Monday, June 23, 2014


 N.I. = Natural Intelligence
N+I = 14+9 = 23 
'Yungdrung Bön' is a Tibetan name signifying 'Svastika Dharma' or 'the Eternal Tradition', the word "Bön" has the same wide semantic range as the Sanskrit word 'Dharma'. The Yungdrung or Swastika is a symbol of that which is beyond impermanence and indestructible. Unfortunately for most people due to its perverted use in the last century, it's true meaning has been lost. Yet the Bön tradition, one of the oldest traditions in Central Asia, has used Swastika as its most important religious symbol since an everlasting time. Today this tradition which existed in Tibet before the introduction of Buddhism is still very much present and continuing its teachings. Following the Chinese occupation of Tibet, Menri and most of the other important Bön monasteries were destroyed. The Cultural Revolution was particularly difficult, with the Chinese burning many Bonpo texts and melting religious statues, so that this period could be termed the third persecution of Bön.

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