Saturday, December 20, 2014

Secret Space Program = S.S.P.

++++++Secret Space Program = S.S.P++++++
+S.S.P. = 38+16 = 12+42 = 12+37+5 = LOVE+
+++Titovi Pioniri = +T.+P.+ = The Ptaal+++
"Houston, we have a problem!"
Yugoslavian Space Program

Mount Zion Masks @

UR = MMM = M.Z. = Mount Zion
@ 3:56
20+12+2+0+1+4 = 32+G = 13+13+13 = UR
2+0+1+2+2+0+1+4 = CCCC = BIA
UR+4+4+4 = 26+13+4+4+4
@ C.C.C.C. = Chaotic Canadian Coding Cluster

You Can't Hide +++ by G A Rosenberg

Dr. C. Gemineye S. a.k.a. General Chad  
& his gr8 song "Terrorist Chick":
CEO & The Honorable Prophet & General
@ Conspirituality + Inner Earth Entertainment
"Pozdrav suncu"
~ Arwen The Lion 
Arwen The Lion = Arwen 33+Ptaal = Arwen 83 = 144
(6+8)+(2+0+1+4) = 14+G = 7+7+7
... b.t.w.: Arwen The Ptaal & Isis Love I.T. T.O. P.S.
... Play Stupid = P.S. = Pozdrav Suncu ♡♡♡♡

... I.T. T.O. = TITO = 64 = ZION

+++ The Other Version ;)

"... get yourself a bird,
I got me a Lioness ... " 
~ Pro+dig+y+ a.k.a. Dr. M.J.A.

The deeper meaning of the word "religion" is "to reconnect (with the God-source)". In my present lifetime I'm a Serbian Orthodox Christian, though I prefer to term myself a 'Holistic Gnostic Mystic Scientific Spiritualist'. I deeply love & respect the traditions and roots of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In the Serbian Orthodox Church we have specific holy celebrations respectively patron saints for every family. The patron saint of my family on the paternal as well as on the maternal side is St. George the Dragonslayer. In a holy celebration my family honors St. George the Dragonslayer every 6th May. The Coat of Arms of the Russian capital Moscow depicts St. George the Dragonslayer. St. George's Cross is a red cross on a white background used as a symbolic reference to Saint George. This is where the flag of England originates from. The Knights Templar were called the Knights of the Red Cross, with their symbol of a red cross on a white field. The Rose/Red Cross of the Knights Templar symbolizes a harmonic healthy perfect balance, between service to self and service to others. According to the Ra-Material "The Law of One" you have to be slightly more in service to others than in service to self to end up in a positive 'harvest'

 "Everyone has a belief system, B.S.,
the trick is to learn not to take anyones B.S. too seriously, 
especially your own."
― R.A.Wilson

Silbo Gomero 
(Spanish: silbo gomero [ˈsilβo ɣoˈmeɾo], 'Gomeran whistle'), also known as el silbo ('the whistle'), is a whistled register of Spanish used by inhabitants of La Gomera in the Canary Islands to communicate across the deep ravines and narrow valleys (gullies) that radiate through the island. It enables messages to be exchanged over a distance of up to 5 kilometres. Due to this loud nature, Silbo Gomero is generally used in circumstances of public communication. Messages conveyed could range from being an event invitation to being public information advisories. A speaker of Silbo Gomero is sometimes referred to in Spanish as a silbador ('whistler'). Silbo Gomero is a transposition of Spanish from speech to whistling. This oral phoneme-whistled phoneme substitution emulates Spanish phonology through a reduced set of whistled phonemes. It was declared as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009.

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