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Quest for The Ark of the Emerald Covenant

Living Love Light = LLL = 36 = MCEO = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
 Purple Lotus Society = PLS = ISS = 47 = AGENT


Y = E.T. = EinsteinTesla

'Ikigai' is the Japanese equivalent
of the French 'raison d’être'.
In English: ‘something one lives for’
& ‘a reason for being’
& the deeper meaning is 'the inner self intent'
& 'the soul agenda of the present incarnation'.

"A coincidence is what have left over 

when you apply a bad theory." 

-- Percy Williams Bridgman 

Nobel Prize winner in Physics

& Philosopher of Science

Startnummer 22: Satellite 
Eurovision Song Contest winner 2010:
Startnummer 17: Molitiva  = The Prayer
Eurovision Song Contest winner 2007:

 E.F. = E.6. = 5.6. + 6. Experience:
Experience is a riverbed,
Its source hidden, forever flowing:
Its entrance, the root of the world,
The Way moves within it:
Draw upon it; it will not run dry.

I  posted here today the main
information part about me
from my homepage.
I created my homepage
on 25.1.2013
Love Love Love
Quantum Electro-Dynamics (Q.E.D.)
Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)
(Q+E+D)+(Q+E+D) = 26+26 = UR+13
"When we begin to realize that we are looking through the point of view of our reality tunnels, we find that it is much easier to understand where other people are coming from ... -  ... they just have a different reality tunnel and every reality tunnel might tell us something interesting about our world, if we are willing to listen." 
 -- Robert Anton Wilson

25.01.2013: My name is Vladimir Gvozden & I'm a Holistic Gnostic Mystic Scientific Spiritualist & I studied Electrical Engineering & Information Technology (EEIT) at the University of Applied Sciences & Arts Hannover (HsH) & successfully finished my studies on 8.8.2007 at the Laboratory for Control Engineering of the HsH. My area of specialisation is Communications Engingeering (MATLAB & LabVIEW Programming) & my Diploma Thesis is/was "PC-based measured value acquisition & analysis with MATLAB". I'm an Engineer of Serbian origin, like my legendary fellow-countryman Nikola Tesla, but regarding electrotechnical implementations I'm very far away from the brilliancy that Nikola Tesla represents & I didn't work in this particular area after my EEIT studies to be able to focus on my spiritual development & on alternative knowledge & to unlearn certain falsehoods that we've been taught by the mainstream education system & the mainstream media. I was aware of the indirectly controlled & manipulative (sometimes even mixed with blatant lies) western mainstream media since my teenage years, because I grew up as a Serb in Germany & unfortunately we had these wars in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s & the Serbs were systematically demonized & presented as the bad guys by the media in Germany & elsewhere in the western world, only to achive the agenda of splitting up Yugoslavia. I was not sure after I finished school if I should study EEIT or HISTORY, because I was interested in both subjects for various reasons. I met the famous Serbian historian Dr. Veselin Djuretic (SANU = Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti) in the late 1990s (in Hannover) & I was impressed by him & his work, but I'm happy now that I chose EEIT, because thereby I got trained to analyze systems with an abstract way of thinking, which is also very helpful when you start to make sense of what is truly going on in our world. My family is from Bosnia, but I was born in Novi Sad (Vojvodina Serbia 14.06.1977 +195cm & 90kg right now + Green Eyes with Orange in the Middle & btw: only 2% of Humans on our Planet have Green Eyes or a MIX with Green in it.) & live in Hannover (Germany) since I was one year old (since August 1978). To be more precise, my family from Bosnia is from villages around the cities Sanski Most & Kljuc & Gradiska. My father's family moved from Bosnia to Rijeka (Croatia) in 1956 & from there to Hannover in 1966 (my grandpa alone) & in 1967 (my grandma, aunt & dad). My mother's family moved shortly after WWII from Bosnia to Vojvodina (northern province of Serbia). When I was a teenager I came across the Seth books (by Jane Roberts), which sparked my interest in the esoteric & metaphysical aspects of our reality, but unfortunately I never had anyone to talk to about such topics, since nobody I knew here in Hannover was interested in it, besides the son of a Serbian diplomat from Belgrade (Serbia) who was born in Moscow (Russia) & who introduced me to this material, but in the mid 1990s I lost sight of him. I grew up in the inner city of Hannover & went through a multi-layered socialization process, which is very helpful, because thereby it is possible to understand very different & seemingly contradicting perspectives on life. I love all countries, but I realized that the illness of western style culture is that some people would even sell their own mother for money & that too many people are caught in materialistic value (& belief) systems. I enjoy the intuitive knowing within me & I love the Keylontic Morphogenetic Science & the Freedom Teachings of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO).  The 'Law Of One' Ra-Material (by Carla L. Rueckert), the Seth books (by Jane Roberts) & books by Ervin László, Barbara Marciniak & the MCEO-Material (by Ashayana Deane aka Anna Hayes) had a deep impact on my life & helped me to lift the veil of the material 'illusion' around us. I love it when I find reference points & correlations in the material world around us - in the form of texts or stories people tell or documentaries or any other shape of creative expression. I've a "coffee brewer apprenticeship" ;) & I can handle these machines quite good. Apart from that I'm very emotional & it's always more interesting to do what you feel & not what the "manual" says &...

E.RA+E.H. = X+M = 24+13 = 37 = R.S. 
Eye of RA a.k.a. Eye of Horus 
& The Third Eye/Pineal Gland (Right Side)
E.T. = T.E. = Tiger Eye = Eye of the Tiger

:::: S.H. :::: = :::: Same Here ::::
:::: I have a Dual Citizenship ::::
:::: Serbian :::: + :::: German ::::

& I Love knowledge in general
& good-hearted people
& humor

& the convergence of science & spirituality

& consciousness energy symphonies like:
 music / nature / poetry / art  / &... &... &...
... my greatest weakness is being honest: 
A few years ago I thought of myself as a human being who is in a spiritual awakening, when in fact I'm a spiritual being & attempted to cope with a human awakening. Seeing ourselves from the perspective of the spirit within will help us to remember why we came here and what we came here to do. When the mind knows, we call it knowledge, when the heart knows we call it love, and when the being knows we call it meditation. I like to provoke sometimes to make people feel & think deeper than they are used to. The most important thing is to think independently & not according to what others would like you to think. It's our GodGiven right to express whatever we feel & think, on the internet or wherever, even if it is information that others present, since information is the key to Victory against the oppression of the Free Human Spirit. 


An ancient & sacred art 
& practice of healing & divine health.
God has provided, in nature, all we need
for total mind+body+spirit wellness & wholeness. 
All we have to do is attune to the higher vibrations of the Holy Spirit. 
Every thing you experience, 
that you do not want, 
is an opportunity to heal, 
to come up higher in the things of God.

It's funny how people who do not know you judge you, because of their own assumptions and/or belief systems, which in many cases have nothing to do with the reality that we are confronted with here on planet Earth. I love the Abraham Hicks teachings where it is said, that positive selfishness is very benficial for an uplifting spiritual vortex & I agree with that, but the main problem is that many people have a negative & materialistic selfishness which is very destructive in the long run - for themselves, but unfortunately also for others. Since 2006 I invested a lot of time into reading books & researching on the internet & meditating & analyzing my dreams.  In 2006 & 2007 I had huge consciousness expansions, which saved my life a few times. I wasn't aware of so many things back then, but I had luck & survived. Well, actually it wasn't luck, but good Karma & consciousness energy science & I wasn't even aware of the sacred principles of Karma back then. In late 2006 it was a spontanious Third Eye (Pineal Gland) activation. I saw a  flying saucer while I was in a stressed & life-endangering situation, even though I was never interested in UFO/ET topic investigations before that point in time. One year later in late 2007 I had a spontaneous Kundalini activation & saw & felt a huge counsciousness energy blast through my entire mind/body/spirit complex in the form of a white ball of light which penetrated my entire chakra system & that what we perceive as a normal time flow stopped for a few hours from my subjective perspective ...
"A Matrix is a mathematical calculation model to describe systematically determined dynamic and/or static Vectors. Vectors are SpaceTime PointDescribers/Pointers of MatterWaveRealities and/or other Theoretical Systems. Multidimensional VectorSystems respectively Matrices help Engineers & Physicists & Mathematicians & other Scientists to describe the Nature of
(E.F.) ElectromagneticFields & 
(Q.E.D.) QuantumElectroDynamics & 
(T.G.F.P.) TheoreticalGavitationFieldPhysics of our 
(H.M.) HolographicMultiverse &...&...&... 
... - 
Matrices are also very often used by 
SoftwareEngineers & 
ComputerScientists & 
InformationTechnologyExperts & 
in many areas of Science+Engineering in general."

-- Vladimir Gvozden :::: Hanover, Germany ::::

Shortly before this metaphysical experience 

in late 2007, I became aware of the 
exopolitical aspects of geopolitics 
& the 9/11/2001 false flag 
mass media brainwashing operations
in N.Y.C. @ The World Trade Center
:::: W.T.C.1+2+7 ::::  
9+9+9 = 27 = F.S.B. = D.J.M.+"Do your homework."--Jordan Maxwell 
& Washington D.C. (Pentagon), 
the centralized financial system in the western
world & all these manipulated wars,
because of an interview on Coast to Coast AM,

which I discovered on YouTube & I was totally pissed off & M.A.D. As H.E.L.L. & angry back then, because of the tolerated deaths of so many innocent people in all these manipulated wars & because of the exploitation of the people by the central banking system & that those people in the postions of power in this system kept us - the general public - in the dark by the mainstream media for so many decades regarding the ET+UFO topics. Later I found my peace with this situation, because we've now many good alternative news sources on the internet. I also learned & understood that planet Earth was & is part of a huge exopolitical & metaphysical drama, but fortunately many things changed for the better since more & more people awaken regarding the reality of such topics & also regarding their own internal spiritual nature, which is a wonderful development, because we're left pretty much in the dark regarding our true spiritual nature & consciousness energy science by the mainstream educational system. I had two experiences that could be described as something similar to near-death experiences & I truly do not know anymore what "FEAR" is (F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real). It was a painful awakening process for me on every possible level - emotionally & physically - but at least I woke up & I'm deeply grateful for it. Patience brings a balanced perspective on the challenges, which is a virtue of a dedicated Spiritual Warrior. I have been through a transformation process, that Spiritual Teachings refer to as "The Dark Night of the Soul" & after I went through some struggle, I came across amazing information & I have invested a lot of thought into myself, my experiences and the nature of the problems in our world. It was a needful karmic cleansing, healing, awakening & an enhancement of my spiritual & intuitive faculties, to enable me to play my small & humble role in the transformation process of humanity on planet Earth. On my journey in this lifetime I (re)discovered that my life force originates from my inner self (SoulCore). The mind is embedded within a spiritual energetic consciousness field, which ultimately comes from the GodSource, or as the Zenetean culture from the constellation of Andromeda in our Milky Way Galaxy calls it, the "Isness". "The Law of One" is the perspective of an interdependent universal brother- & sisterhood & co-creative evolution, practiced by advanced races who understand the interconnections between all life forms & Reality Systems. "The Law of One" acknowledges the value, interconnection & interdependence of all components of reality & the living GodSource within all things. The first known thing in creation was Infinity. The next step was that Infinity became aware of itself. Awareness led to the focus of infinity into infinite energy. The Prime Creator GodSource is the focusing of an awareness or conscious principle that can be described as intelligent infinity. The next step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle following "The Law of One" in one of its primal distortions, freedom of will. Thus many dimensions, infinite in number, are possible. The concept of Light is instrumental in grasping the great leap of thought, as this vibrational distortion is the building block of what we know as matter. Light is simply just a possible form of consciousness energy in an infinite ocean of different energy forms. Light can deceive - Love & Sound are much closer to the Prime Creator GodSource than Light. Love is the highest form of consciousness energy. The Intelligent Infinity discerned a concept. This concept was discerned to be freedom of will of awareness. This concept was the first & primal paradox or distortion of "The Law of One". Thus the one intelligent infinity invested itself in an exploration of manyness. Due to the infinite possibilities of Intelligent Infinity, there is no ending to many-ness. The exploration, thus, is free to continue infinitely in an eternal present. Our inner selves are individualized energetic conscious multidimensional cosmic singularities in vast collectives of conscious multidimensional energetic entities. Our present mind/body/spirit complexes are only one extension of our inner selves respectively higher selves. From a higher perspective time is understood as an experiential quality within the framework of materialization. From this higher perspective the linear time concept that we have here in this material universe is a well constructed illusion & all incarnations happen simultaneously in an eternal present. Presently planet Earth is going through a huge transformation process and everyone is playing a different role in a cosmic scheme. Our universe is a fragment in a multiverse of many parallel material universes, parallel non material realities & dimensions. Everything that exists is interconnected. Past, present & future are one & different probabilities exists, so we should choose the best possible future. My own inner journey was to integrate science & planet Earth's spiritual traditions into a oneness that makes sense, guided by my inner self, my scientific knowledge, the holy scriptures, far eastern spiritual teachings, indigenous people spirituality & "The Law of One". It would be beneficial to realize, on a collective & individual spiritual level, our own internal divine nature, our own godlike selfhood in a humble & responsible way, our responsibility as keepers of planet Earth & our interconnectedness with the eternal source of existence, which is the one infinite intelligent unconditionally loving Prime Creator GodSource. We are coCreators on many levels of existence. We have the intrinsic GodGiven potential to always fuse love with creativity, in order to create new domains of knowing in the exploration journey of the infinite creation. In a process of inner alchemy, I have examined the very roots of my soul & have thereby discovered some previously hidden truths. From a relativistic subjective perspective, truth is but a resting place until the next revelation. The deeper truth itself is not relativistic. It is absolute. Yet within the absolute truth there are subjective, objective, intersubjective & interobjective perceptions of it.

The Bottom Line is+is:  
"Know Thyself" & "Sapere Aude"
(Sapere Aude is a Latin phrase meaning "dare to be wise", or more precisely "dare to know") - but please do not think that I'm advocating any ideologies here. I'm merely presenting items of reflection. Many seekers of truth do not wish to confront the deeper truth regarding the dark metaphysical aspects of the universe/multiverse/cosmos. I want to present here what I have gathered over the course of time & I had no preconceived notions or belief systems regarding all of this. Because of my early studies of the Seth books (by Jane Roberts) when I was a teenager, I knew that belief systems can be very dangerous & do have the potential to entrap entire SoulCoreCollectives. Before my awakening (before 2006/2007) I thought that all evil on planet Earth is a result of abuse of power & misbehaviour of human beings, but I found out since 2007 that I was wrong. I learned through my own experiences with the dark side of the metaphysical realm in late 2007, that you should never underestimate the so called "dark side", but you should also have no fear of it. 
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled 
 was convincing the world
he didn't exist.
Hell (in German) = bright. 
Some Luciferians are bright (intelligent). The approach of the top-leader of the so called Fallen Angelics (their metaphysical 'chief in staff'), the Fallen Angel Lucifer & Luciferians is to use intelligence without love, empathy & compassion (emotionless). Lucifer & his metaphysical & physical minions wanted to bring humanity on planet Earth as a collective into a direction were we adore everything artificial & materialistic. This lead to a spiritual darkness, but also led by necessity to scientific progress, because humanity on planet Earth researched & investigated the nature of the physical reality. We are now at a turning & merging point in human history, where science & spirituality can be merged for the benefit of all. Without an increase in spiritual awareness on a collective level, humanity on planet Earth could enter a "fallen system path" in the long run. I found it on the internet & I have analyzed the belief system of the so called "Luciferian Doctrine" or as I prefer to call it: "The Luciferian Covenant Cabal's Indoctrination Dogma". Luciferians believe that  the Fallen Angel Lucifer was sent into a dark place & created this universe. Luciferians use the term "The Dark Light of Lucifer", who was the "Brightest Angel in the Sky". And again: Hell (in German) = bright. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek (The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life II) it is true that the actions of the Fallen Angel Lucifer made free-will-matter-wave-realities a possibility, because he participated in the development free-will-matter-wave-realities, but later a huge schism happened & Lucifer decided to disconnect from the love connection to the one intelligent infinite unconditionally loving Prime Creator GodSource, to be able to be the god of his own realities & also decided back up the "dark side of evil" in a huge metaphysical chess game, which is also reflected in the physical world. Thereby the area of tension between good & evil was created. The term "evil" might be very subjective, but "evil demonic entities" represent dark manipulative energies & are called Archons by the Gnostics. The possibitity to do "Evil Things = E.T." is embedded within free-will-matter-wave-realities, but also creates negative Karma & sooner or later you have to pay for it on a karmic level. Lucifer himself is beyond good & evil, but he controls dark negative forces & he has a few puppets here on planet Earth. Evil is an invention, caused by the "Lucifer Experiment". You could define evil as a lack of love & empathy, combined with ignorance &  greed for power & control. The metaphysical schism is known as the so called "Lucifer Experiment". 

This Experiment led also to a split in the Metaphysical Etheric Energetic 8th Density.

8th Density a.k.a. 8D is the Seat/Gate of the Cores of our Higher Selves aka GodSeedOverSoulCores / Our Higher Selves are Individualized multidimensional energetic Conscious Godlike Cosmic Singularities / 8D = Golden Ray Etheric Energies 
& Infinite  
Intelligent GodSourceEnergy of Oneness.
M.I.S.S. = My Inner Self Singularity

M.I.S.S. = Military Intelligence Sound Sources
56+(68+108)+41+(58+95)+X+X+X+ ...
+Indigo Ray Energy X = IRE+X = 56

  •  "... we've all been here many times ...

  • ... every planet has some kind of caretaker ..."

  • ~ Bob Dean

  • Project Camelot 

  • A Conversation+2+0+1+1+

"I'm telling you,



I+I+N+ISIS = GAIA+N+ISIS = 32+ISIS = 32+56 = 88
German Subtitles

56+(68+108)+41+(58+95)+X+X+X+ ...
56+41 & the rest means:
56 = Isis
68+108 = Isus Hristos = Sophia  Azurite H.

41 = Pahana
58+95 = Science+Sirius = Albert Einstein

I have seen a video on YouToube where Bob Dean (a.k.a. Ufologist Robert Orel Dean) presented on a UFO-conference pictures of very large extraterrestrial spaceships near the planet Saturn in our solar system. Planet Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system. The so called "Fraternitas Saturni" ("Brotherhood of Saturn") has a belief system in which Satan represents the lower Saturn Octave of pure evil & Lucifer represents the upper Saturn Octave beyond good & evil, but It is simply not true, very simplistic & evidence for a lack of multiversal & multidimensional awareness, to believe & think that Lucifer is the creator god of this universe like Luciferians do. In the Aramaic culture the later term "Niyphelah" refers to the constellation of Orion, thus the biblical Nephilim (Fallen Angelics) refer to the offspring of Orion in mythology (OrionAnunnaki). According to an agent who is connected to the British Intelligence & the NSA, the Anunnaki are the genetic product of a Pleiadian-Draconian(Reptilian) hybridization process. Accordning to the 'Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order' (M.C.E.O.) teachings there are many different Anunnaki Races. Other sources offer the insight, that the positioning of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt exactly represents the constellation of Orion, which is/was some kind of "mark of ownership" of planet Earth. Some Pyramids in China & Mexico also represent the constellation of Orion, which indicates/proves a global pre-historic culture. The Orion system is in league with Draconian Reptilians form Alpha Draconis (Thuban), who are very dominant & are considered an archetype of the "Ultimate Warrior". Some physical Archons appear to be Reptilian/Draconian in nature, but it's important to point out that not all reptilian races are intrinsically negative. The Orion star system (Orion Mintaka) is the 8th Density gate for our region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Ra-Material "The Law of One" considers the Orion Group (Orion Chimera Empire) to be on a spiritually negative path in service to self. Some Anunnaki races entered the rehabilitation program of the Emerald Covenant. After the Anunnaki led "Lucifer Experiment" for humanity & planet Earth, follows/followed the "Sirius Experiment". We are right now in a transformational period & it will take a while to heal the wounds of the so called "Lucifer Experiment" & to fix all the problems & misconceptions of our present human societies on planet Earth.

The S.S.S.:The Sirius Star System (Sirius B) is the 6th Density (6D) '(Celestial) Angelic Mind' Indigo Ray Energy Gatekeeper System for our region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Pleiadian Star System (Alcyone) is the 5th Desinity (5D) 'Archetypal Mind' Blue Ray Energy Gatekeeper System. Our Sun (Sol) in our solar system is the 4th Density (4D) '(Emotional) Astral Mind' Green Ray Energy Gatekeeper System & planet Earth is the Third Density (3D) '(Ego Conscious) Reasoning Mind' Yellow Ray Energy Gatekeeper System. The Arcturian Star System (Bootes) is the 7th Density (7D) 'LowerOversoulMind' Violet Ray Energy Gatekeeper System. 7th Density (7D) Violet Ray Energies interconnect the 'Superconscious Mind' aspects of the interconnected D4, D5 & D6 soul-aspects with the Higher Self in 8D. All these gates relate to our region of the Milky Way Galaxy. Light is information & darkness is ignorance.
UR means Light
in reference to serving the
agenda for enlightenment of all beings.
56 = I+R+O+N = L+I+G+H+T = I+S+I+S

Lucifer & other Demiurges: 
Some creator gods of space-time reality system matrices (& master geneticists) have specialized on exploiting living systems like planet Earth on a metaphysical level for their own energy supply & on indirectly controlling the planetary population by manipulating the so called "leadership" of the planet by their physical minions and also on a metaphysical level. There is a collective of negative creator gods that wishes to completely control the Higher Self Collective (SoulCoreCollective) of humanity on planet Earth to lead us in a direction where we would be completely owned by them on a metaphysical etheric energetic 8D Level (8th Density Level). They know that our Higher Selves are very valuable coCreator Gods & they would like to use us for their own dark agenda & would like to keep humanity on planet Earth ignorant & in amnesia regarding this fact. They thought that if the collective on planet Earth was not aware of what happened in the ancient past, it would be much easier to control the entire planet. The so called 'Ashtar Command' is a diversified lot & Ashtar's function has not been an easy one, since he was put in charge of a command made up of a diversity of Anunnaki races who entered the rehabilitation program of the Emerald Covenant. The Ashtar Command is a section of the Galactic Confederation. The Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy & its headquarters is not even in our Galaxy. Our Solar System has been under control of the Orion+Andromedan(M31 Galaxy) Anunnaki Chimera Empire & their Draconian+Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under a quarantine status, thus isolating it from positive E.T. races.

"O ye Lords of Truth without fault, 
who are forever cycling for eternity ...
 - save me from the annihilation 
of this Region of the Two Truths."

  — Egyptian Ritual of the Dead 

The adversaries of the
Emerald Covenant
(Aeons & Yunasai & Guardian Angelics)
are beings who are loyal to the
Luciferian Covenant 
(Archons & Demons & Fallen Angelics).

The Emerald Covenant
 is a 'Creation Contract' 
of the 'C.F.R. = Christos Founder Races' 
a.k.a. 'The Founders/The Ptaal
 (who are the primary biological manifest races before the creation of the human genetic lines) for seeding the life-field in our time matrix (in the pre-matter domain: Liquid Light Christos Field) & it was orchestrated through a cooperative agreement of intended peaceful coevolution. 

The Luciferian Covenant 

is a 'Creation Contract' 
with dark forces in the multiverse. 
These dark forces are related 
& connected the so called 
"Chimera group ~ Cobra Resistance" 
& these beings are "worshipping the 
B.S. = Black Sun  ~ Cobra Resistance"
  M31 Andromeda Galaxy

"This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: - As below so above; and as above so below. - With this knowledge alone you can work miracles. And since all things exist in and emanate from the ONE Who is the the ultimate Cause, so all things are born after ther kind from this ONE." 
-- The Emerald Tablet Version of Hermes Trismegistus
a.k.a. Thoth (as translated by the alchemist Fulcanelli)

Thoth was entrusted with the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (M.C.E.O.) to bring oral translations of parts of one CDT-Plate into specific segments of the Atlantian culture. During this time Thoth defected from the Emerald Covenant in favor of the Fallen Angelic Luciferian Anunnaki dominion agenda, translating portions of the CDT-Plate into written form, in a text that became known as the "Emerald Tablets of Thoth". Thoth presented the Emerald Tablets to the corrupt Priesthood of Atlantis which culminated in the final destruction of Atlantis.

"Everything is dual.
Everything has poles.
Everything has its pair of opposites.
Like and unlike are the same.
Opposites are identical in nature,
But different in degree.
Extremes meet.
All truths are but half-truths.
All paradoxes may be reconciled."
-- The Kybalion Chapter X

The terminologies 'Densities'/'Dimensions' 
of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) 
& the Ra-Material ‘The Law of One’ 
are slightly different, 
but in the end they mean the same 
& completely correlate, 
because the 'Densities' 
of the Ra-Material ‘The Law of One’ 
are simply just the first 8 'Dimensions' 
of the MCEO terminology.
The 5 'Densities' of MCEO terminology
represent the 5 Harmonic Universes
[HU-n (for n=1,2,3,4,5)
& one of the 5 HUs includes 3 Dimensions
of a (3*5=15) 15D-Time-Space Matrix].
Both, MCEO & the RA-collective
represent "The Law of One"
from slightly different perspectives,
which complement & enrich each other.
The Ra-Material
describes 1D-8D very good
& the MCEO perspective goes up to 15D.

Also the 'Tree Of Life' 
Comparison of the
'12-Tree of Life KaThaRa Grid'
With the 
ARTificial metatronic '10-Tree of Life' 
Reveals that the 8D & 12D 
Points are missing in the '10-Tree of Life'.
8D = Golden Ray Energies 
(Infinite Intelligent 
GodSource Higher Self Gate)
12D = White Ray Energies 
(Christos/Kryst Potential 
& Universal Cosmic Consciousness Energies)

Christos & Kryst are ancient names for christed beings.
Symmetry is a natural thing in 
Sacred Geometry, Mathematics & Nature. 
I gathered from the correlation 
of both perspectives (RA & MCEO), 
The Symmetry 
with the Source of Creation in the center [7(Lower)+1(Source)+7(Upper)]:
1D-7D = 7 lower Dimensions of Microcosmic Evolution:
[Incarnate (1D,2D,3D),
Soul (4D,5D & 6D)
& LowerOversoul (7D)]

8D = Source = Oneness of Creation:
= Intelligent Infinite GodSource+Energy
= OversoulCore+HigherSelfGate+Love+CreationSource
= Monadic Yunasai+Eckasha+GodSeed+Source
of the one Infinite Intelligent Unconditionally
Loving PrimeCreatorGodSource+Energy

9D-15D = 7 Upper Dimensions 

of Macrocosmic Evolution:Upper Oversoul 
9D (Etheric Planetary Consciousness Level) &
Universal PreMatter 
10D (Solar) & 11D (Galactic) & 12D (Universal) & 
Universal PreLight 
13D+14D+15D = SolarMartixDomain

OUR Chakras
ARE ConsciousnessEnergyLevels 
Spiritual Selves & They Are 
Interconnected With The
Respectively Densities/Dimensions/D. Of The

HU-n (for n = 1,2,3,4,5)

HU-1 (Matter Domain)
Incarnate Mind [1D, 2D, 3D]:
Matter Wave Base/Root Mind
= 1D Red Ray Energies
(Alchemical Earth) 111
Biologic Sexual Emotional Mind
= 2D Orange Ray Energies
(Alchemical Water) 222
Ego Conscious Reasoning Will / Ego Mind
= 3D Yellow Ray Energies
(Alchemical Fire) 333
HU-2 (SemiEtheric Domain)
Superconscious Mind = Dora (Soul Matrix) [4D, 5D, 6D]:
Astral Intelligence & Emotional Heart Chakra Mind
= 4D Green Ray Energies
(Alchemical Air) 444
Archetypal Communication Mind
= 5D Blue Ray Energies
(Alchemical Aether) 555
Celestial Angelic Mind
= 6D Indigo Ray Energies
(Alchemical Angelic Spirit) 666
HU-3 (Etheric Domain)
Higher Level SourceGate Mind / Oversoul [7D, 8D, 9D]:
Higher Pure Consciousness (Lower Oversoul Mind)
= 7D Violet Ray Energies
(Alchemical 7th Seal Purification) 777
Higher Self God-Seed-Source (Oversoul Core)
= 8D Golden Ray Energies
(Alchemical Eternal Intelligent Infinite God-source) 888
Planetary Collective Consciousness
(Upper Oversoul/Gaia)
= 9D Silver Ray Energies
(Alchemical Planetary Cosmos Creation) 999

HU-4 (PreMatter Domain)
Universal Cosmic Level Mind / Christos Avatar 
[10D, 11D, 12D]:
Solar System Level (Galactic 1 / Christos Mind)
= 10D Blue-Black Ray Energies
(Alchemical Sun-Star Cosmos Creation) 101010 (AAA)
Galactic Level (Galactic 2 / Buddha Mind)
= 11D Silver-Black Ray Energies
(Alchemical Galactic Cosmos Creation) 111111 (BBB)
Universal Level (Planet Earth Star / Nirvana Mind)
= 12D White Ray Energies
(Alchemical Universal Cosmos Creation) 121212 (CCC)

HU-5 (PreLight Domain)
Multiversal Cosmic Level / Rishi Mind (Solar Matrix)
[13D, 14D, 15D]
Blue Flame (Blue-White Ray) / Earth Core (Planetary Core)
= 13D Turquoise Ray Energies
(Cosmic Trinity 1 / Multiversal Alchemy 4+4+4+1)131313 (DDD)
Gold Flame (Yellow-Golden-White Ray) / Universal 1
= 14D Pale Yellow Ray Energies
(Cosmic Trinity 2 / Multiversal Alchemy 4+4+4+2)141414 (EEE)
Violet Flame (Violet-White Ray) / Universal 2
 = 15D Magenta Pink Ray Energies
(Cosmic Trinity 3 / Multiversal Alchemy 4+4+4+3)151515 (FFF)

Human beings have Karma
SoulGroups  have Karma
Families have Karma,
Villages have Karma,
Cities have Karma,
Provinces have Karma,
Nations have Karma,
Continents have Karma,
Planets have Karma,
Solar Systems have Karma,
Galaxies have Karma,
Universes have Karma,
Extraterrestrial Races have Karma,
Cosmic Multiverses have Karma
& beyond ...

The 12 Primary Star Gates of our
Universal Templar Complex are:

12D Lyra Aramatena
11D Lyra Aveyon
10D Lyra Vega
9D Andromeda Mirach
8D Orion Mintaka
7D Arcturus Bootes
6D Sirius B
5D Pleiades Alcyone
4D SOL a.k.a. Our Sun
3D Planet Earth
2D Epsilon Eridanus
1D Theta Orion

These 12 Star Gates relate to our region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Sirius Star System represents divine feminine consciousness energies (Isis) & the Orion Star System represents dominant masculine energies (Osiris). The Pleiadians call people like me "System Busters of Dark Systems". Unfortunately planet Earth is still a relatively dark system, but the divine cosmic plan is to make planet Earth a beacon of light in the multiverse & a gathering place for entities who want to learn & teach about the holistic mysteries of creation & consciousness. My family from Bosnia & some friends call me “Dado”. They gave me this nickname in my early childhood. Ra (in Anuhazi) = One (in English). My spiritual nickname is “Dado Ra”. Whenever we come to the end of a major evolutionary cycle, round about 26,000 years, the Pleiadian Emissaries make themselves known. They are a group with diverse responsibilities & roles, including that of guardians of Planet Earth & this Solar System. As guardians they come to awaken humans regarding consciousness energy evolution & make humans aware of what is needed in order to take the next steps in spiritual evolution. There are different kinds of beings with different functions within the Pleiadian Emissaries & they have met a wide variety of needs along the way. Ra, the beings who always speak instructionally and philosophically are part of what is called the “Pleiadian Angelic Tribes”. These incarnated Angels serve as guardians of Planet Earth & our Solar System. There are four of these tribes that are delineated by the color they emanate. All of the golden yellow ray Pleiadian Angelic Tribe members are called Ra & are the keepers of divine wisdom, which is the product of all experience.

The blue ray beings are named P’tah, and they are the protectors and preservers of the eternal nature of life.

Ma-at is the title given to the red ray beings who are the spiritual warriors; they hold the energy of divine courage, which is beyond fear.

The green ray beings are referred to as An-Ra, and they hold the energy of divine compassion and understanding.

"You are the move you make." -- Ra

Another group are the so called "Luciferian Pleiadians" (Samjase a.k.a. Semjase & her little crew), who know some secrets about the dark side of the Multiverse. Benevolent E.T.-Races are fully aware of the fact that not all Pleiadians are to be trusted. Samjase/Semjase & her little crew are connected to the collective of Anunnaki Races who promote an Anti-Krystic dominion agenda & they became historically known as "The Luciferians" & were joined by the Human-Anunnaki-Hybrid-Bloodlines in their "Quest for the Holy Grail". The "Holy Grail" is a term used in reference to the 12 Universal Star Gates of our Templar Complex, to which the Angelic Human Race holds the Sacred Commision of "Guardian". The "Quest for the Holy Grail" began long before the "Angelic Humans" were seeded on Planet Earth & it has been the primary motivation of the dark forces to keep humanity on Planet Earth in the dark regarding our true origins & our real history. Most of what passes as "Official History" is just a distortion of what was really going on behind the scenes & the self-described "Elite of this Planet" a.k.a. Luciferian-wannabe-elite (like the Rothschilds) a.k.a. "The Cabal of the West" is aware of that & would like to keep the masses in the dark, because it is the only way to keep their Demonic/Archontic/Metatronic/Lucifero-Satanic control structure going & a huge part of this structure is the global financial system of course.

"I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space

And when you're out there
Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?

And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice, that's my only advice

Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are,
Ha ha ha bless your soul
You really think you're in control

Well, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Just like me

My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember is thinking, I want to be like them
Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun
And it's no coincidence I've come
And I can die when I'm done

Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

Uh, uh" 

CRazy ~ Gnarls Barkley ~ B.G.R.C. 
Creator = Schöpfer (in German)
Prime Creator GodSource = URschöpfer (in German)
If you would compare humanity on planet Earth with a living organism, you could say that I'm something like an immunocompetent cell against cancer. I heard the call of mother Earth & the human soul-core-collective eons ago. I have psychic gifts & I love to think outside the box. I love the saying: "Do not think inside the box. Do not think outside the box. Think like there is no box." I'm a consciousness energy explorer & something like a cosmic system analyst, by the nature of the continuity of consciousness (Metadatabase Analyst @ 8thDensity). I'm of the Law of One & in our vibration the polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified, the paradoxes have a solution. Hierarchies & Pyramids are very interesting mind-constructs, but when you connect with the Source of Creation & step outside the box you see that they are also just illusions. I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place of love, wisdom, truth, integrity, light & peace in you. I honor the place in you, where, when you are there & I am there, both of us are only one, but still self-aware of the individuality & godhood of our higher selves in a humble & responsible way. There is no greater ecstasy than to know who you are. Theories are only valid until they are proven wrong & this is why I prefer facts & use my inner consciouness energy chakra vortex field - especially my heart chakra resonance field - to explore the core of the truth that the so called 'dark side' wanted to hide from us. Now that I found it, I realized that the problem that still remains for many people & so called 'scientists' is that some truths are of a subjective, objective, intersubjective & interobjective nature simultaneously & they miss the point to figure out the absolute  interconnectedness of the All, since there is only one absolute truth & many of us have pieces of this huge puzzle. Just like Robert David Steele (CIA), I also prefer to see the incompetence of some people in this system here on planet Earth, but the fact is that there is a conspiracy behind the Geopolitical & Exopolitical scene & it's not a monolith. There are many different factions & agendas of course. I was a conspiracy fact investigator for a while after I finished my EEIT studies. Now that I found enough evidence for the cabal behind the scenes in the western world, the bigger picture is crystal clear to me. This is why I'm not focused on these so called "conspiracy topics" like I was a few years ago when I started to awaken (since 2006/2007). The big picture of how all the dots connect are very clear now anyways - but I'm still a metaphysical conspiracy realist & always will be ;) &... btw: The compartmentalized & fragmented & reductonistic western mainstream sciences are not based in the reality that love & vibrating consciousness energies combined with creativity are at the root of all creation & existence itself & thereby also the source of this matter-wave-hologram of which we are a tiny part right now...

repeaters with cognitive dissonance!!! ;) ...
like a demonic force :/ ...
anyways :) ...

Black Panther ~ Astral Jaguar & Spirit Guide

... & A Black Cat Glitch in the

It was sad to see that Alex Collier's prediction partly came true. Alex Collier is a physical contactee of  Zenetean representatives (a humanoid civilization in the constellation of Andromeda in our Milky Way Galaxy) & he said in one of his video-recorded presentations in 1990s that there is a chance that the western shadow government could sink Japan into the ocean. Fortunately this did not happen, but the 3/11 attack (11th March 2011) on Japan was not a natural event. It was triggered by a bomb that was planted into the seabed & the sad result was the Fukushima disaster & the death of thousands of innocent civilians. This disgusting event was orchestrated by a Luciferian faction of the Jesuits, because there is a battle for the control of the global financial system & Japan is a powerful player in the economic & financial sector. According to Benjamin Fulford (a Tokyo-based Canadian journalist) the former General of the Jesuits (former Black Pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach) said in a recorded conversation towards a representative of the White Dragon Society that he is the representative of Lucifer on planet Earth. Shouldn't Jesuits represent Jesus??? Maybe this Luciferian should rename himself into a "Luciferoit" :/ !!! 

The Luciferian Rothschilds & a Luciferian faction of the Jesuits have teamed up to hijack the creation of a new financial system & their paid shills & agents try all they can to keep their O.W.O. (Old World Order) going. In a Project Camelot video-interview with David Wilcock (in 2007) it was said that the Rockefellers believe that they are at war with dark metaphysical forces which also reflect into the physical realm. 

To be more precise - David Wilcock 
(Author of the book 'The Source Field Investigations')
 has put it this way: 
"... the Rockefellers believe 
that they are at war with the Devil."- 

An aspect of 
"The Devil" 
is the Archontic/Metatronic/Lucifero-Satanic 
collective of Black Sun "worshippers" 
- yet they use the same tricks like 
The Luciferian Rothschilds 
to keep the "evil status quo" going. 

"Divide & Conquer" is a Luciferian philosophy & that's what "they" have done with Yugoslavia. Unfortunately many people have a limited curiosity & also a limited imagination & don't even try to figure out what is truly going on here on our planet. I trust my intuition & highly recommend that to everybody else, since the wisest "guru" is your inner self & I completely agree with Albert from Ulm (Albert Einstein), who said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. The mathematician Kurt Gödel has proven in 1931 that mathematics alone can not describe the nature of the universe/multiverse/cosmos.

Albert Einstein & Kurt Gödel 
knew about the cabal. 

It is also scientifically proven now that feelings 
are more powerful than thoughts, 
but thinking is not bad ;)
 "If you understand everything, 
you must be misinformed." 
~ Japanese Proverb
 "A wise man never knows all,
         only fools know everything."       
~ African Proverb = A.P. = P.A. = Project Avalon
"He who asks questions is a fool for five minutes.
He who does not ask questions is a fool forever."
~ Chinese Proverb = C.P. = P.C. = Project Camelot = ordo templi deutschland ;)
s.p. = ra.p. = rap :)
l.o.g. = n.s.a. :/

I'm Awake & Aware :) @ The Balcony Office XP

The future is not written
& energy flows where attention goes.
What's your attention focused on???
Kwak wha Lolmani,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in,
P'tah TA-UM,
In Living Love, Light & Shadows,

Vladimir Gvozden 25.01.2013
"All conditioned phenomena are like dreams, illusions,
bubbles, shadows and like dew as well as lightning flashes.
We should discern them like this."
― The Vajra Sutra a.k.a. The Diamond Sutra

post scriptum:

Abitur '97  Kunst LK + Biologie LK + Deutsch PK Geschichte PK


English, German, Serbian,

SerboCroatian, Croatian,  Bosnian, Montenegrin

In Ancient Egypt Isis brought
the Goddess mysteries to the
Al Kemet culture & was
known as: Astarte, Ashteroth,
Ashera, Ast, Aphrodite & Venus.
The Luciferian Cabal tried to erase
& distort her teachings,
but the Goddess will be victorious!!!
"God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created, and yet he is within each one of these, without exception. He is therefore within each man and women, he is also within each spider, shadow and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit. God can only be experienced, and you experience him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence. He is not human in your tems at all, nor in your terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the facets of his multidimensional existence."
-- Seth Speaks 
The Eternal Validity of the Soul 
Channeled Book by Jane Roberts

46 = SOL = T.T.F. 
The Tesla Factor
uploaded on 13.3.2015
Science Without Religion Is Blind
S+W+R+I+B = 71
MR. MPV = MR. IT+22



EMERALD=58=V.G.+I.T.=Vortex Goddess+I.T.
Progressive Meritocracy+Self-Responsible Freedom
"Outside ideas of right doing and wrong doing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there."
~ Rumi 

THREE+H. = THREE+8 = 56+8 = ISIS+8 = 64 = ZION 

THREE Harmonies: 1.) Heaven 2.) Earth 3.) Humanity

All human beings are equal CoCreators 
with different talents. 
A free multipolar world with  governments & councils run by spiritual wisdom & merit for the benefit of planet Earth & its inhabitants, with truth, integrity, honor, fairness, justice, respect, equality, compassion, morality,  incorruptibility, transparency, Love & Loyalty to the Emerald Covenant.
RA DjedEye MahayanaZenMonk of the Law Of One
& RainbowWarrior of the CrystalClearAquariusWaters
& Holistic Krystic KaThaRa Metaphysicist
& We're all GodSourceLoveConsciousnessEnergy ... 

OK... most of us :) LOL ;)
The One is the All & The All are One
& M.I. 83 = Multiversal Intergalactic ESP+HSP
& Gnostic Mystic Heretical Knights of the Jaguar ;)
& Spiritual Selfhood beyond belief systems
& I love the following quote & her music since 1997:
"Personally, I don't choose any particular religion 
Or symbol or group of words 
Or teachings to define me. 
That's between me 
And the most high. 
You know, 
My higher self. 
The creator."
 00ErykahBadu 00EB = 00G = 007

"I've just found this film I made in 1993 about my investigations into Ethiopia's claim to possess the lost Ark of the Covenant. First 10 mins 12 seconds of the film look at the work of another researcher, Vendyl Jones, in order to emphasise another view on where the Ark is, but the rest of the 50 minutes (from 10 mins 12 secs onwards, and particularly from 13 mins 30 secs onwards) is about my work. It's been an odd experience for me to re-watch this and see myself more than 20 years younger. And my goodness, how those years have flown!
-- Graham Hancock, 20.7.2014 
on his facebook wall

Quest for The Ark of the Covenant

Q+T+A+C = 17+20+1+4 = 42

Bringers of the Dawn Teachings from the Pleiadians
Author & Channel Medium

Barbara Marciniak 

Chapter 1: Ambassadors through Time
Chapter 2: On Prime Creator's Journey
Chapter 3: Who Your Gods Are
Chapter 4: Memories in the Free-Will Zone

Chapter 5: Who Carries the Chord of Light ?
Chapter 6: Unlocking the History
Chapter 7: The Multidimensional Merge
Chapter 8: Outside the Ultimate Tyranny

Chapter 9: Profound New Boundaries
Chapter 10: A New Paradigm of Light

Chapter 11: The Name of the Game
Chapter 12: It's an Awesome Task to Carry Light

Chapter 13: Whose Purpose Are You ?
Chapter 14: Emotions-The Secret in the Chronicles of Time
Chapter 15: Earth's Initiation Through Integrity
Chapter 16: Heretics Ahead of Time
Chapter 17: The Language of Light

Chapter 18: Symphonies of Consciousness
Chapter 19: Igniting the Internal Flame
Chapter 20: Sexuality - A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness

Chapter 21: Your Commitment to Evolve in 3-D
Chapter 22: The Galactic Tidal Wave of Light

vlad / vlada (in Serbian) = reign / government
i (in Serbian) = and
mir (in Serbian) = peace
gvozden (in Serbian) = with iron determination / made out of iron

  • Rebellious+Creativity+ & The Return Of Cobra+Resistance
    = R.+C.+ & The Return Of C.+R.
  • Alchemy:

  • The Science & Art of Spiritual Transformation

  • Al Kemet Gnosis Meditation:

    jJN3b=39 & 56=pfXeE 


    jb+pfe=39 & 56=JN3+XE




    j3b+pfe = 42

    Quantum Electro-Dynamics (Q.E.D.) 

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)

    (Q+E+D)+(Q+E+D) = 26+26 = UR+13

    "A coincidence is what have left over 

    when you apply a bad theory." 

    -- Percy Williams Bridgman 

    Nobel Prize winner in Physics

    & Philosopher of Science

  • Hexagram is 
     a 2-dimensional representation 
    of a Merkaba Vehicle.
    Hexagram of Love+Light. 
    We are beings of Love+Light.

    Every Human being is a "Star"

    "Start, shine 
    and sing their ancient song,

    reminding us 
    of where we all belong..."

    ~ Song: Soul of Black 
    Artist: Aux 88
    Album: Black Tokyo
  • "In the darkness of this black 
    is hidden the light of lights."
    Ancient Alchemical Text


    Rahunta Phase Merkaba is the 15-dimensional Merkaba Vehicle created by integration of the Rishi Identity of HU-5. A 12-pointed star surrounded by 2 rotating multi-spectral rings of light. The Rahunta Phase Merkaba Vehical only moves between HU-3 and HU-5, since it would vaporize anything lower.

“Time is a game
 played beautifully 
by children.”
― Heraclitus

Latin Alphanumerics:
A = 1 /// B = 2 /// C = 3 /// D = 4/// E = 5
F = 6 /// G = 7 /// H = 8 /// I = 9 /// J = 10
K = 11 /// L = 13 /// M = 13 /// N = 14 /// O = 15
P = 16 /// Q = 17 /// R = 18 /// S = 19 /// T = 20
U = 21 /// V = 22 /// W = 23 /// X = 24 /// Y = 25
Z = 26
More information about
Mystic Christian and Gnostic
Numerology @
Bilbilcal Numerology:
1     Unity; New beginnings
2     Union; Division; Witnessing
3     Divine completeness and perfection
4     Creation; The World; Creative Works

5     Grace; God's goodness; Pentateuch (first five books)
6     Weakness of man; Manifestation of sin ; Evils of Satan
7     Resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Fathers perfection
    New birth; New beginnings
9     Fruit of the spirit; Divine completeness from the Father
10     Testimony; Law and responsibility
11     Disorder and Judgement
12     Governmental Perfection
13     Apostasy; depravity and rebellion
14     Deliverance; Salvation
15     Rest
16     Love
17     Victory
18     Bondage
19     Faith
20     Redemption
21     Exceeding sinfulness of sin
22     Light
23     Death
24     The Priesthood
25     Repentance; The forgiveness of sins
26     The Gospel of Christ
27     Preaching of the Gospel
28     Eternal life
29     Departure

30     Blood of Christ; Dedication
31     Offspring
32     Covenant
33     Promise
34     Naming of a son
35     Hope
36     Enemy
37     The word of our Father
38     Slavery
39     Disease

40     Trials; Probation; Testings
42     Israel's oppression; First advent
44     Judgement of the World
45     Preservation
50     Holy Spirit; Pentecost
60     Pride
66     Idol worship

70     Punishment and restoration of Israel; Universality
100     Election; Children of the promise
119     Spiritual perfection and victory
120     Divine period of probation
144     The Spirit guided life
200     Insufficiency
600     Warfare

666     Antichrist
777     Christ
888     Holy Spirit
; The sum of Tree of Life
1000   Divine completeness and Fathers glory
4000    Salvation of the world through the blood of the Lamb
(Those who chose between Christ and Antichrist)
6000     Deception of Antichrist; Second advent
7000     Final judgement; Zadok
144.000 Those numbered of Israel

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