Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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"In the Dead Sea scrolls it is written that a single thought has the power to overcome death. A single thought is greater than an earthquake or lightening that strikes a tree. To think we use our minds creating all kinds of things when every thought has this kind of power. Every thought carries the seed of creation along with it. A single though has the ability to enhance our lives and it has the ability to do just the opposite. Here is a two CD set covering all aspects of thought and the true power that we wield as human. "To no other living thing in our reality is it given the power of thought, Dead Sea Scrolls. Visit my site at hairfield. com to find out more and get a copy today." 
-- Dr. Steven L. Hairfield
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Written Communication 

May Be 40,000 Years Old

Posted By: Irina Slav Posted date: in: Breaking NewsHttp://www.NewHistorian.com/Written-Communication-may-be-40000-years-old/3851/

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25th May 2015
By Trinity Bourne
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Why The Best Adults Are Those 

Who Never Lose 

Their Childlike Wonder

Life is a Test = L.T. = 32 = P+P

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015 MESZ
Zeit in Mitte, Hannover

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