Saturday, June 27, 2015

Iron Crow Wind Fish ~ Double +x Cross

"All beings equal
For Love cannot be defined
Because Love is Love..."
Hey Jupiter Live = HJL = 30

27+6+2+0+1+5 = 33+8 = 41 = PAHANA
2+7+6+2+0+1+5 = 9+6+8 = 9+14 = 23
PAHANA+23 = 41+23 = 64 = ZION
Iron Crow Wind Fish
 Animalistic Alien Arts
Sat+UR+day June 27, 2015
Double+xCross = DC = 7 = G
Iron -> Gvozden (my family name)
Crow -> Vrana (Vranic: my dad's mother)
Wind -> Bura (Buric: my mother's family name)
Fish -> Riba (Ribic: my mother's mom before she married)
One uncle in our Buric family investigated the origin of the name and he found out that the family-name originated in Montenegro and a few hundred years ago members of the Buric family moved to Bosnia. In Tuzla (BiH) for example most of the Buric families are Muslims.
:) Aerosmith Singer & Dad of The Arwen Actress :)

GodAllah = G.A. = GuardianAlliance
“If everyone isn't beautiful,
then no one is.”
Andy Warhol

The 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth

Declassified FBI Report Confirms Beings From Other Dimensions Visited Earth

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