Sunday, November 23, 2014

Unity Consciousness at its best +++ Gaia & Sophia are not amused

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Unity Consciousness at its best 


Gaia & Sophia are not amused

After I expressed my anger [in my own unique way ;)] about the satanic ritual abuse victim & self-described "Superwarrior/Supersoldier" Erin Green "Hicks" (who believes that she is one of the "strongest of strongest" souls on this planet & that James Casbolt is an "Archangel in her hierarchy" - SMH) on the facebook wall of the self-described "Global Gaia Sophia Alchemist" Laura M. Eisenhower under a link of a video with Alfred Lambremont Webre, I can not see their facebooks pages anymore. It seems like that they have blocked me. Maybe my way of expressing myself does not suit their own agenda, but I truly don't care about such nonsense. I also don't like this sick & technocratic & dystopian  transhumanist agenda. We are all One, but it seems like that they (Laura & Alfred) do not fully understand the Occult Warfare to save as many of the Pleiadian-Human-Hybrid bloodlines as possible. They survived thousands of years of Luciferian Anunnaki Terror & those people who know what's going on are sick of the Luciferian Rothschilds & do all they can to expose them & fight them on all possible levels to end their lies & their evil manipulations. Do "they" enjoy it to show "their power" by letting their lesser pawns slaughter babies & children of these divine human beings in the catacombs of the Vatican & elsewhere? That's sick & ill & disgusting & the Archons enjoy this stupidity. Period.

... & btw: M.J.A. & SION are in charge now ;)

Love & Light & Z. :)

"Don't compromise yourself - you are all you've got.”
― Janis Joplin

post scriptum:

23 = Death (in biblical numerology)

11 = Disorder & Chaos & Judgement (in biblical numerology)

2+0+1+4 = G

Janis Joplin ~ Mercedes Benz (Woodstock 69)

Joseph Mengele a.k.a. Dr. Green


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