Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Tiger Eye WU
WU tang clan NYC

E.T. = T.E. = Tiger Eye = Eye of the Tiger
Red+Green = R.+G. = GAIA+G = 25 = Y




  • 25+3+2+0+1+5 = 25+C+H = Y+CH
2+5+3+2+0+1+5 = GAIA

The Dragon's Eye is an ancient Germanic symbol as collected by Rudolf Koch. The Dragon's Eye is an isosceles trianglepointing downward with a "Y" in the middle connecting the three points of the triangle together. 

According to Carl G. Liungman's Dictionary of Symbols, it combines the

Triangle meaning threat and the Y meaning a 

choice between good and evil.

The dragon's eye is a well known symbol of protection, said to protect anyone who recited the incantation to it. The dragon is a universal motif linked to various cultures of humanity for 5,000 years. The word dragon comes from "derkesthai" (Greek: to glance dartingly) which, in a Hindu tradition, was the hungry look of the very first being when its fiery spirit was born out of the abyss of water. The Dragon's Eye symbol stands for the balance of love, power and wisdom. Triple triangles are associated with the Goddess and the nine Muses. 

Startnummer 22: Satellite

Eurovision Song Contest winner 2010:


Startnummer 17: Molitiva = The Prayer

Eurovision Song Contest winner 2007:


"A coincidence is what have left over
when you apply a bad theory.
~ Percy Williams Bridgman 

Nobel Prize winner in Physics
& Philosopher of Science 

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