Friday, May 9, 2014

Samjase has returned: Emerald Covenant vs. Luciferian Covenant

"Samjase has returned to chill in a human body
Assisting the government orchestrating the illuminati." 

~ Gemineye (in the first single of 
 Gemineye's Album 
"Conspiritual Warfare":"I Don't Believe")

Emerald Covenant vs. Luciferian Covenant

  • The Fallen Angelic/Illuminati Human Anti-Christiac Agenda gained a stronghold on Earth in 25,500 BC when Nibiruian Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omicron Drakonian) seized control of Nibiru and Earth’s D-4 Universal Solar Star Gate-4, in an event known as the Lucifer Rebellion”.

  • The name “Lucifer comes from a hybrid Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki Race that emerged through combining the Density-2 Nibiruian ‘Lulitan’ family of the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium (Zeta) Anunnaki lineage with the ‘Satain’ family of the Marduke-Anunnaki line and the D-11 Necromiton (“Beetle-reptile”) Fallen Seraphim race of Andromeda (most contemporary “Andromie” channels are these). From this hybridization the Pleiadian Samjase-Luciferian Anunnaki and Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian Anunnaki races of Sirius B, Nibiru and Alpha and Omega Centauri emerged. This collective of Anunnaki Races promoting an Anti-Christiac dominion agenda became known historically as the Luciferians,” and were occasionally joined by other Anunnaki and Illuminati Human race lines in their “Quest for the Holy Grail.”

  • The “Holy Grail” is a term used in reference to the 12 Universal Signet Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex, to which the Angelic Human Race holds the Sacred Commission of “Guardian.” The “Grail Quest” began long before Angelic Humans were seeded on Earth and it has been the primary theme of motivation behind all of the Forbidden and recorded-distorted human history.
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