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HI Golden H L.A.N.D. Emerald F.F.F.

DALI = 4 & 1 & 12 & 9

King Gemineye 


AK.DESIGN Veröffentlicht am 17.06.2014


R = FFF = GAIA = Full Fist Fuck

KGB = BGK = British Goddess Knights

Asia's New Entertainment Capital IS::::is

The Studio City Macau in China:

Located 8880000 yards away from the

Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

ET00001 = ET1 = 26 = Z

ET in the living room

ET = TE = Two Elephants


Density 8. LAW+37+China Emerald


4+1+3+3+3+13+41 = 68

4+1= D.A. = Do Ancient

3+3+3 = C.C.C. = I. = Immortals

13 = L.A. = Live Among

41 = U.T. = Us Today

??? ~ DDF = Die Drei Fragezeichen

Pamela Anderson Asks Vladimir Putin Out to Dinner
Canadian superstar Pamela Anderson
 wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss how the two could pair up 
to advocate for the issues of animal rights and environment.

Can You Program Your DNA For Immortality?

In5D July 17, 2015 Science, Spiritual Awakening

I had the first NintendoNESconsole as a kid in the 1980s. 
IT was fun :) hehehe
I had ZELDA 2
& Kid Icarus

English Emerald Elder = E.E.E.= O. = Owl = O. = H.G. = Han+cock Gra.:

"I’ve been writing books for almost 35 years. My first was “Journey Through Pakistan”, published in 1982, and the latest is “Magicians of the Gods” which is published on 10 September in the UK and 10 November in the US. I suppose I should be used to the whole process by now, but I always forget all the complexities until I face them again. First and foremost there’s the writing itself. My preference is to clear the decks completely and do nothing else while writing, so I try to get all the travels and field research out of the way before I start. I find that if I’m really on top of the material I can write pretty fast – 2,000 words a day is a good general target. But with big, heavily researched books like “Magicians” I’ll often have to break away from the writing for 5 or 6 days at a time while I read and take notes from mountains of books and scholarly papers relevant to the chapter I’m writing Then when the writing’s done all the other elements of the book have to be brought into play. Magicians has 73 maps, charts and diagrams integrated with the text throughout, which meant that for several months I was in daily contact with the artists and designers who were putting the diagrams together. Photographs are an important part of the story, too. Magicians has 32 pages of colour photos. I’m lucky to work together with my wife Santha, who’s an excellent, professional photographer. But we spend weeks honing down from tens of thousands of images to the 70 or so that finally make it into the book. Then there’s proof-reading – not my favorite task! I’ve just finished my third reading of the page-proofs of Magicians and on this last read I found 67 pages with mistakes that I either hadn’t noticed before or that were newly introduced by the typesetters. I’ll get a further set of proofs to check that all these last corrections I asked for have been made, and in addition the publishers have a proof-reader who’s making additional checks. Hopefully in about a week I’ll be able to sign off on the proofs and then Magicians will go to the printers where it will be out of my hands until I see the first copies off the press. Finally, and most nerve-wracking of all, the book will be put before its readers. I’ve worked hard for three years to research and write the very best book I can and I hope, when you’ve read it, that you’ll agree. Meanwhile I’m grateful to all those who have already pre-ordered “Magicians”. This makes a HUGE difference to the book’s prospects in a crowded market-place. I can’t thank you enough for your support." 

-- Graham Hancock 17.7.2015

SweetLove = SL = 31 = TK = TeutonicKnights

B.A.Mystic = A.B.M. = 16 = P.
P. = Pro+dig+y

8 Signs You May Be A Mystic

17+7+2+0+1+5 = X8 = 32 = S.M.
1+7+7+2+0+1+5 =15+H. = 23
32+23 = 55 = 5*11
006NumberSix = 006NS
"Number 6 is pretty unexpected; 
what an amazing superfood."

 -- S.S.
"Complements this week's episode on Mary M. 
Originally published at other site, 
now permanently at the home page. Enjoy!"
-- M.C.

Ramones (London 1977) [01]. Blitzkrieg Bop

"I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty. You don’t grasp the fact that what is most alive of all is inside your own house; and you walk from one holy city to the next with a confused look! Kabir will tell you the truth: go wherever you like, to Calcutta or Tibet;if you can’t find where your soul is hidden, for you the world will never be real!" -- Kabir




Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy

"My main goal for the rest of this year 
is to spend more time (way more time) 
working on music. What's yours?"
-- Goddess Erin Janus

RA = 19 = QB = BQ = Bee Queen

M.O.BB deep = M.O. Burning Bridges deep

Collective Evolution

It's the chemicals we are spraying everywhere. Truth is, we don't even need to do that....

smile emoticon It's not just about our food and our lives, it's also about destroying another living species on this planet due to *Humans.* We are co-habitating, the planet is not ours to destroy. So, these corporations who are doing this, we somehow need to get them to stop

Information/publications about those chemicals linked within the article

17 Things = 17 T = QT 

mmmm such a QT 

so so cute THIS QT

Egyptians, Astrology 
and the Quest for Immortality
"The Egyptians associated their quest for immortality with stars and with the sun. Following the death of the Pharaoh, “ba unites with ka, becomes a star, and sails across the sky in the company of Ra, in his boat of millions of years.”
Star shafts are peculiar to the Great Pyramid. They occur nowhere else that we know of. The discovery that the shafts in the King’s Chamber zeroed in at specific stars ca. 2500 BC was first made by astronomer Virginia Trimble and Egyptologist Alexander Badawy in the early 1960’s. Robert Bauval brought that discovery to the fore with work, claiming the sealed-off shafts of the Queen’s Chamber also pointed at stars, specifically the belt stars of Orion, nicely conforming with Egyptian mythology and funerary texts.
Let’s look at those star shafts starting from the premise that the ancients may have known things we do not. One fact looming ever larger over the past few decades is the importance placed by the ancients in astronomy. Temples are carefully oriented to solstices and equinoxes, even to particular stars; star maps are all over the place, texts are filled with stellar images and references.
The ancients never explain what they mean. There is, however, a telling relief carved into the Second Shrine of Tutankhamon in the Cairo Museum that broadly but definitively establishes the intended meaning. It shows a row of mummiform figures, each with rays of force/energy/consciousness connecting their foreheads (‘third eyes”/pineal glands) to a star, and another row with the figures connected in the same way to a solar disk. As soon as a connection is made between stars or stellar configurations and human consciousness (and by extension, human actions and decisions) that is no longer just astronomy (the mechanism of the heavens), it is astrology (the meaning of the heavens).
Perhaps that is the key to this otherwise inexplicable ancient attention to (almost obsession with) astronomy; it is actually astrology. The ancients were orchestrating/coordinating their civilizations to synchronize with the movements of the heavens—literally tuning them to the stars.
A fact impressed upon every visitor to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is its astounding and unique acoustics. Any empty stone room will of course produce a singing-in-the-shower effect. This experience is vastly heightened and intensified in many churches and concert halls and exalted in the great Gothic Cathedrals and Cistercian Abbeys of Europe, but also in seemingly much cruder older structures such as the megalithic barrows of Britain.
In recent years studies by a number of knowledgeable researchers have shown that the striking resonant qualities are not merely accidental by-products of construction. These spaces have been deliberately designed with acoustics in mind. They resonate at specific frequencies. In other words, in the very distant past, there was an advanced knowledge of harmonic principles, which, for reasons we do not know, were deliberately incorporated into the design of sacred buildings.
The King’s Chamber may be the most spectacular acoustic phenomenon of all. Inside this stark granite room, empty, save for the lidless granite sarcophagus, it is impossible to hold a conversation at a normal speed in a normal voice. To communicate you are obliged to speak almost in a whisper, and very slowly. Otherwise, the words boom, chime and amalgamate with each other. A prolonged chant in the King’s Chamber seems to set the entire gigantic structure vibrating. This has to be due to an effect produced by the four so-called “relieving chambers” above the roof of the chamber made from closely fitted monoliths of granite weighing an estimated seventy tons each. Engineers and architects have argued that these are unnecessary from a structural point of view. A single massive gabled roof above the flat ceiling of the King’s Chamber, similar to that in the Queen’s Chamber, would have sufficed as support. Perhaps, rather than relieving chambers, they are resonating chambers. Could resonance hold the key, anyway, a key, to the function of the Pyramid?
Pondering further along these lines led me eventually to the mysterious, unfinished “pit” deep in the bedrock, some two hundred feet long and directly below the King’s Chamber. This bizarre, roughly cut room seems to have been abandoned in mid-career. The usual explanation is that it was intended as the King’s burial site, but Khufu changed his mind and had the Queen’s Chamber built then changed his mind again and had the King’s Chamber constructed as his final resting place. But these explanations do not sit well (actually, they’re pretty ludicrous) with a structure that otherwise employs optical precision in its construction.
It occurred to me that if in some way the pyramid is intended as a gigantic “musical” instrument, the unfinished pit might have served to tune it. In a stringed instrument, tuning is achieved by tightening frets; in a wind instrument by adjusting reeds; in a drum by adjusting the tension on the drumhead. Obviously this won’t work with a stone pyramid. (In megalithic barrows, it’s achieved by strategically placing stone baffles.) But hollowing out a chamber until the desired frequency was produced might work.
This was, and remains, highly speculative of course. And there are major problems involved. How does “tuning” the pit affect the resonance of the King’s Chamber for starters? But when I learned (from reading Robert Bauval’s original THE ORION MYSTERY in 1993) of the apparent stellar alignments of the “air shafts” the problem took another turn. Could the pyramid be tuned quite literally to the stars, rather than the human voice—or both? Were the ancient Egyptians aware of some sort of subtle “star energy” or “star waves” that our instruments have not yet detected?
Are we looking at a sacred technology designed to somehow enhance or further the metaphysical quest for immortality—on a personal or even a civilization-wide level?"

-- John Anthony West

The Spirit Science = T.S.S. = 58

58 = SCIENCE = 58 = EMERALD = 58 = INDIGO = 58 = ...



I had to be rude often in the last few years to defend myself,
 but I'm sick of it now... I prefer 
M.I.I.S.NWO = SexyF.F.F.MeditationNOW
smile emoticon zz4zzAAA = mmmmDmmmmAAA smile emoticon
smile emoticon AAA uh oh mmmm ah smile emoticon ha ha ha


W.A.R. = We Are Raf

C.S.H. = Computer Square Hook

H.S.C. = Hood Selves Christos

R.A.F. = Royal Air Force

R.A.W. ??? = Raf Are We ???

R.S.S. = F.F.F.S.S. = 56 = ISIS

H.W.A. = H.S.D.A. = Holy Secret Disc Alf

is and = is ra 

W.I.M.B.R. = 65

65 is Mirror-Inverted 56

65 W.A. = S.M. 65 = P.P. is ra el 1

M.S. = S.Mmmmmsosohotinherenow

Guardian Alliance Information T.


mmmm SO SO hot in here now smile emoticon

Tea = T. = Technology

Female Nipples = F.N. = 6N = 6+14

14onFire = 14F = N6 = 14+6

6+14+14+6 = FNNF = FFNN = FFN+14

Radio FFN Hannover

XP = N.S.A.6 = P.R.6 = Pussy Riot 6

Gin & Juicy P. mmmm all night 

ercedes S.L. = 4M.Sexual Liberation

33+Life = 33+L. = VW = ZEN = 45
C.L.T. = C.P.P. = C.S.M. = V.M. = 35
L.F. = F.F.F. = GAIA = 6+6+6 = 18 
Lao Tzu = LT = PP = SM = Super Maxwell

33 Life Changing Lessons 

To Learn From Lao Tzu


M.:I. = I.:M. = Isis:Marines▶4:0

Pluto is Disney'sComicDog = P.isD.'sCD

Pluto TheDarkLord = P. TDL = P. MCEO

P.isD. = Police isDope

's C.D. = ' ra Compact Disc

"Isis 4
Marines 0

Today, July 16, 2015 -- in Chattanooga, Tennessee 4 Marines were gunned down on American soil.

This may be random.

This may not be random.

You decide---

Yesterday, July 15, 2015 -- America's South Western States were taken over by our own Military for War Games that will allow an Artificial Intelligence to study the American People.

Our habits and reactions to war scenarios will be studied by a Super Computer Program called "JADE" ---

JADE will watch our text, our Google searches, and our movements in real time. 

The program went Operational YESTERDAY.

TODAY - 4 Marines are gunned down in Chattanooga and my FB is going crazy, as are the News Channels --- We are feeding the Beast --- We are training "Sky Net"-- I mean "JADE" even as I write this very post.

Do you think it a coincidence that Arnold Schwarzenneger's movie TERMINATOR : GENISYS is currently playing at your local theater?

Read This ----

.The “JADE” in "Jade Helm 15" is an A.I. SOFTWARE Program.

Published on May 16, 2015


“JADE” is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid "G.I.G." for Network Centric Warfare environments.

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The "II" Second Generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system.

In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.

On a side note--

Yesterday the news and social media was full of pictures of the Planet PLUTO.

PLUTO is the God of the Underworld and the God of DEATH.

Do not think that the "Fly Over" of PLUTO by NASA's "NEW HORIZONS" Space Craft did not raise the PLUTONIAN energy on Earth.

I'd like to mention that: JADE operates on a what is called a GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID-- "G.I.G."

The nick name of Chattanooga is GIG CITY"

don't BITe the apple eve  ~ Jay z





Alicia Keys 

Girl On Fire - Video Oficial HD

(Tradução/Legendado) Português

25 S.T. = YU.R. = 64 = ZION

T.G.E.'sS.I. = F.S.B.5'sI.S

A.T.S. = A.U.R. = 40 = XP

25 Signs 

That The Global Elite’s Ship I

About To Sink

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