frequency that offers us all a tremendous opportunity for great healing, cleansing and clarity. It is a time; that connects us to our intuitive nature. During a Blue Moon we can anchor in our intentions and manifestations. Especially, for personal growth and healing with additional support from the cosmic energies of our Universe/Multiverse through the lunar rays it shines upon us. Much like the sun grows and nourishes our bodies, the moon works to enlighten our souls and nourish our spirits. 

On July 31st, the Art of Healing is offering a limited number of Blue Moon Energy Attunement sessions. These attunements will access the White, Blue & Golden Rays of the Blue Moon, which in ancient times was used for tremendous healing and intuitive clarity in the Mystery Schools of Khem (Ancient Egypt). 

For those seeking healing, especially physically or emotionally, the Blue Moon has a particularly electric, soothing, cooling effect on the body’s nervous system; bringing clarity to calm the emotions, while releasing tensions that may be causing inflammation and swelling in the body. The Blue Moon is a potent time for all types of healing.

"I'm telling you, I'm Nobody..."

~ = 56 = 

Jupiter A. = J. A. = J. Ascending

I'm telling you, I'm Nobody ~ ISIS

I+I+N+ISIS = GAIA+N+ISIS = 32+ISIS = 32+56 = 88


EJselfieSOsweet = EJSO = ONSA = GVSA = GVT = GoddessVortexTemplar


J.+es+u.s. visits s+E.+dona na


((((((((My Profile Picture Number 74 ONFaceBook))))))))

LUCIFER = S+.U.S.+E.J. = 74 = JESUS



((((((((My Profile Picture Number 73 ONFaceBook))))))))

73+37 = 110 = ROCKEFELLER

The Official German 

Public Police 

Telephone Number IS::::is 110

SHE means SIE means ONA
I+S+I+S = 56 = M+O+M+O

"I Love the original M Beat video,

because IT reminds me of my W+"icked" teenage years smile emoticon hehehe

but this one is funny too.
I had a yellow car "sportscar" between 2004 & 2005... funny synchronicity... ENjoy..."
-- Vladimir Gvozden

Klaus Dona 001 = KD1 = CH+D1


Serbian Hood = SH = Schwarze Hand

Greetings from the Real World

smile emoticon
smile emoticon
smile emoticon

R. IS::::is A. = Reality IS::::is Amazing 

Vladimir Gvozden

46 = THR = The Hollywood Reporter

38 = N.W.A. = 14+X. = R.T. = S.S.

Dr.M.I.B.3+iceCube+... =

N.o.t. yo.ur DAD's,


beograd B.B. = mmmm Black Birds

pi pi pi pi P.e.v.a P.ip.a mmmm

Royal Air Force = R.A.F. = Russian+psychic Army Fatma

I.S.+i.s. A Hot Black Cat 

& A 

sweet B.B. = ra we et Black Birds

mmmm that's Fat mami ma mi mumu suck it now mmmm

The Final Transition and Defeat 

of the


T.F.T.&D. = 46&4 = sol&4

g+g+g+t+h+e = 54 = love

Ar+ch+o+n.s.(novosadski sindikat)

h+ttp = 8+56 = zion

www = 69 = dao de jing =

Z+e+n+G. = 26+5+14+7 = 52 = ra+e.t.+8

ard+37 = 60 = berlin = 60 = kathara = 60

mmmm 69 now mmmm so so hot here

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