Tuesday, April 7, 2015

X+RA+dio+ffn in Love with frater A.K. 83 :D

Y = E.T. = EinsteinTesla
S.W.L. = LOVE = 54 = RIJEKA = X+30
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I re+read the fabric of time to be specific. I maneuver through the universe young, black, and gifted. Divine design swift as Tachyon particles. Live from the trenches of Brooklyn it’s the original. Chemistry unaltered by synthetic chemicals. Blessed with the power of God delete your physical. Difficult time only further strengthen the spiritual. Yea that’s crystal clear I fear no individual. In every line that I rhyme. I’m immersed the solar soldier from the birth to the Earth. Study the verse, my work is so superb ,it’s a curse. My mind extremely sharp, when I think my head hurtsIf I keep killing the flow I’m afraid it’ll burst. And the force it generates will destroy the universe

[Hook]The listener’s symptom is like solar flares (4x)

[Verse 2] 
Mind over matter help me explore the galaxy. Time moving things with my rhymes mental telepathy. Chemicals combined with beats advanced alchemy. Math and science, master microphone wizardry. Ahead of my time, futuristic technology. God in the physical form, anthropology. R.A.W.Bloodline divine genealogy. The word in the time, before time cosmogony. Atomic energy flow, heterodoxy. Most philosophy is hypocrisy. In the death of the cosmos, I’m totally free. Good thing I’m mostly water, cuz life is a tree. Here’s the scoop: even in Allah there’s the truth. I’m  roots, you know what it is by the fruits ...


[Verse 3] 
My vessel is average but my spirit is colossal. In 2000 years what I write will be the Gospel send you to life like O2 through your nostrils. Riding lighting bolts trading tales with apostles. Saying do things that’s deemed impossible. Master my realm so in fact it’s logical. Camel through the eye of the needle improbable. Feast for your ears in the flavor delectable. Orgasmic voice but it’s far beyond sexual. Borderline mythical baffle the intellectual. Dissect your science to the last molecule. So electric my brainwave is measured in Joules. The flow intoxicating like a gallon of booze. Universal law and order reinstate the rules. Fate is what you make it. Be wise when you choose. This rhyme a landmine. Blow you out your shoes.


26 = Z = M.M. = Matrix Mathematics = HR = RH = RA+G
EG+book = F.6+book = 12+book = L+book

mY Facebook Album Emerald Gnosis:

Picture Number 25 ~ I.T.A. = In This Album:
Y = 25 = 5*5 = R.A.F. = RA+6

Frater (in Latin) = Bruder (in German) = Brat (in Serbian)

F.12 = Frater A.K. = F.A.K. = 6+A.K. = 6L = F.F.F. = G.A.I.A.

X+RA+dio+ffn in Love with A.K.+83:D
Cynthia O. = C.O. = R = FFF = L+6 = GAIA
A.+K.+83 = 95 = EINSTEIN = UR+IS+IS = SIR+I+US
P+MC2 = P+P2 = P+6+6+6 = 16+GAIA = NSA = 34
 " ... On the BQE  
easily doing 83 ...
Too fly for gravity, 
fuck you if you ain't family,
we're high above on that balcony ..."

~ Realm Reality feat. Pro+dig+y+ The Realness
70 = V+A+T+I+C+A+N
2+0+1+5 = 8 = H
B+B+H+S+O+3+3+5 = 12+NSA+3+3+5
Black Bmw: H - SO 335
Wer nicht sehen will,
dem hilft keine Brille.
Wer nicht hören will, 
dem hilft kein Hörgerät.
Wer kein Englisch kann,
der hat in der Schule nicht aufgepasst.
"Man kann es so oder so machen.
Ich bin für so."
~ Deutsches
Gerhard Schröder
MIDIT+1 = 56 = I+S+I+S
7+4+2+0+1+5 = 7+4+H = CH+H = RA
"Ready to talk to some of 'em Archons & Aeons 
and the ghost of your parakeet?" ~ M.C.badass

Uploaded April 5, the year of our Demiurge 2015
TL+X = TL+T+D = 56 = I+S+I+S
živa istina = The Living Truth (in English) ... :D
isis+E = 61 = arwen
Arwen Kryst A.K.A. Andrea Krsul
* 01.08.1983
Arwen Kryst A.K.AAndrea Krsul
0+(1+0+8)+(1+9)+(8+3) = 0+9+10+11 = 30
X+RA = 43 = dado ra = andrea
dio = d+io = 4+x = 4+(8+8+8) = 28
ffn = 6+6+14 = 12+14 = 26 = hr = rh
81 = x+sion = x+ra+ra+ra = krsul
arwen+kryst = 61+93 = 100+love
andrea+krsul = 43+81 = 100+x
100 = azurite

P+hot+o+ 27.05.2012
58+S = 77 = ch+ri+st = k+fsb+ur
58 = Science = Albert
58 = emerald = hot+oh.+o.t.o. h+o+t+o
h. = hannover = 97 = sirius b
o.t.o. = ordo templi orientis
Mein 12ter Geburtstag: 14.06.1989
Bei FlitzSport habe ich an meinem 12ten Geburtstag ein Skateboard

  • "What could be more convincing, moreover,
  • than the gesture of laying one's cards face up on the table?"
  • ~ Sun Goddess & RA

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