Monday, February 23, 2015

The Eckasha Activation: Awakening The God Seed Within

23+2+2+0+1+5 = 25+8 = 33
2+3+2+2+0+1+5 = 15
33+15 = 48
48 = ECKASHA = 48

The Eckasha Activation
Awakening The God Seed Within

The following steps should be followed as a means to correctly and successfully activate, 
and embody, the High Veca Code known as the "Eckasha" or God Seed:

1.  Always use one of the Eckasha Maharic Seal Techniques to Bring Up your Maharic Seal Pillar "before" doing any kind of energy work or techniques. This will bring in sub-harmonics of D-12 Frequency that will increase each time you Activate Your Maharic Seal. Use the Eckasha as the Heirophant Symbol in the 4 week program of the Beginners Step.

2.  Stare at image of the Eckasha Code for a few seconds, then gently begin to "Cross Eyes" until you can see a "Double Image" of the Eckasha when looking at the image.  Hold "Eye Cross" focus while taking three rapid breaths; on each EXHALE projecting a stream of (D-6) INDIGO current from your 3rd Eye Chakra at forehead.  (This braids D-6 Optical Currents into a D-12 Current to carry the Eckasha program into the Pineal Seals).  Un-cross eyes, relax visual focus and close eyes for a moment or two.

3.  INHALE several breaths of Pale Silver D-12 Maharata Current up from the Earth Core through your Maharic Cord, on each EXHALE depositing the Maharata Current in the Pineal Gland at the center of the brain, to form a Pale Silver "Maharata Ball" in the Pineal.

4.  Breathe gently and return visual focus to the image of the Eckasha, focusing upon the Eckasha Core REUCHE' (the Double Circles and their content at center of Eckasha).

5.  EXHALE while projecting a stream of INDIGO current from the 6th Chakra into the REUCHE symbol before your eyes.  INHALE while drawing the INDIGO current stream with the REUCHE image at its end back through the 6th Chakra and into the Maharata Ball in the Pineal.

6.  INHALE one more breath of Maharata Current up from Earth Core to the Maharata Ball at the Pineal, then use a forceful EXHALE to PUSH Eckasha-Reuche encoded Maharata Ball out to the right, to the 'Mentor" position over the right shoulder.  Visualize the Maharata Ball growing to the size of a "Basket Ball" over the right shoulder, and visualize the image of the Reuche as expanding to fill the inside of the Maharata Ball.

7.  INHALE forcefully while drawing the Maharata Ball back to a position centered around your head, then use three breaths to INHALE Maharata Current up from Earth's Core to Pineal and EXHALE the Maharata Current outward to fill and expand the Maharata Ball.

8.  Visualize the Maharata Ball expanding outward from around your head, until the Maharata Ball fully encompasses your body and entire Chakra System, from Chakra-14 36" above head to Chakra-13 in Earth Core.  Imagine that your entire body is now surrounded by a 3-Dimensional "Eckasha Tear-Drop" shaped CLEAR CRYSTAL CAPSULE.  The Eckasha Code Photo-Sonic Capsule is now temporarily activated in your Inner Templar system.



David Icke on the Real Talk TV Debate Show
Monday 23 February 2015
"... shaved her legs and then he was a she,
she says 'Hey babe take a walk on the wild side'..."

 -- Lou Reed

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