Friday, July 18, 2014

MH17 Crash in the Ukraine & Hillary Clinton

Hillary Hints Russia Is To Blame:
1: It's Friday - Blame Russia
2: The weather's hot in England - Blame Russia
3: Didn't enjoy the Hamburger - Blame Russia
4: Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany in the World Cup - Blame Russia
5: Burnt toast for breakfast - Blame Russia
6: Took an hour for the bus to arrive - Blame Russia
7: Kangaroos are bigger than frogs - Blame Russia
8: Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago - Blame Russia
9: Toothpaste fell off the toothbrush - Blame Russia
10: Last number dialled was busy - Blame Russia


... & now the article: 



No empathy, no sympathy, just orders to come to healScreen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.26.51 AM

“Pin a Tail on a Donkey” – Hillary Hints Russia Is to Blame

But Kiev’s Air Traffic Controller’s Tweets Suggest Otherwise
Using a proven New World Order stooge – Charley Rose Show – as a pulpit, the US “minister without portfolio, but with lofty ambitions” explained to the Europeans what the Malaysia jetliner strike was about and what they must now do (paraphrasing):
  • Toughen your own sanctions
  • Immediately accelerate efforts to find alternatives to Russian gas
  • Do more to support Washington’s Kiev puppet government
So the Europeans should forget about grieving and start toeing the line and obeying Washington, is basically what Hillary is telling them. Notice a complete lack of sympathy and empathy for the families of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines enhanced-20585-1405624268-9crash in Hillary’s demeanor?  And not a trace of humanity in he behavior. Yet there is no shortage of arrogance in trying to put a spin on this news before the bodies of the victims are even identified. Thanks to Charley Rose, the world can now see an epitome of the heartless monsters who are trying to run this planet. Meanwhile, hasn’t Hillary perhaps unwittingly also helped us understand who may be really behind this MH17 tragedy? (for more on that, also see Kiev Air Traffic Controller’s Tweets – below). For, the ONLY people who stand to gain from this monstrous attack on innocent civilians – 298 dead victims, including 165 Dutch among them – are the New World Order warmongers who had manufactured and are now restoking the Ukraine conflict as a new global flashpoint. Just as they did with Kosovo 15 years ago (see “Drang Nach Osten II”).
US-Neo-Nazi support Hillary Crimea Swastika
Russia, by contrast, has nothing to gain and much to lose from the Malaysian jetliner takedown. And neither do the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Hillary, on the other hand, has already displayed her Russophobic venom when she compared Putin to Hitler a few months ago, before backtracking on that remark. And she and her NWO cronies are evidently hoping that this tragedy would finally bring the Europeans to heal. Let us hope not. For the sake of humanity. Because that would spell victory for criminals and mass murderers and defeat for Truth and Love.This is what I wrote to some of my friends in the Netherlands enclosing this story:

“I publish this story not just as my usual contribution to the altar of Truth, but also as a wreath for all of Holland and other nations who have lost their loved ones.” (like this one: Ripped Our Guts Again)
Here’s a link to Hillary’s TV interview with Charley Rose:
Meanwhile, check out this story which the New World Order establishment media have chosen to ignore. The tweets by that Kiev air traffic controller put a very different spin on who is to blame from that Hillary was trying to create.


Ukraine air traffic controller suggests Kiev military shot down passenger plane
You can see the full transcript of the original tweets sent out by that air controller in Kiev here:

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