Monday, June 29, 2015

Red Dragon Family & Black Eagle Clan & Phoenix Agents are seeking a positive paradigm change

BlackEagle = BE = 7 = G

Phoenix: The Fire Bird
P.: T.F.B.

Ambassador discloses bioweapons attack: 

Red Dragon family 

seeking positive paradigm change

Greek Domino falls, China moves in to pick up the pieces

Monday, June 29, 2015

M.I.B. Erin Janus

Erin Janus calls our ET allies :)

5 Signs You're Not On The Right Path 
(And What To Do About It)

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 From a Friend "People need to get their heads on straight about him right at the beginning. He’s moving ahead very quickly . . . I think the cabal is presenting him as a third choice - so we don’t put one up there and cause them trouble" 
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This analysis says Bernie Sanders is anti Russia, pro War, pro Israel. Sounds like a good VP for Hillary or visa versa Same Ole Same Ole. I hear Bernie's sister worked for Hillary and works for Obama now. Hmmm Back to the drawing boards 
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Bernie Sanders:
Anti-Russian Propaganda and “Vermont Socialism” | 
New Eastern Outlook
+++ VANCOUVER, BC – In a rolling informal online interview that included a quick snack (and we trust only positive exchanges of energies), the Ambassador and representative from the Red Dragon families – – made a number of important disclosures about a recent possible bioweapons attack he may have suffered and about the ancient Chinese bloodline Red Dragon family and other bloodlines he represents seeking positive paradigm change.... more at:

The Lost Art Of The Tease: 

Why So Many People Find Sex Unsatisfying

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