Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IT Science + DAX

I.T.G.C. = U.R. = E.E.I.T.
G.C. = Game Changer
17+3+2+0+1+5 = 20+H = N+N = 28
1+7+3+2+0+1+5 = 8+C+8 = RA
28+RA = G+XP = A+GENT
G.A. = Guardian Alliance

RAP+7+7+7 = 56 = XP+G.I.
IT Science+DAX
IT+S+DAX = 77
S+X = 19+X = RA+X = 43
Yes (in English) = JA (in German) = DA (in Serbian)
Me (in English) = I+CH (in German) = JA (in Serbian)

Diane Ravitch + Higher Perspective
DR+HP = V+X = 46 = SOL
"O ye Lords of Truth without fault, 
who are forever cycling for eternity ...
 - save me from the annihilation 
of this Region of the Two Truths."
  — Egyptian Ritual of the Dead
The adversaries of the
Emerald Covenant 
(Aeons & Yunasai & Guardian Angelics)
are beings who are loyal to the
Luciferian Covenant 
(Archons & Demons & Fallen Angelics).

The Emerald Covenant
 is a 'Creation Contract' 
of the 'C.F.R. = Christos Founder Races' 
a.k.a. 'The Founders/The Ptaal
 (who are the primary biological manifest races before the creation of the human genetic lines) for seeding the life-field in our time matrix (in the pre-matter domain: Liquid Light Christos Field) & it was orchestrated through a cooperative agreement of intended peaceful coevolution. 

The Luciferian Covenant 
is a 'Creation Contract' 
with dark forces in the multiverse. 
These dark forces are related 
& connected the so called 
"Chimera group ~ Cobra Resistance" 
& these beings are "worshipping the 
B.S. = Black Sun  ~ Cobra Resistance"

Occult Global
WHITEhat Templar
A+OG+WT = 1+22+33 = 56
56+A = RA+RA+RA = SION

bmw Z2 yellow
A+fil+e+s = A+fsb+e+s = Z2+X
"Occult simply means hidden."
~ Jordan Maxwell
J+M+S = 42
42+14 = 56
Ich habe seit 3 Jahren Bauchschmerzen und keiner geht der Sache auf den Grund. Außerdem bin ich seit mehreren Monaten obdachlos und kann mir manchmal noch nicht einmal Nahrungsmittel leisten. Herr Fischer ist heute den ganzen Tag nicht anwesend und angeblich ist Frau Dirksen die ganze CeBIT2015 Woche über krank und angeblich hat noch niemand angerufen. 
Falls wirklich noch niemand 
angerufen hat ... -
wovor habt ihr 
Vor der Wahrheit???

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Von Erik Peter


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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