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Little Axe P.C. & Information Technology

5+3+2+0+1+5 = 8+8 = P = 16

Little Axe P.C. = L.A. Personal Computer
L.A. P.C. =  P+P = 32  (Pdouble)
L.A.P. = I.T. live N.E.R.D.

P+R+O+J+E+C+T = 87 = 57+30 = S+M+A+L+L+A+X+E
S+M+A+L+L = 33+24 = 57 = S+I+O+N
A+X+E = 30

"The 225th Emperor, direct descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. 
He is the King of Kings Lord of Lords conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. 
The name Haile Selassie means Power of the Trinity."
-- G.G.  = General Gemineye
The Falasha (Foreigners/exiles) Jews of Ethiopia more appropriately known as Beta Israel are descendants of the "SONS OF ZADOK" who left Jerusalem with Menelik the first carrying the Ark of the Covenant into Egypt on their way to Ethiopia. The "Sons of Zadok" are the true Livitical Priesthood, "The Elect of Israel".
(Damascus Document, Zadokite Fragments, Dead Sea Scrolls)

L+I+T+T+L+E+A+X+E = 108 = H+R+I+S+T+O+S
108+P+C = 100+F+S+B
108+P = 100+X
should more properly
be called corporatism,
since it is the merger of state 
and corporate power."
-- Benito Mussolini



Ma+zaradi FOX feat. Pro+dig+y (Mobb Deep)

"Pdouble keep shining, keep glowing ..." -- P.
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Date Joined: April 17, 2010

Location: beograd 

Country: Serbia 

Uploaded by TheMaxGforce

on 9th November 2011

Fatal shooting of Mazaradi Fox,
rapper pal of 50 Cent, 
may have been gang-related: 
police sources

Rapper Mazaradi Fox, who was friends with hip hop's 50 Cent was gunned down in Queens by a masked shooter on Saturday. In 2009, Fox was charged with attempted murder for pumping two bullets into Queens gangbanger Reshawn Carter, who later died in 2010 from a second street hit.


Saturday, January 4, 2014, 11:28 PM
The rapper and pal of hip-hip icon 50 Cent, arrested in a 2009 murder try, was gunned down on a Queens street by a ski-masked shooter who remained on the run Saturday, authorities said.

This time, Mazaradi Fox was on the wrong end of the gun. The rapper and pal of hip-hip icon 50 Cent, arrested in a 2009 murder try, was gunned down on a Queens street by a ski-masked shooter who remained on the run Saturday, authorities said. A police source indicated the Fox slaying was possibly gang-related. Five years ago, Fox pumped two .25-caliber bullets into Queens gangbanger Rashawn Carter, authorities said. The victim survived the shooting. Charged with attempted murder, Fox was later convicted of attempted assault and sent to prison. In a bizarre twist, Carter was then executed in a brazen February 2010 street hit witnessed by the local precinct commander. “What a stroke of luck,” one police source dryly observed. “The person you were trying to kill gets killed by someone else.” Fox was murdered Friday afternoon in Jamaica, Queens, by a lone gunman at 134th Ave. and Farmers Blvd. No arrests were made in the slaying of the 42-year-old career criminal, who was released from prison on Dec. 20. Fox’s rap sheet dates to the late ’80s and includes arrests for drugs and weapons, according to parole board records. A woman answering the door Saturday at Fox’s Queens home said they were mourning his violent loss.

 A police source indicated the Fox slaying
 was possibly gang-related.

“We miss him,” she said. “We love him.”

Fox was riding shotgun alongside his girlfriend when the shooter rolled up to his white Nissan SUV and began spraying the vehicle with bullets, cops said. The girlfriend, who was driving, suffered a graze wound to the neck, while a 21-year-old male passenger was critically injured with bullet wounds to the neck and shoulder. There was no update Saturday on his condition. A second man, age 22, was wounded in the arm. Fox — whose real name is Jamal Green — stumbled from the vehicle and collapsed in a nearby driveway. Carter, 29, was killed with a single shot to the head on Feb. 22, 2010, after three cars rolled up outside a home in Jamaica, cops said. A second man was shot in the chest but lived. The head of the nearby 103rd Precinct saw the killing and made an arrest in the case. Five guns were recovered.
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now."

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • "What could be more convincing, moreover, 
  • than the gesture of laying one's cards face up on the table?"
  • ~ Sun Goddess & RA

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