Friday, June 5, 2015

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“No one wishes to be ‘rescued’ with someone else’s beliefs.
 Remember your task is not to convert anyone to anything, 
but to help the person in front of you get in touch 
with his or her own strength, confidence, faith, 
and spirituality, whatever that might be.”

Hochgeladen am 30.12.2008
Artist: Chicks On Speed
Song: Kaltes Klares Wasser
Album: Chicks On Speed Will Save Us

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  1. 22:22
    Frei+tag, 5. Juni 2015 M+E+S+Z+

    +Z+e+it i+n 30167H+a+n+n+o+v+e+r+
  2. BraucheNotebookMITMobileVertrag!!!
  3. +&+&+&+
  4. nächste Woche!

  5. Danke Anke = DA = DA = DA = DA = DA 
  6. Bitte bei Herrn Fischer melden :)
  7. Danke :D
  8. TEL: 0511 / 22001700

  9. Sebastian Schuster aus Schlesien Polen
  10. hat Rosa Luxemburg's reincarnation
  11. G+e+fick+t !!!
  12. R.L. = C.Herre aus Ost+deutschland+weiblich
  13. Das ist die ABSOLUTE WAHRHEIT!!!
  14. Neulich :)
  15. Passiert halt ;)
  16. Vorher jedoch :/
  17. ... Seine EXfreundin 
  18. arbeitet
  19. bei der Polizei
  20. & als sie ihn zurück haben wollte hat sie ihn wegen 
  21. Vergewaltigung angezeigt. Frechheit!!!... 
  22. Jetzt ist er Obdachlos wie ich
  23. und hat auch keinen Job mehr.
  24. PD = PancheDesai = PD = PoliceDepartment = 'S'PD
Mein neues IT unternehmen hannover :)
Schuster bleib bei Deinen Leisten!!!
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LMFAO grin emoticon thank you S.S.S.S. heart emoticon = SweetSarahS.S. heart emoticon

The Tibetan Book of Living And Dying

         Elohim Freestyle       
Selfie Video 
 Lotus Elephant
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Killah Priest 
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 "I'm telling you, I'Nobody..." ~ ISIS
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Za svakog po nesto -

iHochgeladen am 14.2.2012
Album Embryo

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beat:repeat NYC 

 Le Tigre

At the core of our paradigm shift, is self mastery. At the core of self mastery is self awareness, to love and embrace all the light and the darkness, the grace and the triggers, the conditioned and unconditioned, the manifested and unmanifested aspects of ourselves. The key to shifting world consciousness, is to first become conscious ourselves.

In India’s Thar Desert, nomads rely so much on camels for survival that the animals are revered. Livestock owners take great pride in their camels, carving intricate patterns in their fur.

Camels are decorated for several reasons. The most important ‘decoration’ is the markings or brands on their hide. This is done primarily as a mark of ownership. Each camel owner has a herd of camels that he marks with his stamp, so he can distinguish them from other camels. Also, the mark can indicate the breed of the camel and whether the camel is for sale or not.

Camels at the Pushkar fair are decorated with great care. They wear jewellery of silver and coloured beads. There are silver bells and bangles around their ankles that jangle when they walk. An interesting ritual is the piercing of a camel’s nose. Many camels that we saw had a flower attached to their nose like the one in the photo below.

Le Tigre Deceptacon DFA 23+MI X

"The true name of Satan,
The Kabalists say, 
Is that of YAHVEH reversed, 
For Satan is not a black god,
But the negation of God.
The Devil is the personification of Atheism and Idolatry." --
 Albert Pike

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015
Kalenderwoche 23

Thank you teacher! For all of the wonderful teachers out there - xx

VICE 20th 
Pussy Riot 
Le Tigre's 

Art Adam+Deda

The Russian Mafia BBC Documentary 2015 720pHD

Veröffentlicht am 29.03.2015

**The Russian Mafia BBC Documentary 2015 720p HD

The Relation Between Long Hair & ExtraSensory Perception 
Joseph Arthur 
In The Sun 
Glastonbury Festival 2000

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