Friday, February 27, 2015

Esoteric Templar Alphanumerics + Metaphysical Numerology Calculations

27+2+2+0+1+5 = 27+10 = 37
2+7+2+2+0+1+5 = 19
37+19 = 56

"If you understand everything, you must be misinformed." ~ A Japanese Proverb

Esoteric Templar Alphanumerics + Metaphysical Numerology Calculations
E.T.A. + M.N.C.

56+69 = 100+25
Z+O+O = 56 = I+S+I+S
Y+O+R+K = 69 = DA+ODE+J+ING
ODE to joy
European National Anthem
European Union International Anthem
"Man is never truly wise 
until he has fathomed 
the riddle of his own existence."
-- Manly P. Hall

Joy, oh wondrous spark of the gods,
Daughter of ELYSION,
Drunk with fire we enter,
Heavenly one, your holy shrine.
Your magic powers bind together
What fashion strictly did divide.
Brotherhood unites all men
Where your gentle wing is spread wide.

All good beings
All evil beings
follow her path of Roses

Photon Frequency @ 27.2.2015:

"I now realize that those who I have perceived with ridicule and judgment in my past were my teachers, who were far beyond my understanding of the expression of their Soul. And now, as I observe those who ridicule me, I see the student, standing in the line of judgment, waiting to learn the wisdom of humility — that we ALL truly are Divine. The symbiosis of this human experience is the perpetual spiraling of creation within the illusion of projection and reflection. We are all students as we teach and teachers as we learn. But through it all, it is always introspection, understanding and compassion that illuminates the path to Divine Wisdom — an intelligence far beyond the trappings of ego. Trust in this process. You have come to this place in your awareness to understand the path of your Soul. See Divinity in your world and rise above the chaos of ego distortions. Look closely at your struggles. A profound message is being presented to you that will transcend from your emotional response. There was once a time that you perceived yourself as the student. Now you have become the teacher, yet truly you are both. Reality has presented you with countless examples of this duality. Light can only be perceived within the Wisdom of darkness. Happiness can only be perceived within the Wisdom of sadness. Pay attention to the dualities, the clues to your existence. They are everywhere. To know, you must become. Such is the pathway to the Light of your being.” 
 U.R. = 39 = T.S. = The Soul @ 27.2.2015
The Soul of Photon Frequency



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