Sunday, March 1, 2015

Holy I.T.+I.T. Sunday

but just for fun now
a little bit of "Leap-Year-Mind-Fuck"
"Mind-Fuck" ~ R.A.W. @

29+2+2+0+1+5 = 31+H = 39 = UR
2+9+2+2+0+1+5 = 21 = 7+7+7
UR+7+7+7 = BERLIN
You're dangerous
'cause you're honest
U2 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses'

Holy I.T.+I.T. Sunday
I.T. = Indigo Templar
I.T. = Information Technology

Leap year

A leap year (or intercalary or bissextile year) is a year containing one additional day (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars, a month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, calendars that have the same number of days in each year, over time, drift with respect to the event that the year is supposed to track. By inserting (or intercalating) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected. A year that is not a leap year is called a common year. For example, in the Gregorian calendar, each leap year lasts 366 days instead of the usual 365, by extending February to 29 days rather than the common 28 days. Similarly, in the lunisolar Hebrew calendar, Adar Aleph, a 13th lunar month, is added seven times every 19 years to the twelve lunar months in its common years to keep its calendar year from drifting through the seasons. The name "leap" year comes from the fact that while a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar normally advances one day of the week from one year to the next, in a leap year the day of the week will advance two days (from March onwards) due to the year's extra day inserted at the end of February (thus "leaping over" one of the days in the week). For example, Christmas Day fell on Tuesday in 2001, Wednesday in 2002 and Thursday in 2003 but then "leapt" over Friday to fall on a Saturday in 2004.

The Reptilians:
Why Are They Obsessed With Bloodline and Ritual
 Sunday, March 1, 2015
by David Icke, via Jeff Rense
Royal Babylon:
The Alarming History of European Royalty
Satanic Pedophilia & Luciferian Child Sacrifice Rituals Exposed:
"Never trust a Bush unless it's burning!"
~ G.G. = General Gemineye

  • "What could be more convincing, moreover, 
  • than the gesture of laying one's cards face up on the table?"
  • ~ Sun Goddess & RA

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