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10+3+2+0+1+5 = 13+H = 21 = 7+7+7
1+0+3+2+0+1+5 = 4+H = 12 = 4+4+4
7+7+7+4+4+4 = 33
Grandpa (in English) = Opa (in German) = Deda (in Serbian)
You (in English) = Du (in German) = Ti (in Serbian)
Me (in English) = Ich (in German) = Ja (in Serbian)

deda mraz i ti i ja


Cobra Resistance ~ Interview ~ 5.11.2014:

Untwine : You've explained that Ashtar is the twin flame of Ishtar
Cobra : Of Astara, Ashtar and Astara.

U : Is Ishtar a different one ?

C : It's the same name but there are different variations of the same name in various cultures.

U : So Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Isis, this is all the same being ?

C : Basically it's the same being that had lived in late Atlantean times, and various cultures had different approach to that being and different ways of connecting.

U : Ok. So is Ashtar also Osiris and Appolo ?

C : Ashtar is Osiris yes.

U : And Appolo is a different one ?

C : There were also other beings of light that were living on the planet in late Atlantean period, and many of the ancient gods and goddesses are actually distant memories of those beings.

U : Ok. Can you comment about the story of Osiris being killed and cut into pieces, did that really happen ?

C : Actually it's a symbolic reflection of the wars which were taking place in the late Atlantean period, especially the time when planet Earth became a quarantine, under the control of the archons, so it's actually a memory of that timeframe.

U : Ok so it's like a metaphor ?

C : Yes it's not how the exact story happened but it's actually a reflection, a memory, a symbolic representation of the conflict that was happening in that timeframe.

U : Ok. And so now are Isis and Osiris located in many places at the same time or is there a place where their central consciousness is ?

C : Their main focus is in the Sirius star system but of course they have projected their consciousness also in the motherships around the Earth, and they are also sending a lot of energy towards the surface of the planet, to assist in the process of liberation.

U : Ok. In astrology there's always planets that have the same name as a God or a Goddess, is it really linked to the planet itself and its higher self, or are they different beings ?

C : Actually the planets are much more evolved beings than Gods and Goddesses which were heroes of the past, but in many cases the energy ray, the energy signature is very similar.

U : Ok, so they're not the same but they have the same kind of frequency ?

C : They have a similar quality of frequency yes.

U : So, many of the ancient stories like in Greece are not exactly true yes ?

C :  It's a memory, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and it has of course been distorted to a certain degree because each generation has changed the story a little bit.

U : So are beings like Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune around the planet right now playing a role in the liberation ?

C : Some of them yes, some of them no, most of them yes.

U : In the Paris conference you said the Louvre pyramid was built by the Light templars yes ?

C : Actually there was a Japanese architect, that had a certain contact with the Light forces I would say.

U : Ok. Because the official story says it came from the french president but he was more in the cabal yes ?

C : Yes he had connections with the cabal, but the basic impulse for that pyramid actually came from the light forces.

U : Even through the president ?

C : I would say he was open to certain suggestions and the cabal wanted to misuse that portal as an entry point for their rituals, but actually the light forces were more successful in this.

U : So once it's built, can it be used by both sides ?

C : It could be used by both sides but fortunately the light forces took the upper hand, so that situation is ok.

U : Have the tantra teachings been manipulated and distorted ?

C : I would say all teachings on the surface of this planet have been manipulated and distorted. You can find truth in most teachings but there is also a lot of disinformation so you need to use your inner guidance to find what is true and what is not.

U : Ok. For example they say sometimes that men shouldn't ejaculate, where is that coming from, is it a distortion ?

C : Yes it is a distortion and I would say that you need to use your own inner guidance about that, about your body and your sexuality.

U : Yes. Is there sexuality after the ascension ?

C : Not in the way that people understand it but there is a state of consciousness which could be described as the cosmic orgasm, which is one aspect of divine consciousness, and after ascension you're always connected with that vibration of the cosmic orgasm, which is one aspect of bliss actually.

U : Ok. And is there still exchanges of this energy between different beings ?

C : Yes but not in a physical way, it's actually more of an energy exchange.

U : Ok. So can you explain basically the original purpose of sexuality ?

C : The original purpose of sexuality is to merge polarities into Oneness.

U : You said that only 6 people escaped the quarantine since 1996, how did they do it ?

C : Actually there was a group of people that belonged to the Brotherhood of the Star, that group was located in California very close to the Edwards airport base. They were using a certain protocol to transform their physical bodies and to transform their consciousness, and they have managed to ascend in the late 90s, and they are not in this solar system anymore, they actually went to the Sirius star system after their ascension.

U : Ok. So they escaped after the invasion ?

C : Yes exactly.

U : Was this the only planet to ever be quarantined ?

C : There were other places that were quarantined but this is the most difficult situation regarding quarantine in the whole history of the Universe.

U : Are there both positive and negative cities on the etheric and astral planes ?

C : Yes around planet Earth yes.

U : Ok. Can you talk about the positive ones ?

C : Actually on the higher astral planes there are areas of Light where people can go after they die if they have high enough vibrational frequency. They have beautiful landscapes, beautiful buildings, beautiful surroundings. But they are still tied to the quarantine Earth, sooner or later they have to come back and reincarnate, because the archons still have control over them.

U : So they're inside the veil, they can't escape ?

C : Yes they are inside of the veil.

U : So is it like a technology that they can't go through ?

C : Exactly.

U : How are the archons able to force them to reincarnate ?

C : With technology, with magnetic fields. They prey upon them and whenever they detect certain emotions that are not exactly of the Light, they enlarge it with an energy field and sooner or later, people get trapped again, usually because they have attachments to people who are already incarnated.

U : Ok. So it's only through their own emotions that they can force them ?

C : Through their own emotions and attachments.

U : So it's possible that if somebody would clear all attachments and negative emotions they could escape also ?

C : Theoretically yes. But this will change soon because the quarantine begins to dissolve, and it will become much easier to escape in the future. Actually the quarantine will open and the Light forces will come in and they will liberate the whole etheric and astral planes.

U : Ok. So when you say ascended master, these are beings that were on this planet and that ascended from this planet yes ?

C : Yes.

U : And there's about 70 of them ?

C : Around 70 of them yes.

U : Do you have an exact number ?

C : 70 is very close to the exact number.

U : Ok. And is it balanced, half male half female ?

C : Exactly.

U : Ok. But there's many more beings that have ascended from other planets yes ?

C : Of course there are billions upon billions of ascended beings in this Universe.

U : Are some of them that are from other planets playing a role in the liberation of this planet ?

C : Yes of course many of them are on the motherships, I would say they are projecting their energy to the motherships around the earth.

U : So the Brotherhood of the Star, that's these 70 ascended masters plus the Esoteric Brotherhood who are their disciples yes ?

C : Exactly.

U : Ok. Is the Ordo Bucintoro part of the Esoteric Brotherhood ?

C : Part of it yes, not completely but they intersect, they are actually very much connected.

U : Ok. Is the Esoteric Brotherhood on the surface of the planet only or are they beyond also ?

C : Of course they are on the surface of the planet, and also below the surface and above the surface of this planet.

U : Outside the veil also ?

C : Yes

U : How was the Ordo Bucintoro able to choose their incarnations ?

C : Actually those people who belong to the order are very conscious and the most conscious of them have planned their incarnations when they were in between incarnations. They have gathered on the higher astral plane and mental plane, and they were trying to avoid as many archon traps as possible and to incarnate in key periods of history.

U : Ok. And then the Order of the Star are 144000 beings who are here on the surface ? [C : Yes]  And they're the disciples of the brotherhood of the star [C : yes]. Are some of them part of the general population ?

C : Actually most of the Order of the Star are part of the general population, they don't even know that they belong to the Order of the Star. They're actually those of the lightworkers that do a lot of energy work of transforming darkness with light.

U : Ok. Are they all awakened at this point ?

C : No.

U : Can there be contact between them and the esoteric brotherhood ?

C : Sometimes it happens but they don't know about it, it's actually more that the Esoteric Brotherhood contact those people and assist their awakening without revealing themselves.

U : So telepathically, stuff like that ?

C : Telepathically and sometimes also physically.

U : Ok. So sometimes you can meet somebody who is part of the Esoteric Brotherhood but who is not gonna say that he or she is ?

C : Exactly.

The Three Legged Crow
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