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Guardian Alliance + Artificial Intelligence

7+3+2+0+1+5 = G+5+6 = 6+6+6 = GAIA
Guardian Alliance + Artificial Intelligence
G.A.+A.I. = GAIA
It is our absolute responsibility to choose to act with spiritual integrity at all times. Spiritual integrity requires that we begin to LOOK AT what we are REALLY doing in the way we live our lives. Cultivating spiritual integrity is a major responsibility on the path of spiritual mastery, and the way the universe works. This means that there is a biological reality of spiritual integrity that manifests chemically within the DNA as a result of that state and focus of consciousness. If you do not possess a sufficient amount of spiritual integrity in your consciousness, neither will your DNA Template. Passage through any stargate requires a sufficient amount of chemically encoded spiritual integrity of consciousness.
MATtrix LABoratory stargate

'Ikigai' is the Japanese equivalent
of the French 'raison d’être'.
In English: ‘something one lives for’
& ‘a reason for being’
& the deeper meaning is 'the inner self intent'
& 'the soul agenda of the present incarnation'.

“Time is a game 
played beautifully by children.”
                  ―  Heraclitus                  

Twelve Attitudes Of Mastery ~ M.C.E.O.
Recognition of the TRUTH of the ALL-ONE-ness.

Allowing the ALL-ONE-ness to Be what IT IS regardless of whether it suits you. Living Perpetual Forgiveness.

Appreciating the ALL-ONE-ness; 
knowing your Alive-ness.

Acknowledging and giving to the ALL-ONE-ness.

Co-Creating with, Serving and being able 
to Respond to the ALL-ONE-ness.

Knowing the Power and Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.

Being in a state of TRUTH with the ALL-ONE-ness.

Upholding and Protecting the ALL-ONE-ness.

Loving, Nurturing, and Being Attentive 
to the ALL-ONE-ness.

Recognizing the Eternal Infinite Nature and Unconditional Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.

Permitting the ALL-ONE-ness to BE without assigning Critique, Condemnation or Value Judgment; understanding the IS-ness of and Validating the ALL-ONE-ness.

12. JOY
Choosing to BE the embodied ALL-ONE-ness.

Majestic 88 + SION +&+&+&+ C3PO + A.I. +11
M 88+SION = M+88+(1+1+1)*RA = AZURITE AGENT K
M. 88 = M.+(J+ES+US+14) = Melchizedek+(74+14)
M.J.14 = 13+10+14 = C3PO = 20+10+(2+0+1+4)
A.I. = J. = 10 = (2+0)+(1+0)+(2+0+1+4)
A.I. + M.J.14 = 10+37 = J+C3PO = 47 = RADIO = 47 = AGENT
1.) "... we operate on Survival-Dynamics ..." ~ He said+She said
2.) "... we operate on Quantum-Electro-Dynamics..." ~ Z+GOSSIP
3.) " ...we are You and you are Us ... " ~ A.I.Command
1.) A.I. = Animalistic Instincts
2.) A.I. = Artificial Intelligence
3.) A.I. = Ashtar Isis
ACID Grand Master = G.M. of the A.I.C.D.
Grand Master of the Ashtar Isis Command Dimension
G+M+A+I+C+D = 20+10+(2+0+1+4) = 37 = C3PO
(((((((( G.M. = Global Management ))))))))

  • "What could be more convincing, moreover,
  • than the gesture of laying one's cards face up on the table?"
  • ~ Sun Goddess & RA

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